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Mutation Report for: A280T_tetur-ACHE

Name Class
Mode_of_mutationNatural mutant
SummaryOP-resistance;Insecticide resistance;Khajehali_2010_Pest.Manag.Sci_66_220
OP-resistance;Insecticide resistance;Kwon_2010_Pestic.Biochem.Physiol_96_36
OP-resistance;Insecticide resistance, amplified allele;Kwon_2010_Insect.Mol.Biol_19_195
OP-resistance;Insecticide resistance, amplified allele;Kwon_2012_Insect.Biochem.Mol.Biol_42_212
Paper (7)
CommentKhajehali et al. found this modification in all three OP strains but not all clones. This mutation does not seem to be responsible for the modification of the biochemical properties of AChE1. This residue is not conserved among species and both resistant and susceptible strains of T. urticae from Japan have a T at position 280. Kwon et al. present evidences that A280T reduce OP sensitivity of AChE and contribute to resistance. The amino acid substitution was modified accordingly in the database
AChE gene duplication results in the proportional overexpression which is necessary for the reduced catalytic activity caused by mutations

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