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Family Report for: PE-PPE

Name Class
Gene_locus (92)
Gene_locus_Frgt (2)
Paper (7)
InterproIPR013228 PE-PPE, C-terminal
IPR000084 PE-PGRS family, N-terminal
CommentThe human pathogen Mycobacterium tuberculosis harbours a large number of genes that encode proteins whose N-termini contain the characteristic motifs Pro-Glu (PE) or Pro-Pro-Glu (PPE). A subgroup of the PE proteins contains polymorphic GC-rich sequences (PGRS), while a subgroup of the PPE proteins contains major polymorphic tandem repeats (MPTR). This domain is found C-terminal to the PE (IPR000084) and PPE (IPR000030) domains. Only a few of these domain are associated with alpha/beta hydrolases. The secondary structure of this domain is predicted to be a mixture of alpha helices and beta strands, and recently demonstrated to be alpha/beta hydrolase: see Sultana et al. This protein domain is close to cutinase. The membrane-associated acyltransferase Chp1 (myctu-Rv3822) accepts a synthetic diacyl sulfolipid and transfers an acyl group regioselectively from one donor substrate molecule to a second acceptor molecule in two successive reactions to yield a tetraacylated product. The rv1184c locus encodes Chp2, an acyltransferase in polyacyltrehalose lipid biosynthesis. In fact this domain is found in many unrelated folds only a few are alpha/beta hydrolases (Sultana 2016)
PfamPF08237 PE-PPE

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