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Tax_name Report for: Vespoidea

272 Alpha/beta hydrolase fold proteins are known to date in Vespoidea. 140 fragments are known to date
Contains these species Acromyrmex echinatior/ Atta cephalotes/ Atta colombica/ Camponotus floridanus/ Cerapachys biroi/ Cyphomyrmex costatus/ Dolichovespula maculata/ Harpegnathos saltator/ Lasius niger/ Polistes annularis/ Polistes dominula/ Polistes dominulus/ Polistes gallicus/ Polybia paulista/ Polyrhachis vicina/ Solenopsis invicta/ Trachymyrmex cornetzi/ Trachymyrmex septentrionalis/ Trachymyrmex zeteki/ Vespa affinis/ Vespa basalis/ Vespa crabro/ Vespa magnifica/ Vespa tropica/ Vespa velutina/ Vespula germanica/ Vespula maculifrons/ Vespula squamosa/ Vespula vulgaris
9hyme-a0a151i3g2.1 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9hyme-a0a151i3g2.2 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9hyme-a0a151i5m4 ACHE
9hyme-a0a151i958 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9hyme-a0a151icv1 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9hyme-a0a151il12 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9hyme-a0a151im92 Neurotactin
9hyme-a0a151j2q6 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9hyme-a0a151j2q8 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9hyme-a0a151j376 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9hyme-a0a151jam1 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9hyme-a0a151jfa0 ABHD13-BEM46
9hyme-a0a151jue5 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9hyme-a0a151jw79 Neuroligin
9hyme-a0a151jwh3 Neuroligin
9hyme-a0a151k026 ABHD12-PHARC
9hyme-a0a151weq2 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9hyme-a0a151wfy4 Neuroligin
9hyme-a0a151wfz9 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9hyme-a0a151wg00 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9hyme-a0a151wm46 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9hyme-a0a151wm98 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9hyme-a0a151wus2 Neuroligin
9hyme-a0a151wvd4 Neurotactin
9hyme-a0a151wze3 Carb_B_Arthropoda

9hyme-a0a151i3f0 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9hyme-a0a151ikt4 Neuroligin
9hyme-a0a151inj9 ACHE
9hyme-a0a151jru4 Neuroligin
9hyme-a0a151jrz9 Neuroligin
9hyme-a0a151jvt5 Neuroligin
9hyme-a0a151jvz0 Neuroligin
9hyme-a0a151jx55 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9hyme-a0a151k1k2 Neuroligin
9hyme-a0a151wm94 Neuroligin
9hyme-a0a151wuh9 Neuroligin
9hyme-a0a151wul2 Neuroligin
9hyme-a0a151x582 ACHE
9hyme-e1zxw9 Neuroligin
9hyme-e2abl7 ACHE
9hyme-e2adw6 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9hyme-e2adw8 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9hyme-e2ag31 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9hyme-e2ajm0 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9hyme-e2amj3 Neuroligin
9hyme-e2amj4 Neuroligin
9hyme-e2amj5 Neuroligin
9hyme-e2amj7 Neuroligin
9hyme-e2amj8 Neuroligin
9hyme-e2an71 Neuroligin

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