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Akasofu_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_222 Study of neuroprotection of donepezil, a therapy for Alzheimer's disease
Alout_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_138 Amino-acid substitutions in acetylcholinesterase 1 involved in insecticide resistance in mosquitoes
Amitai_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_249 Characterization of asymmetric fluorogenic phosphonates as probes for developing organophosphorus hydrolases with broader stereoselectivity
Anglister_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_92 Cholinesterases in development and disease
Anikienko_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_286 Compounds with the dioxopyrimidine cycle inhibit cholinesterases from different groups of animals
Badiou_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_406 Is acetylcholinesterase a pertinent biomarker to detect exposure of pyrethroids? A study case with deltamethrin
Badiou_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_410 Hysteresis of insect acetylcholinesterase
Bajgar_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_281 An attempt to assess functionally minimal acetylcholinesterase activity necessary for survival of rats intoxicated with nerve agents
Beck_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_200 Hydrolysis of nerve agents by model nucleophiles: a computational study
Berend_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_413 New bispyridinium oximes: in vitro and in vivo evaluation of their biological efficiency in soman and tabun poisoning
Bertrand_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_113 Effect of fluoxetine on neuromuscular function in acetylcholinesterase (AChE) knockout mice
Bosak_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_192 Stereoselective inhibition of human, mouse, and horse cholinesterases by bambuterol enantiomers
Bui_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_303 Intrinsic conformational flexibility of acetylcholinesterase
Calic_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_305 Interactions of butane, but-2-ene or xylene-like linked bispyridinium para-aldoximes with native and tabun-inhibited human cholinesterases
Carlier_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_368 Towards a species-selective acetylcholinesterase inhibitor to control the mosquito vector of malaria, Anopheles gambiae
Carolan_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_293 Novel isosorbide di-ester compounds as inhibitors of acetylcholinesterase
Casida_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_355 Organophosphate-sensitive lipases modulate brain lysophospholipids, ether lipids and endocannabinoids
Cheng_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_196 Acetylcholinesterase: mechanisms of covalent inhibition of H447I mutant determined by computational analyses
Chilukuri_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_255 Effect of polyethylene glycol modification on the circulatory stability and immunogenicity of recombinant human butyrylcholinesterase
Chilukuri_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_327 Adenovirus-mediated gene transfer of human butyrylcholinesterase results in persistent high-level transgene expression in vivo
Choi_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_76 Regulation of PRiMA-linked G(4) AChE by a cAMP-dependent signaling pathway in cultured rat pheochromocyoma PC12 cells
Coleman_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_387 [+]-Huperzine A treatment protects against N-methyl-D-aspartate-induced seizure/status epilepticus in rats
Comoletti_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_150 Characterization of the solution structure of a neuroligin/beta-neurexin complex
De Jaco_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_349 Trafficking of cholinesterases and neuroligins mutant proteins. An association with autism
Denker_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_125 Acetylcholinesterase activity in Clytia hemisphaerica (Cnidaria)
Dinamarca_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_142 Release of acetylcholinesterase (AChE) from beta-amyloid plaques assemblies improves the spatial memory impairments in APP-transgenic mice
Doctor_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_1 The IXth International Meeting on Cholinesterases, Suzhou, People's Republic of China, 6 to 10 May 2007
Duysen_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_119 Whole body and tissue imaging of the butyrylcholinesterase knockout mouse injected with near infrared dye labeled butyrylcholinesterase
Espallergues_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_131 Hyposensitivity to the amnesic effects of scopolamine or amyloid beta(25-35) peptide in heterozygous acetylcholinesterase knockout (AChE(+/-)) mice
Fernandez-Gomez_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_332 The level of butyrylcholinesterase activity increases and the content of the mRNA remains unaffected in brain of senescence-accelerated mouse SAMP8
Furtado-Alle_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_115 Association of variants of the -116 site of the butyrylcholinesterase BCHE gene to enzyme activity and body mass index
Gajsek_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_50 Synaptogenetic mechanisms controlling postsynaptic differentiation of the neuromuscular junction are nerve-dependent in human and nerve-independent in mouse C2C12 muscle cultures
Gao_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_83 An albumin-butyrylcholinesterase for cocaine toxicity and addiction: catalytic and pharmacokinetic properties
Garcia-Ayllon_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_209 Association between acetylcholinesterase and beta-amyloid peptide in Alzheimer's cerebrospinal fluid
Geng_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_108 Transmembrane mechanisms in the assembly of the postsynaptic apparatus at the neuromuscular junction
Geyer_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_376 Increased organophosphate scavenging in a butyrylcholinesterase mutant
Grigoryan_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_180 Mass spectrometry identifies covalent binding of soman, sarin, chlorpyrifos oxon, diisopropyl fluorophosphate, and FP-biotin to tyrosines on tubulin: a potential mechanism of long term toxicity by organophosphorus agents
Haigh_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_380 Protection of red blood cell acetylcholinesterase by oral huperzine A against ex vivo soman exposure: next generation prophylaxis and sequestering of acetylcholinesterase over butyrylcholinesterase
Haigh_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_417 Advantages of the WRAIR whole blood cholinesterase assay: comparative analysis to the micro-Ellman, Test-mate ChE, and Michel (DeltapH) assays
Ito_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_346 Viral vector-mediated [corrected] expression of human collagen Q in cultured cells
