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LongText Report for: Yabu_2005_Int.J.Mol.Med_16_421

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Hepatic lipase (HL) is synthesized in the liver and hydrolyses triglyceride and phospholipids. C-514T polymorphism in HL gene promoter was reported to associate with hepatic lipase activity and plasma lipid levels. We examined whether C-514T polymorphism affects glucose metabolism beyond its effect on plasma lipid levels in nondiabetic Japanese subjects. Gene frequencies of C/C homozygote, C/T heterozygote and T/T homozygote were 18, 51 and 31%, respectively. The allelic frequencies of C and T were 44 and 56%, respectively. T allele frequency was much higher than in Caucasian subjects. Moreover, -514T allele carriers had higher levels of triglyceride (P=0.027), fasting insulin (P=0.016) and HOMA-IR (P=0.033) than non-carriers. In contrast to some former studies, -514T allele affected triglyceride levels and insulin sensitivity. Taken together, HL gene might be one of the important susceptibility genes of type 2 diabetes and the high incidence of type 2 diabetes could be explained by high frequency of -514T allele in the Japanese population. Moreover, since HL and adiponectin showed an additive effect on insulin sensitivity, these genetic variations can be independently associated with insulin sensitivity. 

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