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    Title: Transcriptomic responses of the zearalenone (ZEN)-detoxifying yeast Apiotrichum mycotoxinivorans to ZEN exposure
    Yang ZK, Li DW, Peng L, Liu CF, Wang ZY
    Ref: Ecotoxicology & Environmental Safety, 241:113756, 2022 : PubMed


    Title: LINC00205 modulates the expression of EPHX1 through the inhibition of miR-184 in hepatocellular carcinoma as a ceRNA
    Long X, Li Q, Zhi LJ, Li JM, Wang ZY
    Ref: Journal of Cellular Physiology, 235:3013, 2020 : PubMed


    Title: A Case Report of Primary Neonatal Hypocholinesterase Caused by Homozygous Frameshift Mutation of the butyrylcholinesterase (BCHE) Gene and Review of Literature
    Lv HY, Yang LH, Bu LN, Wang QL, Gu XL, Wang ZY, Ren PS, Li LX
    Ref: Clin Lab, 65:, 2019 : PubMed


    Title: New amide alkaloids from Delphinium brunonianum
    Zou YS, Dawa Z, Lin CZ, Zhang QY, Yao YF, Yuan Y, Zhu CC, Wang ZY
    Ref: Fitoterapia, :104186, 2019 : PubMed


    Title: Pharmacological Effects of Active Components of Chinese Herbal Medicine in the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease: A Review
    Wang ZY, Liu JG, Li H, Yang HM
    Ref: Am J Chin Med, :1, 2016 : PubMed


    Title: Pharmacokinetic drug interactions with clopidogrel: updated review and risk management in combination therapy
    Wang ZY, Chen M, Zhu LL, Yu LS, Zeng S, Xiang MX, Zhou Q
    Ref: Ther Clin Risk Manag, 11:449, 2015 : PubMed


    Title: The halo-substituent effect on Pseudomonas cepacia lipase-mediated regioselective acylation of nucleosides: A comparative investigation
    Wang ZY, Bi YH, Yang RL, Duan ZQ, Nie LH, Li XQ, Zong MH, Wu J
    Ref: J Biotechnol, 212:153, 2015 : PubMed


    Title: Novel oxoisoaporphine-based inhibitors of acetyl- and butyrylcholinesterase and acetylcholinesterase-induced beta-amyloid aggregation
    Tang H, Zhao HT, Zhong SM, Wang ZY, Chen ZF, Liang H
    Ref: Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Lett, 22:2257, 2012 : PubMed


    Title: Regioselectivity-reversal in acylation of 6-azauridine catalyzed by Burkholderia cepacia lipase
    Wang ZY, Bi YH, Zong MH
    Ref: Biotechnol Lett, 34:55, 2012 : PubMed


    Title: Huperzine A Activates Wnt/beta-Catenin Signaling and Enhances the Nonamyloidogenic Pathway in an Alzheimer Transgenic Mouse Model
    Wang CY, Zheng W, Wang T, Xie JW, Wang SL, Zhao BL, Teng WP, Wang ZY
    Ref: Neuropsychopharmacology, 36:1073, 2011 : PubMed


    Title: The plant cuticle is required for osmotic stress regulation of abscisic acid biosynthesis and osmotic stress tolerance in Arabidopsis
    Wang ZY, Xiong L, Li W, Zhu JK, Zhu J
    Ref: Plant Cell, 23:1971, 2011 : PubMed


    Title: Recognition of acyl donors by lipase CAL-B in the acylation of 6-azauridine
    Wang ZY, Zong MH
    Ref: Biotechnol Prog, 25:784, 2009 : PubMed


    Title: Screening of acetylcholinesterase inhibitors in natural extracts by CE with electrophoretically mediated microanalysis technique
    Tang ZM, Wang ZY, Kang JW
    Ref: Electrophoresis, 28:360, 2007 : PubMed


    Title: Molecular cloning, purification, and biochemical characterization of a novel pyrethroid-hydrolyzing esterase from Klebsiella sp. strain ZD112
    Wu PC, Liu YH, Wang ZY, Zhang XY, Li H, Liang WQ, Luo N, Hu JM, Lu JQ and Cao LX <1 more author(s)>
    Ref: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 54:836, 2006 : PubMed


    Title: A comparison of whole-genome shotgun-derived mouse chromosome 16 and the human genome
    Mural RJ, Adams MD, Myers EW, Smith HO, Miklos GL, Wides R, Halpern A, Li PW, Sutton GG and Stephenson LD <169 more author(s)>
    Ref: Science, 296:1661, 2002 : PubMed


    Title: The genome sequence of Drosophila melanogaster
    Adams MD, Celniker SE, Holt RA, Evans CA, Gocayne JD, Amanatides PG, Scherer SE, Li PW, Hoskins RA and Venter JC <185 more author(s)>
    Ref: Science, 287:2185, 2000 : PubMed


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