Jett_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_22 Cholinesterase research at the National Institutes of Health, USA
Jun_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_421 Potency of several oximes to reactivate human acetylcholinesterase and butyrylcholinesterase inhibited by paraoxon in vitro
Kassa_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_425 A comparison of reactivating efficacy of newly developed oximes (K074, K075) and currently available oximes (obidoxime, HI-6) in soman, cyclosarin and tabun-poisoned rats
Khan_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_231 Pharmacological effects of a novel isosorbide-based butyrylcholinesterase inhibitor
Kotani_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_227 Donepezil, an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, enhances adult hippocampal neurogenesis
Kovarik_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_173 Oximes: Reactivators of phosphorylated acetylcholinesterase and antidotes in therapy against tabun poisoning
Kucukkilinc_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_309 Inhibition of electric eel acetylcholinesterase by triarylmethane dyes
Lin_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_352 Anti-acetylcholinesterase activities of traditional Chinese medicine for treating Alzheimer's disease
Li_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_68 Fast affinity purification coupled with mass spectrometry for identifying organophosphate labeled plasma butyrylcholinesterase
Li_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_88 The butyrylcholinesterase knockout mouse is obese on a high-fat diet
Luo_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_261 Comparison of oxime reactivation and aging of nerve agent-inhibited monkey and human acetylcholinesterases
Masson_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_273 A collaborative endeavor to design cholinesterase-based catalytic scavengers against toxic organophosphorus esters
Massoulie_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_30 Old and new questions about cholinesterases
Montenegro_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_336 The level of aryl acylamidase activity displayed by human butyrylcholinesterase depends on its molecular distribution
Moral-Naranjo_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_312 Targeting of acetylcholinesterase to lipid rafts of muscle
Mor_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_11 Alternate AChE-R variants facilitate cellular metabolic activity and resistance to genotoxic stress through enolase and RACK1 interactions
Munoz-Delgado_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_340 The expression of cholinesterases in human renal tumours varies according to their histological types
Naik_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_298 Comparison of methods used for the determination of cholinesterase activity in whole blood
Oh_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_365 Reactivation of DFP- and paraoxon-inhibited acetylcholinesterases by pyridinium oximes
Parmo-Folloni_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_135 Two new mutations of the human BCHE gene (IVS3-14T>C and L574fsX576)
Pato_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_64 Role of lipid rafts in agrin-elicited acetylcholine receptor clustering
Radic_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_161 Probing gorge dimensions of cholinesterases by freeze-frame click chemistry
Rosenberry_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_235 Monitoring the reaction of carbachol with acetylcholinesterase by thioflavin T fluorescence and acetylthiocholine hydrolysis
Rotundo_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_26 Assembly and regulation of acetylcholinesterase at the vertebrate neuromuscular junction
Rowland_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_73 Inactivation of an invertebrate acetylcholinesterase by sulfhydryl reagents: a reconsideration of the implications for insecticide design
Saxena_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_267 Efficacy of human serum butyrylcholinesterase against sarin vapor
Shafferman_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_166 Flexibility versus rigidity of the functional architecture of AChE active center
Silman_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_3 Acetylcholinesterase: how is structure related to function?
Sperling_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_156 Characterisation of cholinesterase expression during murine embryonic stem cell differentiation
Stojan_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_242 Kinetic evaluation of multiple initial rate data by simultaneous analysis with two equations
Sugimoto_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_204 The new approach in development of anti-Alzheimer's disease drugs via the cholinergic hypothesis
Sun_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_428 Long-term effects of human butyrylcholinesterase pretreatment followed by acute soman challenge in cynomolgus monkeys
Su_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_101 A monoclonal antibody against synaptic AChE: a useful tool for detecting apoptotic cells
Trinkaus_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_45 Reciprocal neural regulation of extrajunctional acetylcholinesterase and collagen Q in rat muscles--the role of calcineurin signaling
Tsim_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_58 Transcriptional control of different subunits of AChE in muscles: signals triggered by the motor nerve-derived factors
Valle_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_343 The cholinesterases: analysis by pharmacogenomics in man
Vignaud_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_129 Genetic ablation of acetylcholinesterase alters muscle function in mice
Vyas_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_187 Reactivation of model cholinesterases by oximes and intermediate phosphyloximes: a computational study
Weinreb_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_318 The neuroprotective effect of ladostigil against hydrogen peroxide-mediated cytotoxicity
Weinstock_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_216 Rational design of a drug for Alzheimer's disease with cholinesterase inhibitory and neuroprotective activity
Wu_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_403 Synthesis of Drosophila melanogaster acetylcholinesterase gene using yeast preferred codons and its expression in Pichia pastoris
Xie_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_79 The promoter activity of proline-rich membrane anchor (PRiMA) of globular form acetylcholinesterase in muscle: suppressive roles of myogenesis and innervating nerve
Zhang_2008_Chem.Biol.Interact_175_396 Potential therapeutic targets of huperzine A for Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia

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