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Tax_name Report for: Burkholderia

696 Alpha/beta hydrolase fold proteins are known to date in Burkholderia. 11 fragments are known to date
Contains these species Burkholderia/ Burkholderia ambifaria/ Burkholderia ambifaria AMMD/ Burkholderia ambifaria IOP40-10/ Burkholderia ambifaria MC40-6/ Burkholderia ambifaria MEX-5/ Burkholderia anthina/ Burkholderia catarinensis/ Burkholderia cenocepacia/ Burkholderia cenocepacia AU 1054/ Burkholderia cenocepacia BC7/ Burkholderia cenocepacia H111/ Burkholderia cenocepacia HI2424/ Burkholderia cenocepacia J2315/ Burkholderia cenocepacia K56-2Valvano/ Burkholderia cenocepacia KC-01/ Burkholderia cenocepacia MC0-3/ Burkholderia cenocepacia PC184/ Burkholderia cepacia/ Burkholderia cepacia ATCC 25416/ Burkholderia cepacia GG4/ Burkholderia cepacia JBK9/ Burkholderia cepacia complex/ Burkholderia contaminans/ Burkholderia diffusa/ Burkholderia dolosa/ Burkholderia dolosa AUO158/ Burkholderia dolosa PC543/ Burkholderia gladioli/ Burkholderia gladioli BSR3/ Burkholderia glumae/ Burkholderia glumae BGR1/ Burkholderia glumae PG1/ Burkholderia insecticola/ Burkholderia lata/ Burkholderia latens/ Burkholderia mallei/ Burkholderia mallei 2002721280/ Burkholderia mallei ATCC 10399/ Burkholderia mallei FMH/ Burkholderia mallei GB8 horse 4/ Burkholderia mallei JHU/ Burkholderia mallei NCTC 10229/ Burkholderia mallei NCTC 10247/ Burkholderia mallei PRL-20/ Burkholderia mallei SAVP1/ Burkholderia metallica/ Burkholderia multivorans/ Burkholderia multivorans ATCC 17616/ Burkholderia multivorans ATCC BAA-247/ Burkholderia multivorans CF2/ Burkholderia multivorans CGD1/ Burkholderia multivorans CGD2/ Burkholderia multivorans CGD2M/ Burkholderia oklahomensis/ Burkholderia oklahomensis C6786/ Burkholderia plantarii/ Burkholderia pseudomallei/ Burkholderia pseudomallei 1026a/ Burkholderia pseudomallei 1026b/ Burkholderia pseudomallei 1106a/ Burkholderia pseudomallei 1106b/ Burkholderia pseudomallei 1258a/ Burkholderia pseudomallei 1258b/ Burkholderia pseudomallei 1655/ Burkholderia pseudomallei 1710a/ Burkholderia pseudomallei 1710b/ Burkholderia pseudomallei 305/ Burkholderia pseudomallei 354a/ Burkholderia pseudomallei 354e/ Burkholderia pseudomallei 406e/ Burkholderia pseudomallei 576/ Burkholderia pseudomallei 668/ Burkholderia pseudomallei BPC006/ Burkholderia pseudomallei K96243/ Burkholderia pseudomallei MSHR1043/ Burkholderia pseudomallei MSHR146/ Burkholderia pseudomallei MSHR305/ Burkholderia pseudomallei MSHR338/ Burkholderia pseudomallei MSHR346/ Burkholderia pseudomallei MSHR511/ Burkholderia pseudomallei MSHR520/ Burkholderia pseudomallei MSHR5855/ Burkholderia pseudomallei MSHR6137/ Burkholderia pseudomallei NAU20B-16/ Burkholderia pseudomallei NCTC 13178/ Burkholderia pseudomallei NCTC 13179/ Burkholderia pseudomallei Pakistan 9/ Burkholderia pseudomallei Pasteur 52237/ Burkholderia pseudomallei S13/ Burkholderia pseudomultivorans/ Burkholderia puraquae/ Burkholderia pyrrocinia/ Burkholderia seminalis/ Burkholderia singularis/ Burkholderia sp./ Burkholderia sp. 2002721687/ Burkholderia sp. 383/ Burkholderia sp. 