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An epoxide is a cyclic ether (R1R2-C-O-R3R4) with a three-atom ring. This ring approximates an equilateral triangle, which makes it strained, and hence highly reactive, more so than other ethers. Epoxides are uncommon in nature. They arise usually via oxygenation of alkenes by the action of cytochrome P450. They are substrates of epoxide hydrolases
See also this moiety in type of inhibitors: Epoxide

SubstrateMain targeted enzyme familiesTypeStructure
1,2-epoxybutaneEpoxide_hydrolase Epoxide
1,2-epoxyoctaneCFTR-inhibitory-factor_Cif | Epoxide_hydrolase Epoxide
1-Cbz-pyrrolidineEpoxide_hydrolase Benzyloxycarbonyl | Carbamate | Epoxide
11,12-EETEpoxide_hydrolase Epoxide | Fatty acid
12(13)-EpOMEEpoxide_hydrolase Epoxide | Fatty acid
12,13-epoxyoctadec-9-enoic-acidEpoxide_hydrolase Epoxide | Fatty acid
14,15-EETCFTR-inhibitory-factor_Cif | Epoxide_hydrolase Epoxide | Fatty acid
14,15-EpETECFTR-inhibitory-factor_Cif Epoxide | Fatty acid
16,17-EDPCFTR-inhibitory-factor_Cif Epoxide | Fatty acid
17,18-EpETECFTR-inhibitory-factor_Cif Epoxide | Fatty acid
CMNGCCFTR-inhibitory-factor_Cif | Epoxide_hydrolase Cyanide | Epoxide | Fluorescent Probe | Naphthalen
Carbamazepine-10,11-epoxideEpoxide_hydrolase Benzazepin | Carboxamide | Epoxide
CeruleninDieckmann_Cyclase Carboxamide | Epoxide
Cerulenin-hemiaminalDieckmann_Cyclase Azabicyclo | Epoxide
Cis-stilbene-oxideCFTR-inhibitory-factor_Cif | Epoxide_hydrolase Epoxide
Coronaric-acidEpoxide_hydrolase Epoxide | Fatty acid
Cyclohexene-oxideCFTR-inhibitory-factor_Cif | Epoxide_hydrolase Epoxide
Cyclopentene-oxideEpoxide_hydrolase Epoxide
DPPOCFTR-inhibitory-factor_Cif | Epoxide_hydrolase Epoxide
EpibromohydrinCFTR-inhibitory-factor_Cif Epoxide
EpichlorohydrinEpoxide_hydrolase Epoxide
EpoxyhexaneEpoxide_hydrolase Epoxide
Epoxyoleic-acidEpoxide_hydrolase Epoxide | Fatty acid
Fluostatin-CCFTR-inhibitory-factor_Cif Epoxide
Glycidyl-phenyl-etherEpoxide_hydrolase Epoxide
Hepoxilin-A3Epoxide_hydrolase Epoxide | Fatty acid | Natural
Hepoxilin-B3Epoxide_hydrolase Epoxide | Fatty acid | Natural
Juvenile-hormone-IIEpoxide_hydrolase Epoxide | Lactone | Natural
Juvenile-hormone-IIIEpoxide_hydrolase | Juvenile_hormone_esterase Epoxide | Lactone | Natural
Limonene-oxideEpoxide_hydrolase Epoxide
Naphthalene-1,2-epoxideEpoxide_hydrolase Epoxide | Naphthalen | Naphtyl ester
PHOMEEpoxide_hydrolase Cyanide | Epoxide | Fluorescent Probe | Naphthalen
S1,2-Epoxy-4-vinylcyclohexaneCFTR-inhibitory-factor_Cif Epoxide
Styrene-oxideCFTR-inhibitory-factor_Cif | Epoxide_hydrolase Epoxide
TFMSOEpoxide_hydrolase Epoxide
TSOEpoxide_hydrolase Epoxide
Trans-8-ethylstyrene-7,8-oxideEpoxide_hydrolase Epoxide
cis-2,3-epoxybutaneEpoxide_hydrolase Epoxide
o-cresyl-glycidyl-etherEpoxide_hydrolase Epoxide
o-nitrostyrene-oxideEpoxide_hydrolase 2-nitrophenyl | Epoxide

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