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Tax_name Report for: Elapinae

14 Alpha/beta hydrolase fold proteins are known to date in Elapinae. 33 fragments are known to date
Contains these species Dendroaspis angusticeps/ Dendroaspis viridis/ Micrurus corallinus/ Micrurus fulvius/ Micrurus lemniscatus carvalhoi/ Micrurus lemniscatus lemniscatus/ Micrurus spixii/ Micrurus surinamensis/ Micrurus tener/ Naja atra/ Naja naja/ Naja oxiana/ Ophiophagus hannah
9saur-a0a194asc6 Cholinesterase-like
9saur-a0a2d4m751 Cholinesterase-like
ophha-v8n6c3 Cholinesterase-like
ophha-v8nra3 Phospholipase
ophha-v8p430 ABHD10
ophha-v8p760 ABHD12-PHARC
ophha-v8p7p1.1 Cholinesterase-like
ophha-v8p7p1.3 Cholinesterase-like
ophha-v8p8q1 Kynurenine-formamidase
ophha-v8p9v2 CIB-CCG1-interacting-factor-B
ophha-v8p9z4.2 Pancreatic_lipase
ophha-v8pbf0.2 CMBL
ophha-v8pg65 Arylacetamide_deacetylase
ophha-v8pgg0 Hepatic_Lipase

9saur-a0a2d4m6w2 BCHE
micle-a0a2d4hsf7 Lipoprotein_Lipase
micle-a0a2d4jij8 CMBL
micle-a0a2h6ngl0 Arb2_FAM172A
micsu-a0a2d4pet5 BCHE
najat-g3ekk1 BCHE
ophha-v8n0n2 Cholinesterase-like
ophha-v8n2k1 Neuroligin
ophha-v8n2l5 Neuroligin
ophha-v8n3n0 Cholinesterase-like
ophha-v8n4u3 Neuroligin
ophha-v8n5s8 Cholinesterase-like
ophha-v8n869 Neuroligin
ophha-v8n892 ABHD16
ophha-v8n8q6 Lipoprotein_Lipase
ophha-v8nbb1 Neuroligin
ophha-v8ncs1 Neuroligin
ophha-v8ndi3 Carb_B_Chordata
ophha-v8nfj8 Maspardin-ACP33-SPG21_like
ophha-v8nnw7 Thyroglobulin
ophha-v8npz5 BCHE
ophha-v8nr78 Neuroligin
ophha-v8nsf3 Carb_B_Chordata
ophha-v8nt01 Carb_B_Chordata

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