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Paper Report for: Matsumoto_2005_Nature_436_793


Title: The map-based sequence of the rice genome.
Matsumo T, Sasaki T
Ref: Nature, 436:793, 2005 : PubMed


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Gene_Locus| orysa-Q9FRJ0, orysa-Q7XTC5, orysa-Q852M6, orysa-Q8GSE8, orysa-Q9FYP7, orysa-Q5ZBH3, orysa-Q5ZA26, orysa-Q5JLP6, orysa-Q8H5P5, orysa-Q7F1Y5, orysa-Q949C9, orysa-cbp3, orysa-cbpx, orysa-Q6YSZ8, orysa-Q8S5X5, orysa-Q8LIG3, orysa-Q6K7F5, orysa-Q69UB1, orysa-Q9FW17, orysa-Q337C3, orysa-Q84QZ6, orysa-Q84QY7, orysa-Q851E7, orysa-Q851E3, orysa-Q0JK71, orysa-Q8S1D9, orysa-Q5N8V4, orysa-Q8GTK2, orysa-B9EWJ8, orysa-Q8H3K6, orysa-Q6ZDG8, orysa-Q6ZDG6, orysa-Q6ZDG5, orysa-Q658B2, orysa-Q5N7L1, orysa-Q8RYV9, orysa-Q8H3R3, orysa-Q5SNH3, orysa-Q8W0F0, orysa-pir7a, orysa-q2qnj4, orysa-q2qnt9, orysa-q2qx94, orysa-q2qyj1, orysa-q2r051, orysa-q2r077, orysa-Q4VWY7, orysa-q5nbu1, orysa-q5smv5, orysa-q5vnp5, orysa-q5vrt2, orysa-q5w6c5, orysa-q5z5a3, orysa-q5z901, orysa-Q5ZBI5, orysa-q6atz0, orysa-q6ave2, orysa-q6h7i6, orysa-q6i5q3, orysa-q6j657, orysa-q6k3d9, orysa-q6k4q2, orysa-q6l5b6, orysj-q6yse8, orysa-q6yy42, orysa-q6yzk1, orysa-q6z8b1, orysa-q6z995, orysa-q6zjq6, orysa-q7x7y5, orysa-Q7XC50, orysa-q7xkj9, orysa-q7xr62, orysa-q7xr63, orysa-q7xsg1, orysa-q7xsq2, orysa-q7xts6, orysa-q7xv53, orysa-Q8LQS5, orysa-Q8RZ79, orysa-Q8S0U8, orysa-Q8W3C6, orysa-Q9LHX5, orysa-q33aq0, orysa-q53lh1, orysa-q53m20, orysa-q53nd8, orysa-q60e79, orysa-q67iz2, orysa-q67iz3, orysa-q67iz7, orysa-q67iz8, orysa-q67j02, orysa-q67j05, orysa-q67j09, orysa-q67j10, orysa-q67tr6, orysa-q67tv0, orysa-q69j38, orysa-q69k08, orysa-q69md7, orysa-q69me0, orysa-q69pf3, orysa-q69xr2, orysa-q69y17, orysa-q69y21, orysa-q75hy1, orysa-q75hy2, orysa-q75i01, orysa-Q94JD7, orysa-Q0J0A4, orysa-q651a8, orysa-q652g4, orysa-q688m0, orysa-q688m8, orysa-q688m9, orysa-Q6H8G1, orysi-a2z179, orysi-a2zef2, orysi-b8a7e6, orysi-b8a7e7, orysi-b8bfe5, orysi-b8bhp9, orysj-b9fi05, orysj-b9fkb0, orysj-cgep, orysj-q0djj0, orysj-q0dud7, orysj-q0jaf0, orysj-q0jga1, orysj-q0jhi5, orysj-q5jl22, orysj-q5jlw7, orysj-q6h7q9, orysj-q6yvk6, orysj-q7f8x1, orysj-q7xcx3, orysj-q9fwm6, orysj-q10j20, orysj-q10ss2, orysj-q69uw6, orysj-q94d71, orysj-q338c0, orysj-b9gbs1, orysj-a0a0p0y6l9, orysj-pla4, orysj-pla1

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Matsumo T, Sasaki T (2005)
The map-based sequence of the rice genome.
Nature 436: 793-800

Matsumo T, Sasaki T (2005)
Nature 436: 793-800

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