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Arredondo_2007_Life.Sci_80_2191 Receptor-mediated tobacco toxicity: alterations of the NF-kappaB expression and activity downstream of alpha7 nicotinic receptor in oral keratinocytes
Arredondo_2007_Life.Sci_80_2243 SLURP-1 and -2 in normal, immortalized and malignant oral keratinocytes
Bamel_2007_Life.Sci_80_2393 Acetylcholine causes rooting in leaf explants of in vitro raised tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Miller) seedlings
Beri_2007_Life.Sci_80_2386 Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors neostigmine and physostigmine inhibit induction of alpha-amylase activity during seed germination in barley, Hordeum vulgare var. Jyoti
Biallas_2007_Life.Sci_80_2286 Immunohistochemical detection of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subunits alpha9 and alpha10 in rat lung isografts and allografts
Bschleipfer_2007_Life.Sci_80_2303 Expression and distribution of cholinergic receptors in the human urothelium
Cooke_2007_Life.Sci_80_2347 Angiogenesis and the role of the endothelial nicotinic acetylcholine receptor
Danielson_2007_Life.Sci_80_2235 Extensive expression of markers for acetylcholine synthesis and of M2 receptors in tenocytes in therapy-resistant chronic painful patellar tendon tendinosis - a pilot study
Dori_2007_Life.Sci_80_2369 Readthrough acetylcholinesterase in inflammation-associated neuropathies
Espanol_2007_Life.Sci_80_2281 Role of non-neuronal cholinergic system in breast cancer progression
Fujii_2007_Life.Sci_80_2320 Roles played by lymphocyte function-associated antigen-1 in the regulation of lymphocytic cholinergic activity
Gallowitsch-Puerta_2007_Life.Sci_80_2325 Neuro-immune interactions via the cholinergic anti-inflammatory pathway
Girard_2007_Life.Sci_80_2380 Butyrylcholinesterase and the control of synaptic responses in acetylcholinesterase knockout mice
Grando_2007_Life.Sci_80_2181 Recent progress in understanding the non-neuronal cholinergic system in humans
Grau_2007_Life.Sci_80_2290 Administration of keratinocyte growth factor (KGF) modulates the pulmonary expression of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subunits alpha7, alpha9 and alpha10
Hagforsen_2007_Life.Sci_80_2227 The cutaneous non-neuronal cholinergic system and smoking related dermatoses: studies of the psoriasis variant palmoplantar pustulosis
Hana_2007_Life.Sci_80_2214 Functional significance of non-neuronal acetylcholine in skin epithelia
Hanna-Mitchell_2007_Life.Sci_80_2298 Non-neuronal acetylcholine and urinary bladder urothelium
Hasse_2007_Life.Sci_80_2248 The M4 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor plays a key role in the control of murine hair follicle cycling and pigmentation
Kawashima_2007_Life.Sci_80_2206 Ubiquitous expression of acetylcholine and its biological functions in life forms without nervous systems
Kawashima_2007_Life.Sci_80_2314 Expression and function of genes encoding cholinergic components in murine immune cells
Kim_2007_Life.Sci_80_1944 Nodakenin, a coumarin compound, ameliorates scopolamine-induced memory disruption in mice
Kunz_2007_Life.Sci_80_2195 Ovarian acetylcholine and ovarian KCNQ channels: insights into cellular regulatory systems of steroidogenic granulosa cells
Lips_2007_Life.Sci_80_2263 Down-regulation of the non-neuronal acetylcholine synthesis and release machinery in acute allergic airway inflammation of rat and mouse
Matthiesen_2007_Life.Sci_80_2259 MAPK pathway mediates muscarinic receptor-induced human lung fibroblast proliferation
Moriwaki_2007_Life.Sci_80_2365 Immune system expression of SLURP-1 and SLURP-2, two endogenous nicotinic acetylcholine receptor ligands
Nazarov_2007_Life.Sci_80_2337 C-reactive protein: a pentraxin with anti-acetylcholine activity
Neumann_2007_Life.Sci_80_2361 The non-neuronal cholinergic system in peripheral blood cells: effects of nicotinic and muscarinic receptor antagonists on phagocytosis, respiratory burst and migration
Nezhinskaya_2007_Life.Sci_80_2342 Cholinergic modulation of anaphylactic shock: plasma proteins influence
Paraoanu_2007_Life.Sci_80_2375 Expression and possible functions of the cholinergic system in a murine embryonic stem cell line
Pieper_2007_Life.Sci_80_2270 Acetylcholine-induced proliferation of fibroblasts and myofibroblasts in vitro is inhibited by tiotropium bromide
Schallreuter_2007_Life.Sci_80_2221 Hydrogen peroxide regulates the cholinergic signal in a concentration dependent manner
Schlereth_2007_Life.Sci_80_2239 In vivo release of non-neuronal acetylcholine from human skin by dermal microdialysis: effects of sunlight, UV-A and tactile stimulus
Schuller_2007_Life.Sci_80_2274 Nitrosamines as nicotinic receptor ligands
Serobyan_2007_Life.Sci_80_2352 The cholinergic system is involved in regulation of the development of the hematopoietic system
Sharma_2007_Life.Sci_80_2389 Cyperus rotundus extract inhibits acetylcholinesterase activity from animal and plants as well as inhibits germination and seedling growth in wheat and tomato
Skok_2007_Life.Sci_80_2334 The role of nicotinic receptors in B-lymphocyte development and activation
Steinlein_2007_Life.Sci_80_2186 Genetic disorders caused by mutated acetylcholine receptors
Steinritz_2007_Life.Sci_80_2199 Apoptosis in sulfur mustard treated A549 cell cultures
Tsetlin_2007_Life.Sci_80_2202 Detection of alpha7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors with the aid of antibodies and toxins
Tyagi_2007_Life.Sci_80_1977 Effect of anti-dementia drugs on LPS induced neuroinflammation in mice
Vezys_2007_Life.Sci_80_2330 Analysis of CD8+ T cell-mediated anti-viral responses in mice with targeted deletions of the M1 or M5 muscarinic cholinergic receptors
Wessler_2007_Life.Sci_80_2210 Release of non-neuronal acetylcholine from the isolated human placenta is affected by antidepressants
Wessler_2007_Life.Sci_80_2253 Dysfunction of the non-neuronal cholinergic system in the airways and blood cells of patients with cystic fibrosis
Wessler_2007_Life.Sci_80_2294 Dysfunctional inhibitory muscarinic receptors mediate enhanced histamine release in isolated human bronchi
Zarghooni_2007_Life.Sci_80_2308 Expression of muscarinic and nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in the mouse urothelium

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