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Torpedo_number Report for: 328

MutationKin.TypeEvaluation systemEffectReference
G328A natOP-resistanceOP-resistanceMagana_2008_Insect.Biochem.Mol.Biol_38_756

MutationKin.TypeEvaluation systemEffectReference
G406A sdmInsecticide sensitivityBoublik_2002_Protein.Eng_15_43
G406A sdmInsecticide sensitivityMenozzi_2004_BMC.Evol.Biol_4_4

MutationKin.TypeEvaluation systemEffectReference
G365A natOP-resistancemutations found in the 49R strain resistant to methomylWalsh_2001_Biochem.J_359_175
G365A natOP-resistanceDanish housefly strain 49r2b Denmark dimethoate 39m2b from Denmark tetrachlorvinphos (594vb, 381zb)Kristensen_2006_Pest.Manag.Sci_62_738
G365A natOP-resistancemutations found in the 49R strain resistant to methomylWalsh_2001_Biochem.J_359_175. G365A corresponds to the noted G445A in the paper Baskurt_2011_J.Vector.Ecol_36_248 . We do not count the signal peptide in order to be in accordance with the mutation numbering of Walsh_2001_Biochem.J_359_175 paper

MutationKin.TypeEvaluation systemEffectReference
G328A natOP-resistanceInsecticide resistanceKhajehali_2010_Pest.Manag.Sci_66_220

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