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Tax_name Report for: Galloanserae

156 Alpha/beta hydrolase fold proteins are known to date in Galloanserae. 48 fragments are known to date
Contains these species Aix sponsa/ Alopochen aegyptiacus/ Amazonetta brasiliensis/ Anas acuta/ Anas carolinensis/ Anas clypeata/ Anas crecca crecca/ Anas platyrhynchos/ Anas platyrhynchos platyrhynchos/ Anser anser/ Anser anser domesticus/ Asarcornis scutulata/ Aythya americana/ Bambusicola thoracicus/ Branta bernicla/ Cairina moschata/ Callipepla squamata/ Callonetta leucophrys/ Chenonetta jubata/ Chloephaga melanoptera/ Colinus virginianus/ Cyanochen cyanopterus/ Cygnus olor/ Gallus gallus/ Hymenolaimus malacorhynchos/ Lophonetta specularioides/ Mareca americana/ Marmaronetta angustirostris/ Meleagris gallopavo/ Merganetta armata/ Neochen jubata/ Phasianus colchicus/ Pteronetta hartlaubi/ Sarkidiornis melanotos/ Speculanas specularis/ Tachyeres brachypterus/ Tachyeres leucocephalus/ Tachyeres patachonicus/ Tachyeres pteneres/ Tadorna tadorna
9aves-f2yni6 Lipoprotein_Lipase
anapl-b6dzk9 Lipoprotein_Lipase
anapl-lcat PC-sterol_acyltransferase
anapl-r0jhf3 Phospholipase
anapl-r0jlr8 Arylacetamide_deacetylase
anapl-r0jv14 Carb_B_Chordata
anapl-r0k518 NLS3-Tex30
anapl-r0ktn0 CMBL
anapl-r0kv25 Hepatic_Lipase
anapl-r0l4n7 NLS3-Tex30
anapl-r0l8l1 CMBL
anapl-r0lgx7 Pancreatic_lipase
anapl-r0lhc4 ABHD13-BEM46
anapl-r0lin6 Phospholipase
anapl-r0ljt0 Neuroligin
anapl-r0lw36 Cholesterol_esterase
anapl-r0m1y3 Arb2_FAM172A
anapl-r0m5n4 Thyroglobulin
anapl-sast Thioesterase
anapl-thioe Carb_B_Chordata
anapl-u3i5h5 ABHD10
anapl-u3icy5 Monoglyceridelipase_lysophospholip
anapl-u3id17 SERHL
anapl-u3ild2 Pancreatic_lipase

9aves-a0rzc5 Lipoprotein_Lipase
9aves-a6n864 Lipoprotein_Lipase
anapl-e7cw82 Neuroligin
anapl-g3ekj5 BCHE
anapl-r0jz13 Neuroligin
anapl-r0lbk0 Phospholipase
anapl-r0ldg7 Pancreatic_lipase
anapl-r0lmd2 Neuroligin
anapl-r0lny4 Neuroligin
anapl-r0m3e3 Pectinacetylesterase-Notum
anapl-u3i541 ABHD8
anapl-u3ia33 NLS3-Tex30
anapl-u3ivm1 Arb2_FAM172A
anapl-u3iy15 CIB-CCG1-interacting-factor-B
anapl-u3j708 Pectinacetylesterase-Notum
anapl-u3j854 Neuroligin
anapp-a0a493tsa6 CMBL
bamth-a0a2p4sa57 Arb2_FAM172A
bamth-a0a2p4stf2 Hepatic_Lipase
bamth-a0a2p4thv5 Pancreatic_lipase
calsu-a0a226my51 Arb2_FAM172A
calsu-a0a226myh0 Hepatic_Lipase
calsu-a0a226n1s2 Arb2_FAM172A
calsu-a0a226n3z5 BCHE
calsu-a0a226n7b6 Pancreatic_lipase

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