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Gene_locus_Frgt Report for: dromu-ACHE

Name Class
dromu-ACHENameDrosophila mulleri acetylcholinesterase (AChE) gene, partial cds
SpeciesDrosophila mulleri
Organismfruit fly
Database (7)
CommentO61554 and O61553correspond to two fragments of dromu-ACHE
O'Grady,P.M. II, Durando,C.M., Heed,W.B., Wasserman,M., Etges,W. and DeSalle,R. Genetic divergence within the Drosophila mayaguana subcluster, a triad of closely related Caribbean species in the repleta species group : a great number of short sequences are identical to dromu-ACHE Drosophila mulleri AY155009 Drosophila straubae AY155005 AY155006 AY155007 AY155008 Drosophila parisiena AY154972 AY154973 AY154974 AY154975 AY154976 AY154977 AY154978 AY154979 AY154980 AY154981 AY154982 AY154983 AY154984 AY154985 AY154986 AY154987 AY154988 AY154989 AY154990 AY154991 AY154992 AY154993 AY154994 AY154995 AY154996 AY154997 AY154998 AY154999 AY155000 AY155001 AY155002 AY155003 Drosophila mayaguana AY154966 AY154967 AY154968 AY154969 AY154970 AY154971

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