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ESTHER Mutation Viewer

A Java applet program

Brief Instructions (more details)

The original classes have been written by Alan Robinson from the EBI for p53 mutations (he kindly gave us java codes and his constant help is gratefully acknowledged).
Read the following sections carefully before going ahead

1 - When the applet starts, five windows appear :

1. A 1-D view of the AChE gene at two scales using a 'semantic lens'. Readable only in lower part of the window you will find Torpedo californica AChE sequence.
2. A 2-D representation of the AChE protein.
3. A 3-D structure of Torpedo AChE.
4. A text message window.
5. The list of "Evaluation systems" you can use to search the database. Available only with JavaScript able browsers. (If yours is not use the 'applet only' button)

When the database is downloaded

'Loading database. Please wait...'
'...Completed loading'
appears in the TextArea .

2 - Too many windows ?
When all these steps are succesfully passed, the applet is functional. As there are five windows, you can encounter practical troubles to use the applet. You absolutely CAN close a window, the applet will still function normally.
3 - Search and use the applet
You can then search the database by typing a keyword in the Text area. List of keywords (Evaluation systems) is provided. When the search is completed, hitted residues are colored in green in 1D, 2D and 3D pannels. You can pick one of these residues in either of these pannels and it will be turn to red in all panels and a short description of the mutation is displayed in the text window.

To launch the applet choose a button and press it...


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Mail to: Nicolas Lenfant, Thierry Hotelier, Yves Bourne, Pascale Marchot and Arnaud Chatonnet.
Please cite: Lenfant 2013 Nucleic.Acids.Res. or Marchot Chatonnet 2012 Prot.Pept Lett.
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