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Author Report for: Massoulie J

Contact information:

Massoulie Jean
Neurobiologie; CNRS UMR8544; Ecole Normale Superieure; 46 rue d'Ulm; 75005 Paris
Phone : +33144323891
Fax : Visit the web site of Massoulie J at :
Jean Massoulié was born in 1938 and passed away december 12 2011. Jean analysed the molecular polymorphism of cholinesterases at the Ecole Normale Superieur rue d'Ulm in Paris. In particular he discovered the asymetric forms and the association of tetramers of catalytic subunits with the collagen tail. He was the mentor and friend of the french scientists working on cholinesterases. Claire Legay gave a lecture tribute to Jean at the 11th meeting on cholinesterase (2012) in Kazan and with Israel Silman, Karl Tsim, Eric A Barnard, Patrick Masson, Rick Rotundo at the XIVth ISCM (2013) in Hangzhou.

1024.jpg (Full)
The 3rd International Meeting on Cholinesterases
1040.jpg (Full)
The 3rd International Meeting on Cholinesterases
Group_10CHE.jpg (Full)
The 10th International Meeting on Cholinesterases
DSC03867.jpg (Full)
The 10th International Meeting on Cholinesterases
Arcachon-AC-1.jpg (Full)
The 10th International Symposium on Cholinergic Mechanisms
Copenhaghe1988.jpg (Full)
The Second symposium on butyrylcholinesterase

(only selected references for ESTHER. Possibly more references in PubMed. Beware of homonymes. This author worked on 5 Gene_locus.)

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