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Tax_id Report for: 1866885

Name Class
1866885SpeciesMycobacterium brisbanense
Mycobacterium fortuitum
Mycobacterium fortuitum subsp. fortuitum DSM 46621
Mycobacterium neworleansense
Mycobacterium sphagni
Mycobacterium litorale
Mycobacterium celeriflavum
Mycobacterium insubricum
Mycobacterium moriokaense
Mycobacterium parafortuitum
Mycobacterium tusciae
Mycobacterium fallax
Mycobacterium doricum
Mycobacterium agri
Mycobacterium duvalii
Mycobacterium boenickei
Mycobacterium brumae
Mycolicibacterium llatzerense
Mycolicibacterium obuense
Mycolicibacterium goodii
Mycolicibacterium sphagni
Mycolicibacterium porcinum
Mycolicibacterium litorale
Mycolicibacterium bacteremicum
Mycolicibacterium rhodesiae
Mycolicibacterium confluentis
Mycolicibacterium iranicum
Mycolicibacterium sp. (ex Dasyatis americana)
Mycolicibacterium canariasense
Mycolicibacterium celeriflavum
Mycolicibacterium insubricum
Mycolicibacterium fallax
Mycolicibacterium monacense
Mycolicibacterium flavescens
Mycolicibacterium phlei DSM 43239 = CCUG 21000
Mycolicibacterium monacense DSM 44395
Mycolicibacterium thermoresistibile
Mycolicibacterium moriokaense
Mycolicibacterium fortuitum subsp. acetamidolyticum
Mycolicibacterium peregrinum
Mycolicibacterium senegalense
Mycolicibacterium conceptionense
Mycolicibacterium boenickei
Mycolicibacterium setense
Mycolicibacterium neworleansense
Mycolicibacterium rufum
Mycolicibacterium chlorophenolicum
Mycolicibacterium chubuense
Mycolicibacterium novocastrense
Mycolicibacterium mucogenicum
Mycolicibacterium elephantis
Mycolicibacterium wolinskyi
Mycolicibacterium mageritense DSM 44476 = CIP 104973
Mycolicibacterium holsaticum
Mycolicibacterium rutilum
Mycolicibacterium diernhoferi
Mycolicibacterium parafortuitum
Mycolicibacterium tusciae
Mycolicibacterium doricum
Mycolicibacterium agri
Mycolicibacterium duvalii
Mycolicibacterium brumae
Mycolicibacterium phlei
Mycolicibacterium sp. 018/SC-01/001
Mycolicibacterium austroafricanum
Tax_nameMycobacterium fortuitum complex

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