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    Title: Reprogramming Epoxide Hydrolase to Improve Enantioconvergence in Hydrolysis of Styrene Oxide Scaffolds
    Li FL, Qiu YY, Zheng YC, Chen FF, Kong XD, Xu JH, Yu HL
    Ref: Adv Synth Catal, 362:4699, 2021 : PubMed


    Title: A High-Throughput Screening Method for the Directed Evolution of Hydroxynitrile Lyase towards Cyanohydrin Synthesis
    Zheng YC, Ding LY, Jia Q, Lin Z, Hong R, Yu HL, Xu JH
    Ref: Chembiochem, 22:996, 2021 : PubMed


    Title: Structural investigation of the enantioselectivity and thermostability mechanisms of esterase RhEst1
    Chen Q, Yu HL, Cheng X, Xu JH
    Ref: J Mol Graph Model, 85:182, 2018 : PubMed


    Title: Regioselectivity Engineering of Epoxide Hydrolase: Near-Perfect Enantioconvergence through a Single Site Mutation
    Li FL, Kong XD, Chen Q, Zheng YC, Xu Q, Chen FF, Fan LQ, Lin GQ, Zhou J and Xu JH <1 more author(s)>
    Ref: ACS Catal, 8:8314, 2018 : PubMed


    Title: Rational selection of circular permutation sites in characteristic regions of the alpha/beta-hydrolase fold enzyme RhEst1
    Li FL, Luan ZJ, Chen Q, Xu JH, Yu HL
    Ref: J Mol Catal B Enzym, 125:75, 2016 : PubMed


    Title: Simultaneous quantification of soman and VX adducts to butyrylcholinesterase, their aged methylphosphonic acid adduct and butyrylcholinesterase in plasma using an off-column procainamide-gel separation method combined with UHPLC-MS/MS
    Liu CC, Huang GL, Xi HL, Liu SL, Liu JQ, Yu HL, Zhou SK, Liang LH, Yuan L
    Ref: Journal of Chromatography B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sciences, 1036-1037:57, 2016 : PubMed


    Title: Dramatically Improved Performance of an Esterase for Cilastatin Synthesis by Cap Domain Engineering
    Luan ZJ, Yu HL, Ma BD, Qi YK, Chen Q, Xu JH
    Ref: Ind. Eng. Chem. Res, 55:12167, 2016 : PubMed


    Title: Rational design of a carboxylic esterase RhEst1 based on computational analysis of substrate binding
    Chen Q, Luan ZJ, Yu HL, Cheng X, Xu JH
    Ref: J Mol Graph Model, 62:319, 2015 : PubMed


    Title: Substrate channel evolution of an esterase for the synthesis of cilastatin
    Luan ZJ, Li FL, Dou S, Chen Q, Kong XD, Zhou J, Yu HL, Xu JH
    Ref: Catal Sci Technol, 5:2622, 2015 : PubMed


    Title: Increased Catalyst Productivity in alpha-Hydroxy Acids Resolution by Esterase Mutation and Substrate Modification
    Ma BD, Kong XD, Yu HL, Zhang ZJ, Dou S, Xu YP, Ni Y, Xu JH
    Ref: ACS Catal, 4:1026, 2014 : PubMed


    Title: A thermostable and organic-solvent tolerant esterase from Pseudomonas putida ECU1011: catalytic properties and performance in kinetic resolution of alpha-hydroxy acids
    Ma BD, Yu HL, Pan J, Liu JY, Ju X, Xu JH
    Ref: Bioresour Technol, 133:354, 2013 : PubMed


    Title: Target-oriented discovery of a new esterase-producing strain Enterobacter sp. ECU1107 for whole cell-catalyzed production of (2S,3R)-3-phenylglycidate as a chiral synthon of Taxol
    Zhou DJ, Pan J, Yu HL, Zheng GW, Xu JH
    Ref: Applied Microbiology & Biotechnology, 97:6293, 2013 : PubMed


    Title: Bioproduction of chiral mandelate by enantioselective deacylation of alpha-acetoxyphenylacetic acid using whole cells of newly isolated Pseudomonas sp. ECU1011
    Ju X, Yu HL, Pan J, Wei DZ, Xu JH
    Ref: Applied Microbiology & Biotechnology, 86:83, 2010 : PubMed


    Title: Synthesis of novel salidroside esters by lipase-mediated acylation with various functional acyl groups
    Yu HL, Xu JH, Su JH, Lu WY, Lin GQ
    Ref: J Biosci Bioeng, 106:65, 2008 : PubMed


    Title: Sodium selenite induces apoptosis in cultured cortical neurons with special concomitant changes in expression of the apoptosis-related genes
    Xiao R, Qiao JT, Zhao HF, Liang J, Yu HL, Liu J, Guo AM, Wang W
    Ref: Neurotoxicology, 27:478, 2006 : PubMed


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