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Year Report for: 1946

Augustinsson_1946_Biochem.J_40_343Studies on the specificity of choline esterase in Helix pomatia
Augustinsson_1946_Nature_157_587Choline esterase and its specificity
Babsky_1946_Nature_158_343Changes in the activity of cholinesterase of nervous tissue under the influence of constant current
Barnard_1946_Science_104_331Iron Concentrations in Cholinesterase Preparations
Barnard_1946_Science_104_449Whole-Blood Cholinesterase Determinations in Some Hematologic Dyscrasias; Low Cholinesterase Values in the Leucoses
Berman_1946_Fed.Proc_5_122On the formation of acetylcholine by choline acetylase in the nerve axon
Bodansky_1946_Fed.Proc_5_123Mechanism of in vitro and in vivo inhibition of cholinesterase activity by diisopropyl fluorophosphate
Bullock_1946_J.Neurophysiol_9_9Effects of inhibitors of choline esterase on the nerve action potential
Comroe_1946_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Therap_87_281The pharmacology of di-isopropyl fluorophosphate (DFP) in man
Coon_1946_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Therap_87_414The acute toxicity of di-isopropyl fluoro-phosphate (quoted by Horton et al)
Couteaux_1946_Science_104_317Effect of Di-Isopropyl Fluorophosphate (DFP) on the Action Potential of Muscle
Crescitelli_1946_Fed.Proc_5_172Nerve conduction in the absence of cholinesterase activity induced by di-isopropyl fluorophosphate
Crescitelli_1946_J.Neurophysiol_9_241Transmission of impulses in peripheral nerves treated with diisopropyl fluorophosphate (DFP)
Everett_1946_Endocrin_39_323Effects of castration and treatment with sex steroids on the synthesis of serum cholinesterase in the rat
Feldberg_1946_J.Physiol_104_42Effect of magnesium ions on the enzymic formation of acetylcholine
Feldberg_1946_J.Physiol_105_8Phosphocreatine and the synthesis of acetylcholine
Hawkins_1946_Biochem.J_40_192Studies on cholinesterase: 5. The selective inhibition of pseudo-cholinesterase in vivo
Heymans_1946_Fed.Proc_5_263Influence of the anticholinesterase (prostigmine), atropine and acetylcholine on the cardio-vascular and respiratory centers
Horton_1946_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Therap_87_414The acute toxicity of diisopropylfluorophosphate
Karassik_1946_Usp.Sovrem.Biol_21_1Pharmacologic characterization of cholinergic and adrenergic structures of the organism (in Russian) cited Zupancic 1967
Kaswin_1946_Compt.Rend.Soc.Biol_140_78L'activite cholinesterasique du sperme de Roussette (Scylliorhinus canicula)
Koelle_1946_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Therap_87_435The chronic toxicity of DFP in dogs, monkeys and rats
Koelle_1946_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Therap_88_323Protection of cholinesterase against irreversible inactivation by DFP in vitro
Koster_1946_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Therap_88_39Synergisms and antagonisme between physostigmine and diisopropyl fluorophosphate in cats
Leopold_1946_Arch.Ophtal_36_17Effect of diisopropyl fluorophosphate(DFP) on the normal eye
Leopold_1946_Arch.Ophthal_36_1Use of diisopropyl-fluorophospliate (DFP) in treatment of glaucoma
Mazur_1946_J.Biol.Chem_164_271An enzyme in animal tissues capable of hydrolyzing the phosphorus-fluorine bond of alkyl fluorophosphates
Nachmansohn_1946_Ann.N.Y.Acad.Sci_47_395Chemical mechanism of nerve action
Nachmansohn_1946_Fed.Proc_5_75On the role of acetylcholine during nerve activity
Nachmansohn_1946_J.Biol.Chem_163_39Studies on cholinesterase; enzyme activity and voltage of the action potential in electric tissue
Nachmansohn_1946_J.Biol.Chem_163_475Studies on choline acetylase; the formation of acetylcholine in the nerve axon
Nachmansohn_1946_J.Biol.Chem_165_223On the energy source of the action potential in the electric organ of Electrophorus electricus
Nachmansohn_1946_J.Biol.Chem_165_551Studies on choline acetylase; on the preparation of the coenzyme and its effect on the enzyme
Nachmansohn_1946_Prog.Neurol.Psychiatry_1_59Chemical aspects of the transmission of nerve impulses
Rasmussen_1946_J.Comp.Neurol_84_141The olivary peduncle and other fiber projections of the superior olivary complexe
Riker_1946_Fed.Proc_5_198The mechanism of action of prostigmine
Riker_1946_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Ther_88_58The direct action of prostigmine on skeletal muscle; its relationship to the choline esters
Rothenberg_1946_Fed.Proc_5_199On the permeability of the nerve axon to diisopropyl fluorophosphate
Sawyer_1946_Am.J.Physiol_146_246Cholinesterases in degenerating and regenerating peripheral nerves
Sawyer_1946_Endocrinology_39_307Effects of various hormonal conditions in the intact rat on the synthesis of serum cholinesterase
Sawyer_1946_Fed.Proc_5_91Cholinesterases in peripheral nerve fibers
Scholz_1946_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Therap_88_238The effect of diisopropyl fluorophosphate on normal human eyes
Wright_1946_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Therap_87_109The inhibition of cholinesterase by aromatic amino alcohols of the type Ar-CHOH-CH2-NR2

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