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BACKGROUND: The N-Myc downstream-regulated gene (NDRG) family is comprised of four members (NDRG1-4) involved in various important biological processes. However, there is no systematic evaluation of the prognostic of the NDRG family in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). AIM: To analyze comprehensively the biological role of the NDRG family in HCC. METHODS: The NDRG family expression was explored using The Cancer Genome Atlas. DNA methylation interactive visualization database was used for methylation analysis of the NDRG family. The NDRG family genomic alteration was assessed using the cBioPortal. Single-sample Gene Set Enrichment Analysis was used to determine the degree of immune cell infiltration in tumors. RESULTS: NDRG1 and NDRG3 were up-regulated in HCC, while NDRG2 was down-regulated. Consistent with expression patterns, high expression of NDRG1 and NDRG3 was associated with poor survival outcomes (P < 0.05). High expression of NDRG2 was associated with favorable survival (P < 0.005). An NDRG-based signature that statistically stratified the prognosis of the patients was constructed. The percentage of genetic alterations in the NDRG family varied from 0.3% to 11.0%, and the NDRG1 mutation rate was the highest. NDRG 1-3 expression was associated with various types of inltrated immune cells. Gene ontology analysis revealed that organic acid catabolism was the most important biological process related to the NDRG family. Gene Set Enrichment Analysis showed that metabolic, proliferation, and immune-related gene sets were enriched during NDRG1 and NDRG3 high expression and NDRG2 low expression. CONCLUSION: Overexpression of NDRG1 and NDRG3 and down-expression of NDRG2 are correlated with poor overall HCC prognosis. Our results may provide new insights into the indispensable role of NDRG1, 2, and 3 in the development of HCC and guide a promising new strategy for treating HCC. 

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