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Tax_name Report for: Nocardioidaceae

194 Alpha/beta hydrolase fold proteins are known to date in Nocardioidaceae. 3 fragments are known to date
Contains these species Actinopolymorpha singaporensis/ Aeromicrobium erythreum/ Aeromicrobium marinum DSM 15272/ Aeromicrobium sp./ Aeromicrobium sp. Leaf289/ Aeromicrobium sp. Root236/ Aeromicrobium sp. Root344/ Aeromicrobium sp. Root472D3/ Aeromicrobium sp. Root495/ Kribbella albertanoniae/ Kribbella antibiotica/ Kribbella flavida/ Kribbella flavida DSM 17836/ Kribbella sp. ALI-6-A/ Marmoricola scoriae/ Mumia flava/ Nocardioidaceae bacterium Broad-1/ Nocardioides aromaticivorans/ Nocardioides dokdonensis/ Nocardioides dokdonensis FR1436/ Nocardioides immobilis/ Nocardioides lianchengensis/ Nocardioides luteus/ Nocardioides simplex/ Nocardioides sp./ Nocardioides sp. 130/ Nocardioides sp. CCTCC AB 2018079/ Nocardioides sp. CF8/ Nocardioides sp. DF412/ Nocardioides sp. JS614/ Nocardioides sp. Leaf285/ Nocardioides sp. PD653/ Nocardioides sp. Root122/ Nocardioides sp. Root140/ Nocardioides sp. Root151/ Nocardioides sp. Root190/ Nocardioides sp. Root240/ Nocardioides sp. Root614/ Nocardioides sp. Root682/ Nocardioides sp. Root79/ Nocardioides sp. SG-4G/ Nocardioides sp. Soil774/ Nocardioides sp. Soil777/ Nocardioides sp. Soil796/ Nocardioides sp. Soil797/ Nocardioides sp. Soil805/ Nocardioides sp. YR527/ Nocardioides szechwanensis/ Nocardioides terrae/ Pimelobacter simplex
9actn-a0a0b2axa8 VirJ
9actn-a0a0b2bgb2 Xaa-Pro-like_dom
9actn-a0a0b2bh64 Carb_B_Bacteria
9actn-a0a0b2bpt6 Hormone-sensitive_lipase_like
9actn-a0a0b2btl6 Polyesterase-lipase-cutinase
9actn-a0a0b2bua3 Abhydrolase_9
9actn-a0a0q6v5e5 Duf_1023
9actn-a0a0q6v991 Duf_1023
9actn-a0a0q6vnp5 Carb_B_Bacteria
9actn-a0a0q7kdj9 Hormone-sensitive_lipase_like
9actn-a0a0q7kh06 Xaa-Pro-like_dom
9actn-a0a0q7pw15 Duf_1023
9actn-a0a0q7q472 Duf_1023
9actn-a0a0q7qc77 Duf_1023
9actn-a0a0q7qlg5 Duf_1023
9actn-a0a0q8di69 Duf_1023
9actn-a0a0q8dir6 Xaa-Pro-like_dom
9actn-a0a0q8e937 Carb_B_Bacteria
9actn-a0a0q8ptf2 Duf_1023
9actn-a0a0q8vd32 Duf_1023
9actn-a0a0q8vf37 Carb_B_Bacteria
9actn-a0a0q8w9x6 Hormone-sensitive_lipase_like
9actn-a0a0q8wc97 Duf_1023
9actn-a0a0q9q762 Duf_1023
9actn-a0a0q9qnk1 Abhydrolase_9

9actn-a0a0q6vje4 Carb_B_Bacteria
krifd-d2psc7 HNLyase_Bact
nocsj-A1SDE1 Cocaine_esterase

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