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News Report for: May-13-2015

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May-13-2015Paper (5)
Structure (58)
DateMay 13, 2015
Comment Successful generation of structural information for fragment-based drug discovery including a large number of human soluble epoxide hydrolase in complex with ligands is published by Oster et al. and structures are available (5ALD, 5ALE, 5ALF, 5ALG, 5ALH, 5ALI, 5ALJ, 5ALK, 5ALL, 5ALM, 5ALN, 5ALO, 5ALP, 5ALQ, 5ALR, 5ALS, 5ALT, 5ALU, 5ALV, 5ALW, 5ALX, 5ALY, 5ALZ, 5AM0, 5AM1, 5AM2, 5AM3, 5AM4, 5AM5, 5AKX, 5AKY, 5AKZ, 5AKE, 5AKG, 5AKH, 5AKI, 5AKJ, 5AKK, 5AKL, 5AK3, 5AK4, 5AK5, 5AK6, 5AI4, 5AI5, 5AI6, 5AI8, 5AI9, 5AIA, 5AIB, 5AIC, 5AI0, 5AHX) A paper by Venkatesh et al. shows that neuronal activity promotes glioma growth through Neuroligin-3 secretion. A few structures had been omitted and are now available: human cathepsin A (4MWT, 4MWS, 4CI9) published by Kolli et al. and Schreuder et al. Crystal structure of uncharacterised protein Coch_1243 from Capnocytophaga ochracea DSM 7271 (4W9R) will soon be published by Chang et al. Crystal structure of the N-Formylmaleamic acid deformylase Nfo(S94A) from Pseudomonas putida S16 (4L0C) published by Wu et al. prompted us to create a new family (NFM-deformylase)

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