for example to search all human alpha/beta hydrolase found in human genome enter this search in the window below:
select a, fam, nam, c from a in class Gene_locus,
spec in a->Species where like "Homo sapiens",
fam in a->Family,
nam in a->Name,
c in count(select a->Structure)
sort by: fam, :nam

for more examples from esther go to AQL esther
for examples from esther on insecticide resistance go to AQL esther resistance
for more examples from wormbase go to AQL wormbase
AQL for the supplementary material of the Pucon Poster Pucon Poster
104 rows returned
Cadez T
Camarena Sainz M
Cohen Kashi K
Carbonetto S
Courties A
Chalupova K
Campillo NE
Chen S
Camacho-Hernandez GA
Courageux C
Creuzet S
Cooke JP
Cui JD
Coe NA
Chao S
Cerreta M
Calas AG
Carter MD
Canaan S
Cambillau C
Crooks PA
Cravatt BF
Cashman JR
Carroll FI
Corrigall WA
Coulson EJ
Challiss RA
Charlton SJ
Christopoulos A
Cragg SJ
Chen L
Clarke PB
Chatonnet A
Creminon C
Cabal J
Cadieux CL
Calado A
Caren T
Carev I
Carlier PR
Carolan CG
Chilukuri N
Clos MV
Colletier JP
Casida JE
Chabriere E
Chambers C
Chambers JE
Cheung J
Cook AR
Cui W
Caron M
Cassel JC
Changeux JP
Chaubourt E
Chiodini F
Cifuentes-Diaz C
Cordero-Erausquin M
Correia-de-Sa P
Corringer PJ
Cuello AC
Culetto E
Campoy FJ
Chautard-Freire-Maia EA
Crne-Finderle N
Calderon FH
Campos EO
Carr JB
Chan RY
Cygler M
Cohen E
Cabello G
Chacon MA
Cottingham MG
Cusack B
Canales MA
Colombres M
Campanari ML
Cottage EL
Comoletti D
Craig PJ
Choi RC
Chen VP
Cheng YH
Cangiano A
Cordeiro JM
Criado M
Clementi F
Correa-Basurto J
Carvalho AP
Castro NG
Catterall WA
Cavalheiro EA
Connelly PW
Costa LG
Camps J
Colquhoun D
Catravas JD
Cheng TC
Clery C
Carpenter J
Chatzidaki A
Crisford A
Crossthwaite AJ

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