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Tax_name Report for: Alcanivoracaceae

89 Alpha/beta hydrolase fold proteins are known to date in Alcanivoracaceae. 1 fragments are known to date
Contains these species Alcanivoracaceae bacterium/ Alcanivorax borkumensis/ Alcanivorax borkumensis SK2/ Alcanivorax dieselolei/ Alcanivorax dieselolei B5/ Alcanivorax hongdengensis A-11-3/ Alcanivorax jadensis T9/ Alcanivorax nanhaiticus/ Alcanivorax pacificus W11-5/ Alcanivorax sp./ Alcanivorax sp. 19-m-6/ Alcanivorax sp. 24/ Alcanivorax sp. 6-D-6/ Alcanivorax sp. 97CO-5/ Alcanivorax sp. DG881/ Alcanivorax sp. DSM 26293/ Alcanivorax sp. HI0013/ Alcanivorax sp. HI0044/ Alcanivorax sp. KX64203/ Alcanivorax sp. MD8A/ Alcanivorax sp. N3-2A/ Alcanivorax sp. NBRC 101098/ Alcanivorax sp. Nap_24/ Alcanivorax sp. P2S70/ Alcanivorax sp. PN-3/ Alcanivorax xenomutans/ Ketobacter alkanivorans/ Ketobacter sp.
9gamm-PETaseMG3 Polyesterase-lipase-cutinase
9gamm-a0a068q136 Carb_B_Bacteria
9gamm-a0a095sep3 Carb_B_Bacteria
9gamm-a0a095sml9 Carb_B_Bacteria
9gamm-a0a0p1iya9 Carb_B_Bacteria
9gamm-a0a136gmg8 Carb_B_Bacteria
9gamm-a0a136gmi8 Carb_B_Bacteria
9gamm-a0a166iny1 Carb_B_Bacteria
9gamm-a0a220sl97 Carb_B_Bacteria
9gamm-a0a220smy9 Atu1826-like
9gamm-a0a2e8g740 Carb_B_Bacteria
9gamm-a0a2e9rh38 Carb_B_Bacteria
9gamm-a0a2g2h2b9 Carb_B_Bacteria
9gamm-a0a2k9lit3 Polyesterase-lipase-cutinase
9gamm-a0a2k9lki0 Carb_B_Bacteria
9gamm-a0a2k9lpt4 Carb_B_Bacteria
9gamm-a0a3f2uzc1 Abhydrolase_10
9gamm-a0a3f2v4i1 Abhydrolase_10
9gamm-a0a3f2v5p6 Extracel-MCL-phaZ
9gamm-a0a3l8bdt3 Polyesterase-lipase-cutinase
9gamm-a0a3l8bw54 Polyesterase-lipase-cutinase
9gamm-b4wy97 PHA_synth_III_C
9gamm-b4wya3 BioH
9gamm-b4wye8 Proline_iminopeptidase
9gamm-b4wzn0 Haloalkane_dehalogenase-HLD1

9gamm-u7fti8 NLS3-Tex30

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