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Species Report for: Burkholderia ambifaria AMMD

15 Alpha/beta hydrolase fold proteins and 0 fragments are known to date in Burkholderia ambifaria AMMD
Taxonomy of Burkholderia ambifaria AMMD
cellular organisms, Bacteria, Proteobacteria, Betaproteobacteria, Burkholderiales, Burkholderiaceae, Burkholderia, Burkholderia cepacia complex, Burkholderia ambifaria, Burkholderia ambifaria AMMD,
NCBI Tax ID at NCBI: 339670, NCBI Tax ID in ESTHER for more genes: 339670,
9burk-b1fgn8 Carboxypeptidase_S10 Burkholderia ambifaria putative carboxypeptidase
9burk-q3f1w1 Thioesterase Burkholderia ambifaria AMMD amino acid adenylation
9burk-q3f6n8 AlphaBeta_hydrolase Burkholderia ambifaria AMMD alpha/beta hydrolase fold
9burk-q3f9v9 Thioesterase Burkholderia ambifaria AMMD thioesterase
9burk-q3fbt0 Hydrolase_RBBP9_YdeN Burkholderia ambifaria AMMD hypothetical protein
9burk-q3fd95 PhaC_cen_dom Burkholderia ambifaria AMMD Alpha/beta hydrolase fold:Poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate polymerase, N-terminal
9burk-q3ffa4 Prolyl_oligopeptidase_S9 Burkholderia ambifaria AMMD hypothetical protein
9burk-q3fit9 Thioesterase Burkholderia ambifaria AMMD region:phosphopantetheine-binding
burcm-q0b1e7 Thioesterase Burkholderia ambifaria oleoyl-(acyl-carrier protein) hydrolase (EC
burcm-q0b1f7 Thioesterase Burkholderia ambifaria (Burkholderia cepacia) non-ribosomal peptide synthase:amino acid adenylation
burcm-q0b217 Lipase_3 Burkholderia ambifaria (Burkholderia cepacia) lipase, class 3
burcm-q0b257 Thioesterase Burkholderia ambifaria (strain ATCC BAA-244 / AMMD) (Burkholderia cepacia (strain AMMD)) Beta-ketoacyl synthase thioesterase domain
burcm-q0b2q0 Tannase Burkholderia ambifaria, tannase and feruloyl esterase precursor
burcm-q0b302 Thioesterase Burkholderia ambifaria (strain ATCC BAA-244 / AMMD) (Burkholderia cepacia (strain AMMD)) thioesterase
burcm-q0bdn4 S9N_PPCE_Peptidase_S9 Burkholderia ambifaria (Burkholderia cepacia) prolyl oligopeptidase, n-terminal beta-propeller
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