99-2-1/ Burkholderia sp. A2/ Burkholderia sp. ABCPW 11/ Burkholderia sp. AU17325/ Burkholderia sp. AU18528/ Burkholderia sp. AU4i/ Burkholderia sp. BCC6/ Burkholderia sp. BT03/ Burkholderia sp. CAMPA 1040/ Burkholderia sp. CCGE1001/ Burkholderia sp. CCGE1002/ Burkholderia sp. CCGE1003/ Burkholderia sp. Ch1-1/ Burkholderia sp. DBT1/ Burkholderia sp. DNA89/ Burkholderia sp. DSM 9242/ Burkholderia sp. DSMZ 9242/ Burkholderia sp. FL-7-2-10-S1-D7/ Burkholderia sp. GAS332/ Burkholderia sp. H160/ Burkholderia sp. HB1/ Burkholderia sp. IDO3/ Burkholderia sp. JKS000303/ Burkholderia sp. JRB1/ Burkholderia sp. KJ006/ Burkholderia sp. LA-2-3-30-S1-D2/ Burkholderia sp. LK4/ Burkholderia sp. Leaf177/ Burkholderia sp. MC16-3/ Burkholderia sp. MR1/ Burkholderia sp. MSHR3999/ Burkholderia sp. MSMB0856/ Burkholderia sp. MSMB1835/ Burkholderia sp. MSh2/ Burkholderia sp. NFACC33-1/ Burkholderia sp. NFPP32/ Burkholderia sp. NK8/ Burkholderia sp. NRF60-BP8/ Burkholderia sp. OK233/ Burkholderia sp. OLGA172/ Burkholderia sp. PAMC 26561/ Burkholderia sp. PAMC 28687/ Burkholderia sp. RF2-non_BP3/ Burkholderia sp. RPE64/ Burkholderia sp. RPE67/ Burkholderia sp. SJ98/ Burkholderia sp. SRS-W-2-2016/ Burkholderia sp. ST111/ Burkholderia sp. TJI49/ Burkholderia sp. TNe-862/ Burkholderia sp. TSN101/ Burkholderia sp. TSV85/ Burkholderia sp. TSV86/ Burkholderia sp. USM B20/ Burkholderia sp. WP40/ Burkholderia sp. YI23/ Burkholderia sp. lig30/ Burkholderia stabilis/ Burkholderia stagnalis/ Burkholderia territorii/ Burkholderia thailandensis/ Burkholderia thailandensis 2002721723/ Burkholderia thailandensis E264/ Burkholderia thailandensis E444/ Burkholderia thailandensis H0587/ Burkholderia thailandensis MSMB121/ Burkholderia thailandensis MSMB43/ Burkholderia thailandensis USAMRU Malaysia #20/ Burkholderia ubonensis/ Burkholderia ubonensis MSMB22/ Burkholderia vietnamiensis/ Burkholderia vietnamiensis AU4i/ Burkholderia vietnamiensis G4/ Burkholderia vietnamiensis LMG 10929/ Candidatus Burkholderia humilis/ Candidatus Burkholderia verschuerenii/ Pseudomonas cepacia
9burk-BpFae Tannase
9burk-EstA Bacterial_lip_FamI.2
9burk-ObiF1 Thioesterase
9burk-a0a024rti3 abh_upf00227
9burk-a0a060pb06 NFM-deformylase
9burk-a0a060pes1 NFM-deformylase
9burk-a0a063bak6 VirJ
9burk-a0a071mdb4 Xaa-Pro-like_dom
9burk-a0a071mfb3 VirJ
9burk-a0a084d737 Xaa-Pro-like_dom
9burk-a0a084dm93 VirJ
9burk-a0a088uau9 Carb_B_Bacteria
9burk-a0a088uel2 Carb_B_Bacteria
9burk-a0a088ujy7 VirJ
9burk-a0a088wvi3 CarbLipBact_2
9burk-a0a0c1ylg6 VirJ
9burk-a0a0c2csj2 CarbLipBact_2
9burk-a0a0d5eb09 CarbLipBact_2
9burk-a0a0d5lcs9 OHBut_olig_hydro_put
9burk-a0a0d8dwr6 Carb_B_Bacteria
9burk-a0a0d8dyt1 VirJ
9burk-a0a0k9jyj0 VirJ
9burk-a0a0l0md80 VirJ
9burk-a0a0n0ie77 Carb_B_Bacteria
9burk-a0a0n0zer5 VirJ

9burk-a0a0n0z9w1 Carb_B_Bacteria
9burk-a0a0n0zc99 Carb_B_Bacteria
9burk-a0a0n1kir8 Carb_B_Bacteria
9burk-a0a103t3i6 Peptidase_S37
9burk-a2w4l9 ABHD8
9burk-a2w845 Epoxide_hydrolase
9burk-b1t1g6 GTSAGmotif
9burk-b5wmg7 A85-EsteraseD-FGH
9burk-q4lgc1 Haloalkane_dehalogenase-HLD1
9burk-r4wq01 NLS3-Tex30
burvg-a4jsc5 Bacterial_esterase

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