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Family Report for: Duf_676

Name Class
Gene_locus (114)
Gene_locus_Frgt (9)
InterproIPR007751 Domain of unknown function DUF676, lipase-like (DUF676_lipase-like)
IPR034315 Putative lipase YDR444W Put_lipase_YDR444W
IPR016445 Lipase Rog1 Rog1_fam
CommentThis family is made up of a group of uncharacterised eukaryotic proteins that are distantly related to the abhydrolase. It contains IPR016445 Rog1 is a yeast monoacylglycerol (MAG) lipase Lipase and the paralogue YDL109c phospholipase Lpl1. PIRSF005412 UCP005412_abhydr. Selvaraju et al. identified a phospholipase B encoded by the LPL1 gene in Saccharomyces cerevisiae which belongs to this family. In animals the protein is very long. Only c-term is Duf_676 In human the protein is called family with sequence similarity 135 member A F135A
PfamPF05057 DUF676
PIRSFPIRSF005412 alpha/beta hydrolase, YDL109c type

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