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Year Report for: 1945

Bodansky_1945_Science_102_517Contributions of medical research in chemical warfare to medicine
Eccles_1945_Nature_156_680Electrical hypothesis of synaptic and neuromuscular transmission
Emmelin_1945_Acta.Physiol.Scand_9_97Some effects of acetylcholine, eserine and prostigmine when injected into the hypothalamus
Forster_1945_Am.J.Physiol_144_168Spread of acetylcholine induced electrical discharge of the cerebral discharge of the cerebral cortex
Glick_1945_Science_102_100The Controversy on Cholinesterases
Mendel_1945_Science_102_616Some Effects of Salts on True Cholinesterase
Nachmansohn_1945_J.Biol.Chem_158_653Studies on cholinesterase. I. On the specificity of the enzyme in nerve tissue
Nachmansohn_1945_J.Biol.Chem_159_239On the effect of drugs on cholinesterase
Nachmansohn_1945_Science_102_359On the Formation of Acetylcholine in the Nerve Axon
Sawyer_1945_J.Neurophysiol_8_135Cholinesterases in sympathetic fibers and ganglia
Sawyer_1945_Science_101_385Hydrolysis of choline esters by liver
Schachter_1945_Am.J.Physiol_143_552The use of cholinesterase in shock
Vincent_1945_C.R.Soc.Biol_139_1148Essai de recherche de la cholinesterase chez quelques bacteries

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