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Tax_name Report for: Negativicutes

81 Alpha/beta hydrolase fold proteins are known to date in Negativicutes. 12 fragments are known to date
Contains these species Acetonema longum DSM 6540/ Acidaminococcus fermentans/ Acidaminococcus fermentans DSM 20731/ Acidaminococcus intestini/ Acidaminococcus intestini CAG:325/ Acidaminococcus intestini RyC-MR95/ Acidaminococcus sp. BV3L6/ Acidaminococcus sp. CAG:542/ Acidaminococcus sp. D21/ Acidaminococcus sp. HPA0509/ Anaerovibrio lipolyticus/ Centipeda periodontii DSM 2778/ Dialister invisus DSM 15470/ Dialister sp. CAG:357/ Dialister succinatiphilus YIT 11850/ Megamonas funiformis CAG:377/ Megamonas funiformis YIT 11815/ Megamonas hypermegale ART12/1/ Megasphaera elsdenii DSM 20460/ Mitsuokella jalaludinii/ Mitsuokella multacida DSM 20544/ Mitsuokella sp. oral taxon 131 str. W9106/ Pelosinus fermentans B4/ Pelosinus fermentans DSM 17108/ Pelosinus fermentans JBW45/ Pelosinus sp. UFO1/ Phascolarctobacterium sp. CAG:207/ Phascolarctobacterium sp. CAG:266/ Phascolarctobacterium sp. YIT 12067/ Phascolarctobacterium succinatutens CAG:287/ Phascolarctobacterium succinatutens YIT 12067/ Schwartzia succinivorans DSM 10502/ Selenomonas artemidis F0399/ Selenomonas flueggei ATCC 43531/ Selenomonas infelix ATCC 43532/ Selenomonas noxia ATCC 43541/ Selenomonas noxia F0398/ Selenomonas ruminantium subsp. lactilytica/ Selenomonas ruminantium subsp. lactilytica TAM6421/ Selenomonas sp. CM52/ Selenomonas sp. F0473/ Selenomonas sp. FOBRC6/ Selenomonas sp. FOBRC9/ Selenomonas sp. oral taxon 137 str. F0430/ Selenomonas sp. oral taxon 138 str. F0429/ Selenomonas sp. oral taxon 149 str. 67H29BP/ Selenomonas sp. oral taxon 892 str. F0426/ Selenomonas sputigena ATCC 35185/ Sporomusa ovata DSM 2662/ Sporomusaceae bacterium/ Thermosinus carboxydivorans Nor1/ Veillonella atypica/ Veillonella atypica ACS-049-V-Sch6/ Veillonella atypica ACS-134-V-Col7a/ Veillonella atypica KON/ Veillonella dispar ATCC 17748/ Veillonella dispar DORA_11/ Veillonella parvula/ Veillonella parvula ACS-068-V-Sch12/ Veillonella parvula ATCC 17745/ Veillonella parvula DSM 2008/ Veillonella ratti ACS-216-V-Col6b/ Veillonella seminalis ACS-216-V-Col6b/ Veillonella sp. 3_1_44/ Veillonella sp. 6_1_27/ Veillonella sp. ACP1/ Veillonella sp. CAG:933/ Veillonella sp. oral taxon 158 str. F0412/ Veillonella sp. oral taxon 780 str. F0422
9firm-a0a075k9b8 Xaa-Pro-like_dom
9firm-a0a075kdm9 Xaa-Pro-like_dom
9firm-a0a075khn0 CarbLipBact_2
9firm-a0a0a0ymq9 Bacterial_lip_FamI.5
9firm-a0a1m4s7i2 Carb_B_Bacteria
9firm-a0a1m5adg5 Carb_B_Bacteria
9firm-a0a402br96 OHBut_olig_hydro_put
9firm-a1hm47 6_AlphaBeta_hydrolase
9firm-a1hqe6 Homoserine_transacetylase
9firm-a1hsp6 CarbLipBact_2
9firm-c0wdh6 Carb_B_Bacteria
9firm-c4fn27 Tannase_Bact
9firm-c4fsn1 MenH_SHCHC
9firm-c4v322 Bacterial_esterase
9firm-c4v603 CarbLipBact_2
9firm-c9kl17 A85-IroE-IroD-Fes-Yiel
9firm-c9klg2 A85-IroE-IroD-Fes-Yiel
9firm-c9knb0 CarbLipBact_2
9firm-c9kp86 Bacterial_esterase
9firm-c9kqe8 Tannase_Bact
9firm-c9lpx1 Chlorophyllase
9firm-c9lug6 A85-IroE-IroD-Fes-Yiel
9firm-c9ly75 CarbLipBact_2
9firm-d1yn22 MenH_SHCHC
9firm-d1ypz5 Tannase_Bact

9firm-a0a075kiu4 Duf_1057
9firm-a0a174bra4 Carb_B_Bacteria
9firm-c4v319 Carb_B_Bacteria
9firm-c9kp53 Carb_B_Bacteria
9firm-d4kdv6 A85-IroE-IroD-Fes-Yiel
9firm-d4kfb1 BioG_Pimeloyl-ACP-methyl-esterase
9firm-d4kfb2 BioG_Pimeloyl-ACP-methyl-esterase
9firm-k9cz07 Tannase_Bact
9firm-r5bmd2 BD-FAE
9firm-r7cs12 Carb_B_Bacteria
9firm-r7cs43 Carb_B_Bacteria
selrl-i0gw90 Carb_B_Bacteria

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