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Tax_name Report for: Arthrodermataceae

162 Alpha/beta hydrolase fold proteins are known to date in Arthrodermataceae. 11 fragments are known to date
Contains these species Arthroderma benhamiae/ Arthroderma benhamiae CBS 112371/ Arthroderma gypseum/ Arthroderma gypseum CBS 118893/ Arthroderma otae/ Arthroderma otae CBS 113480/ Microsporum canis CBS 113480/ Microsporum gypseum CBS 118893/ Nannizzia otae/ Trichophyton equinum/ Trichophyton equinum CBS 127.97/ Trichophyton interdigitale/ Trichophyton interdigitale H6/ Trichophyton interdigitale MR816/ Trichophyton mentagrophytes/ Trichophyton rubrum/ Trichophyton rubrum CBS 100081/ Trichophyton rubrum CBS 118892/ Trichophyton rubrum CBS 202.88/ Trichophyton rubrum CBS 288.86/ Trichophyton rubrum CBS 289.86/ Trichophyton rubrum CBS 735.88/ Trichophyton rubrum D6/ Trichophyton rubrum MR1448/ Trichophyton rubrum MR1459/ Trichophyton rubrum MR850/ Trichophyton schoenleinii/ Trichophyton soudanense CBS 452.61/ Trichophyton tonsurans/ Trichophyton tonsurans CBS 112818/ Trichophyton verrucosum/ Trichophyton verrucosum HKI 0517/ Trichophyton violaceum
9euro-a0a022ucj0 Fungal_carboxylesterase_lipase
9euro-a0a059jge2 ABHD11-Acetyl_transferase
9euro-a0a059jk56 Kynurenine-formamidase
artbc-a1751 PAF-Acetylhydrolase
artbc-a6907 AlphaBeta_hydrolase
artbc-d4ajq5 PPase_methylesterase_euk
artbc-d4an28 6_AlphaBeta_hydrolase
artbc-d4aq29 Fungal_carboxylesterase_lipase
artbc-d4aqa7 Carboxypeptidase_S10
artbc-d4aqb6 6_AlphaBeta_hydrolase
artbc-d4aun9 Acetylxylan_esterase
artbc-d4av38 Bacterial_esterase
artbc-d4avu9 Cutinase
artbc-d4ax63 Fungal-Bact_LIP
artbc-d4ay03 Fungal_carboxylesterase_lipase
artbc-d4ayl7 A85-EsteraseD-FGH
artbc-d4b465 Fungal-Bact_LIP
artbc-d4b5r3 CGI-58_ABHD5_ABHD4
artbc-d4b5t7 Haloperoxidase
artbc-dapb DPP4N_Peptidase_S9
artbc-dpp4 DPP4N_Peptidase_S9
artbc-fae1 Tannase
artbc-kex1 Carboxypeptidase_S10
artbc-scpc Carboxypeptidase_S10
artbc-scpd Carboxypeptidase_S10

9euro-a0a022und7 Fungal_carboxylesterase_lipase
artbc-d4aik9 abh_upf0017
artbc-d4arq1 Fungal_carboxylesterase_lipase
artbc-d4ase7 Proline_iminopeptidase
artgy-e4v1w9 Fungal_carboxylesterase_lipase
trirc-f2t189 Fungal_carboxylesterase_lipase
triru-a0a022tyg9 Fungal_carboxylesterase_lipase
trivh-d4d5z0 Epoxide_hydrolase
trivh-d4d7r2 CGI-58_ABHD5_ABHD4
trivh-d4d9u5 abh_upf0017
trivh-d4dhu2 Fungal_carboxylesterase_lipase

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