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News Report for: MAY-08-2019

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MAY-08-2019Paper (3)
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DateMay 08, 2019
Comment A new function for a member of the Carboxylesterase (COesterase) family Byssochlamys spectabilis (Paecilomyces variotii) VdtD) is published by Hu et al.: A fungal dirigent protein controls the stereoselectivity of multicopper oxidase-catalyzed phenol coupling in viriditoxin biosynthesis Structures of WT Lipoprotein Lipase in Complex with GPIHBP1 Mutant N78D N82D are available (6OAU, 6OAZ, 6OB0) and will be published soon by Arora et al. Discovery of 2-phenoxyacetamides as inhibitors of the Wnt-depalmitoleating enzyme NOTUM is published by Atkinson et al. and structures of Notum with inhibitors are available (6R8P, 6R8Q, 6R8R) Crystal structure of the cold-adapted haloalkane dehalogenase DpcA from Psychrobacter cryohalolentis K5 is published by Tratsiak et al. and is available (6F9O)

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