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Tax_name Report for: Lachnospiraceae

205 Alpha/beta hydrolase fold proteins are known to date in Lachnospiraceae. 22 fragments are known to date
Contains these species Acetatifactor muris/ Anaerobium acetethylicum/ Anaerocolumna jejuensis DSM 15929/ Anaerocolumna xylanovorans DSM 12503/ Anaerosporobacter mobilis DSM 15930/ Anaerostipes caccae DSM 14662/ Anaerostipes sp. 3_2_56FAA/ Anaerostipes sp. CAG:276/ Blautia hansenii DSM 20583/ Blautia hydrogenotrophica DSM 10507/ Blautia sp. CAG:37/ Blautia sp. CAG:52/ Blautia sp. KLE 1732/ Butyrivibrio Proteoclasticus B316/ Butyrivibrio crossotus DSM 2876/ Butyrivibrio fibrisolvens/ Butyrivibrio fibrisolvens 16/4/ Butyrivibrio proteoclasticus/ Butyrivibrio sp./ Butyrivibrio sp. INlla21/ Butyrivibrio sp. XB500-5/ Butyrivibrio sp. YAB3001/ Catonella morbi/ Catonella morbi ATCC 51271/ Cellulosilyticum lentocellum/ Cellulosilyticum lentocellum DSM 5427/ Cellulosilyticum ruminicola/ Clostridium asparagiforme DSM 15981/ Clostridium bolteae ATCC BAA-613/ Clostridium cf. saccharolyticum K10/ Clostridium clostridioforme 2_1_49FAA/ Clostridium clostridioforme 90A6/ Clostridium hylemonae DSM 15053/ Clostridium nexile DSM 1787/ Clostridium phytofermentans/ Clostridium phytofermentans ISDg/ Clostridium saccharolyticum/ Clostridium scindens ATCC 35704/ Clostridium symbiosum WAL-14163/ Coprococcus catus GD/7/ Coprococcus comes ATCC 27758/ Coprococcus eutactus ATCC 27759/ Coprococcus sp. ART55/1/ Coprococcus sp. CAG:782/ Coprococcus sp. HPP0074/ Dorea formicigenerans ATCC 27755/ Dorea longicatena/ Dorea longicatena DSM 13814/ Dorea sp. 5-2/ Eisenbergiella tayi/ Eubacterium rectale/ Eubacterium rectale ATCC 33656/ Eubacterium rectale DSM 17629/ Eubacterium rectale M104/1/ Eubacterium saburreum DSM 3986/ Fusicatenibacter/ Fusicatenibacter saccharivorans/ Johnsonella ignava ATCC 51276/ Lachnoanaerobaculum saburreum DSM 3986/ Lachnoanaerobaculum saburreum F0468/ Lachnoclostridium phytofermentans ISDg/ Lachnoclostridium sp./ Lachnoclostridium sp. YL32/ Lachnospiraceae/ Lachnospiraceae bacterium/ Lachnospiraceae bacterium 10-1/ Lachnospiraceae bacterium 1_4_56FAA/ Lachnospiraceae bacterium 2_1_46FAA/ Lachnospiraceae bacterium 3-1/ Lachnospiraceae bacterium 3_1_57FAA_CT1/ Lachnospiraceae bacterium 4_1_37FAA/ Lachnospiraceae bacterium 5_1_63FAA/ Lachnospiraceae bacterium 7_1_58FAA/ Lachnospiraceae bacterium 9_1_43BFAA/ Lachnospiraceae bacterium CAG:215/ Lachnospiraceae bacterium M18-1/ Lachnospiraceae bacterium NK3A20/ Lachnospiraceae bacterium OF09-6/ Lachnospiraceae bacterium TWA4/ Lachnospiraceae oral taxon 107 str. F0167/ Marvinbryantia formatexigens DSM 14469/ Oribacterium sinus F0268/ Oribacterium sp. oral taxon 078 str. F0262/ Pseudobutyrivibrio xylanivorans DSM 14809/ Robinsoniella sp. RHS/ Roseburia hominis/ Roseburia hominis A2-183/ Roseburia intestinalis/ Roseburia intestinalis CAG:13/ Roseburia intestinalis L1-82/ Roseburia intestinalis M50/1/ Roseburia intestinalis XB6B4/ Roseburia inulinivorans/ Roseburia inulinivorans CAG:15/ Roseburia inulinivorans DSM 16841/ Roseburia sp. CAG:100/ Roseburia sp. CAG:18/ Roseburia sp. CAG:182/ Roseburia sp. CAG:197/ Roseburia sp. CAG:309/ Roseburia sp. CAG:45/ Roseburia sp. CAG:471/ Roseburia sp. CAG:50/ Ruminococcus gnavus ATCC 29149/ Ruminococcus obeum A2-162/ Ruminococcus obeum ATCC 29174/ Ruminococcus torques ATCC 27756/ Shuttleworthia satelles DSM 14600/ Shuttleworthia sp. MSX8B/ Tyzzerella nexilis/ Tyzzerella nexilis DSM 1787/ [Clostridium asparagiforme] DSM 15981/ [Clostridium] asparagiforme DSM 15981/ [Clostridium] bolteae 90A5/ [Clostridium] bolteae 90A9/ [Clostridium] bolteae 90B3/ [Clostridium] bolteae 90B7/ [Clostridium] bolteae 90B8/ [Clostridium] bolteae ATCC BAA-613/ [Clostridium] cf. saccharolyticum K10/ [Clostridium] clostridioforme/ [Clostridium] clostridioforme 2_1_49FAA/ [Clostridium] clostridioforme 90A1/ [Clostridium] clostridioforme 90A3/ [Clostridium] clostridioforme 90A4/ [Clostridium] clostridioforme 90A6/ [Clostridium] clostridioforme 90A7/ [Clostridium] clostridioforme 90A8/ [Clostridium] clostridioforme 90B1/ [Clostridium] clostridioforme CM201/ [Clostridium] hylemonae DSM 15053/ [Clostridium] saccharolyticum WM1/ [Clostridium] scindens ATCC 35704/ [Clostridium] sphenoides JCM 1415/ [Clostridium] symbiosum WAL-14163/ [Eubacterium] rectale/ [Ruminococcus] torques/ [Ruminococcus] torques L2-14/ butyrate-producing bacterium SSC/2/ unclassified Lachnospiraceae/ uncultured Blautia sp./ uncultured Butyrivibrio sp./ uncultured Lachnospira sp.
9clot-a8rn00 Duf_1100-S
9clot-a8s2n8 6_AlphaBeta_hydrolase
9clot-b6fk04 Monoglyceridelipase_lysophospholip
9clot-b6fnm2 Mbeg1-like
9clot-b6fqf1 6_AlphaBeta_hydrolase
9clot-b6fu60 Proline_iminopeptidase
9clot-c0byd3 Haloperoxidase
9clot-c0c065 Proline_iminopeptidase
9clot-c0c2v7 6_AlphaBeta_hydrolase
9clot-c0c4t1 A85-EsteraseD-FGH
9clot-c0ct15 6_AlphaBeta_hydrolase
9clot-c0ct31 Haloperoxidase
9clot-c0ctx0 6_AlphaBeta_hydrolase
9clot-c0cw58 PolyAspartate-hydrolase
9clot-c0cwk7 Haloperoxidase
9clot-c0cze8 Bacterial_esterase
9clot-c0czz2 A85-EsteraseD-FGH
9clot-c0d1n4 A85-IroE-IroD-Fes-Yiel
9clot-c0d458 Haloperoxidase
9clot-c0d5l1 A85-IroE-IroD-Fes-Yiel
9clot-c0d680 Acetyl-esterase_deacetylase
9clot-c0d944 DPP4N_Peptidase_S9
9clot-c0d9z9 Haloperoxidase
9clot-g5i3t9 Carb_B_Bacteria
9clot-r0cpt7 Hormone-sensitive_lipase_like

