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Family Report for: Lipase_2


Family Lipase_2
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Previously included in Fungal_triacylglycerol_lipase. This group of lipases has been called class 2 as they are not clearly related to other lipase families, and includes LipA and LipB from Bacillus subtilis and uncharacterised proteins from Caenorhabditis. Two other subfamilies described in: Arpigny and Jaeger (1999), Jaeger and Eggert (Family I.4 and Family I.7) are included in Lipase_2 (see classification). A novel type of hydrolase purified from Paucimonas revealed an unusual substrate specificity for amorphous poly((R)-3-hydroxyalkanoates PHA and no homologies to any other PHB depolymerase. A new family was built and extracted form Lipase_2 PHAZ7_phb_depolymerase (Arpigny_Jaeger Family IX)

Interpro : IPR002918 (Lipase EstA/Esterase EstB)
Pdoc :
PFam : PF01674 (Lipase_2)
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