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Type_substrate Report for: Alkyl ester

An alkyl group is an alkane missing one hydrogen. The smallest alkyl group is methyl, with the formula CH3. Result from reaction of fatty acids with alcohol. Lipases have preference for long-chain alkyl ester substrates (>10-carbons)
See also this moiety in type of inhibitors: Alkyl ester

SubstrateMain targeted enzyme familiesTypeStructure
ButylacetateACHE | Canar_LipB Acetate | Alkyl ester
DMCPEHaloperoxidase Alkyl ester | Cyclopropane
Dodecylacetate Acetate | Alkyl ester | Dodecanoate
Ethyl-2-ethylacetoacetate Alkyl ester | Oxobutanoate
Ethyl-2-ethylhexanoateCanar_LipB Alkyl ester
Ethyl-2-methylacetoacetate Alkyl ester | Oxobutanoate
Ethyl-2-methylbutyrateCanar_LipB Alkyl ester | Butyrate
Ethyl-3-oxohexanoate Alkyl ester
Ethyl-4-chloro-3-hydroxybutanoateHormone-sensitive_lipase_like Alkyl ester | Butyrate
Ethyl-CarprofenHormone-sensitive_lipase_like Alkyl ester | Carbazol | Drug | Not A/B H target | Pro-Drug | Propionate
Ethyl-FlurbiprofenBacterial_lip_FamI.3 | Canar_LipB | Hormone-sensitive_lipase_like Alkyl ester | Drug | Not A/B H target | Pro-Drug | Propionate
Ethyl-ZaltoprofenBacterial_lip_FamI.3 | Hormone-sensitive_lipase_like Alkyl ester | Drug | Not A/B H target | Pro-Drug | Propionate
Ethyl-acetoacetateLipase_2 | Lipase_3 Alkyl ester | Oxobutanoate
Ethyl-lactatePolyesterase-lipase-cutinase Alkyl ester | Propionate
Ethyl-oleateFungal-Bact_LIP Alkyl ester | Oleate
Ethyl-propionylacetate Alkyl ester
EthylacetateACHE | Carb_B_Chordata | Homoserine_transacetylase_like_est Acetate | Alkyl ester
Ethylbutyrate Alkyl ester | Butyrate
Ethyldecanoate Alkyl ester
Ethyldodecanoate Alkyl ester | Dodecanoate
Ethylmyristate Alkyl ester | Tetradecanoate
Ethyloctanoate Alkyl ester | Octanoate
Ethylpropionate Alkyl ester | Propionate
HexylacetateCarb_B_Arthropoda Acetate | Alkyl ester | Natural | Plant volatile
Lysylphosphatidylglycerol6_AlphaBeta_hydrolase Alkyl ester | Hexanoate | Phosphatidylglycerol
Methyl(S)-3-hydroxybutyrate Alkyl ester | Butyrate
Methyl-3-hydroxypentanoateCanar_LipB Alkyl ester
Methyl-3-oxotetradecanoate Alkyl ester | Tetradecanoate
Methyl-D-lactateHormone-sensitive_lipase_like | LYsophospholipase_carboxylesterase Alkyl ester | Propionate
Methyl-L-lactateHormone-sensitive_lipase_like | LYsophospholipase_carboxylesterase Alkyl ester | Propionate
Methyl-butyrateACHE | Carb_B_Chordata Alkyl ester | Butyrate
Methyl-decanoate Alkyl ester | Decanoate
Methyl-dodecanoate Alkyl ester | Dodecanoate
Methyl-glycolate Alkyl ester
Methyl-hexanoateACHE Alkyl ester | Hexanoate
Methyl-myristate Alkyl ester | Tetradecanoate
Methyl-octanoate Alkyl ester | Octanoate
Methyl-oleate Alkyl ester | Oleate
ORCEHaloperoxidase Alkyl ester
OTCEHaloperoxidase Alkyl ester
OctylacetateCarb_B_Arthropoda Acetate | Alkyl ester | Natural | Plant volatile
Pentadecylacetate Acetate | Alkyl ester
Propyl-butyrate Alkyl ester | Butyrate
Propyl-hexanoate Alkyl ester | Hexanoate
Propyl-propionate Alkyl ester | Propionate
PropylacetatePlant_carboxylesterase Acetate | Alkyl ester | Product-like inhibitor
T-80Canar_LipB Alkyl ester | Detergent
THFCEHaloperoxidase Alkyl ester
THPCEHaloperoxidase Alkyl ester
Vinyl-acetateACHE | Acidic_Lipase | BCHE | Carb_B_Chordata | Carboxylesterase | Cholesterol_esterase | Homoserine_transacetylase_like_est Acetate | Alkyl ester | Vinyl alkyl ester | Water-soluble short chain ester
Vinyl-butyrateAcidic_Lipase | Carb_B_Chordata | Cholesterol_esterase Alkyl ester | Butyrate | Vinyl alkyl ester | Water-soluble short chain ester
Vinyl-laurateCarb_B_Chordata | Cholesterol_esterase Alkyl ester | Dodecanoate | Vinyl alkyl ester
Vinyl-myristate Alkyl ester | Tetradecanoate | Vinyl alkyl ester
Vinyl-palmitate Alkyl ester | Hexadecanoate | Vinyl alkyl ester
Vinyl-propionateAcidic_Lipase | Carb_B_Chordata | Cholesterol_esterase Alkyl ester | Propionate | Vinyl alkyl ester | Water-soluble short chain ester
Vinyl-stearate Alkyl ester | Vinyl alkyl ester

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