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Tax_name Report for: Alcaligenaceae

225 Alpha/beta hydrolase fold proteins are known to date in Alcaligenaceae. 6 fragments are known to date
Contains these species Achromobacter arsenitoxydans/ Achromobacter arsenitoxydans SY8/ Achromobacter denitrificans/ Achromobacter insolitus/ Achromobacter insuavis AXX-A/ Achromobacter piechaudii/ Achromobacter piechaudii ATCC 43553/ Achromobacter piechaudii HLE/ Achromobacter pulmonis/ Achromobacter ruhlandii/ Achromobacter sp./ Achromobacter sp. AR476-2/ Achromobacter sp. LC458/ Achromobacter sp. MFA1 R4/ Achromobacter sp. RTa/ Achromobacter sp. Root170/ Achromobacter sp. Root565/ Achromobacter sp. Root83/ Achromobacter spanius/ Achromobacter xylosoxidans/ Achromobacter xylosoxidans A8/ Achromobacter xylosoxidans AXX-A/ Achromobacter xylosoxidans C54/ Achromobacter xylosoxidans NBRC 15126 = ATCC 27061/ Achromobacter xylosoxidans NH44784-1996/ Advenella kashmirensis/ Advenella kashmirensis W13003/ Advenella kashmirensis WT001/ Advenella mimigardefordensis DPN7/ Alcaligenes denitrificans/ Alcaligenes faecalis/ Alcaligenes faecalis subsp. faecalis NBRC 13111/ Alcaligenes faecalis subsp. faecalis NCIB 8687/ Alcaligenes latus/ Alcaligenes sp./ Alcaligenes sp. EGD-AK7/ Alcaligenes sp. HPC1271/ Alcaligenes sp. O-1/ Alcaligenes xylosoxydans xylosoxydans/ Azohydromonas lata/ Bordetella ansorpii/ Bordetella avium/ Bordetella avium 197N/ Bordetella bronchialis/ Bordetella bronchiseptica/ Bordetella bronchiseptica 99-R-0433/ Bordetella bronchiseptica OSU553/ Bordetella bronchiseptica RB50/ Bordetella flabilis/ Bordetella genomosp. 1/ Bordetella genomosp. 6/ Bordetella genomosp. 8/ Bordetella hinzii/ Bordetella hinzii 1277/ Bordetella hinzii 4161/ Bordetella hinzii 5132/ Bordetella hinzii CA90 BAL1384/ Bordetella hinzii L60/ Bordetella hinzii OH87 BAL007II/ Bordetella holmesii/ Bordetella holmesii 04P3421/ Bordetella holmesii 1058/ Bordetella holmesii 30539/ Bordetella holmesii 35009/ Bordetella holmesii 41130/ Bordetella holmesii 44057/ Bordetella holmesii 70147/ Bordetella holmesii ATCC 51541/ Bordetella holmesii CDC-H572-BH/ Bordetella holmesii CDC-H585-BH/ Bordetella holmesii CDC-H629-BH/ Bordetella holmesii CDC-H635-BH/ Bordetella holmesii CDC-H643-BH/ Bordetella holmesii CDC-H719-BH/ Bordetella holmesii CDC-H785-BH/ Bordetella holmesii CDC-H809-BH/ Bordetella holmesii F627/ Bordetella holmesii H558/ Bordetella holmseii H620/ Bordetella parapertussis/ Bordetella parapertussis 12822/ Bordetella parapertussis Bpp5/ Bordetella pertussis/ Bordetella pertussis 18323/ Bordetella pertussis CS/ Bordetella pertussis Tohama I/ Bordetella petrii/ Bordetella petrii DSM 12804/ Bordetella pseudohinzii/ Bordetella sp./ Bordetella sp. IITR-02/ Bordetella sp. N/ Bordetella sp. SCN 67-23/ Bordetella trematum/ Candidimonas nitroreducens/ Castellaniella defragrans 65Phen/ Kerstersia gyiorum/ Oligella urethralis DNF00040/ Pelistega indica/ Pelistega sp. HM-7/ Pigmentiphaga sp. NML030171/ Pusillimonas sp. T7-7/ Taylorella asinigenitalis/ Taylorella asinigenitalis 14/45/ Taylorella asinigenitalis MCE3/ Taylorella equigenitalis 14/56/ Taylorella equigenitalis MCE9
9bord-a0a038k9t0 abh_upf00227
9bord-a0a052hca1 BD-FAE
9bord-a0a052hnz0 abh_upf00227
9bord-a0a052i5n1 NFM-deformylase
9bord-a0a052iga2 CarbLipBact_2
9bord-a0a052j298 Carboxymethylbutenolide_lactonase
9bord-a0a058ufq9 Carboxymethylbutenolide_lactonase
9bord-a0a0s1y6t8 BD-FAE
9bord-a0a0s1y6x8 Carb_B_Bacteria
9bord-a0a0s1yak6 Chlorophyllase
9bord-a0a157pp24 Carb_B_Bacteria
9bord-a0a157shd4 Xaa-Pro-like_dom
9bord-a0a158m0p8 Abhydrolase_9
9bord-a0a193fip5 Xaa-Pro-like_dom
9bord-a0a193gi26 Xaa-Pro-like_dom
9bord-a0a1e3zcg2 Carb_B_Bacteria
9bord-a0a1e3zgc9 Carb_B_Bacteria
9bord-a0a1w6ydx4 Xaa-Pro-like_dom
9bord-a0a1w6yg85 Xaa-Pro-like_dom
9bord-a0a261sfs1 Carb_B_Bacteria
9bord-m5nt13 Carb_B_Bacteria
9burk-a0a095ve77 Carb_B_Bacteria
9burk-a0a095yzx8 Carboxymethylbutenolide_lactonase
9burk-a0a0l0re89 Abhydrolase_9
9burk-a0a0l0ree6 Carb_B_Bacteria

9bord-a0a157swi5 Abhydrolase_10
9burk-h0fah4 abh_upf00227
9burk-j4p5k3 abh_upf00227
advkw-i3u747 NFM-deformylase
advkw-i3ufg0 NFM-deformylase
alcfa-j0b196 NFM-deformylase

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