9clot-c0cvu0 Carb_B_Bacteria
9clot-c0czz3 A85-EsteraseD-FGH
9firm-a0a060ces0 Carb_B_Bacteria
9firm-a0a174wwf2 Carb_B_Bacteria
9firm-a0a174xbj7 Carb_B_Bacteria
9firm-a0a174xyw4 Carb_B_Bacteria
9firm-a0a1i7hi65 Peptidase_S37
9firm-a0a2k4zez5 Abhydrolase_10
9firm-a0a3a9t2t1 Peptidase_S37
9firm-c2ky54 Proline_iminopeptidase
9firm-c7g8w6.1 A85-Feruloyl-Esterase
9firm-c7g8w6.2 A85-Feruloyl-Esterase
9firm-d4ktd6.1 A85-Feruloyl-Esterase
9firm-d4ktd6.2 A85-Feruloyl-Esterase
9firm-e5vxj1 Hormone-sensitive_lipase_like
9firm-f3bct8 Chlorophyllase
9firm-f7jpd7 Carb_B_Bacteria
9firm-f7jpd8 Carb_B_Bacteria
9firm-h1chz3 Chlorophyllase
9firm-u2cfq9 Hormone-sensitive_lipase_like
cloph-a9kj14 A85-EsteraseD-FGH
eubr3-c4zgk4 A85-Feruloyl-Esterase

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