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Year Report for: 1968

Aharoni_1968_Biochemistry_7_1538The inhibition of acetylcholinesterases by anionic organophosphorus compounds
Akert_1968_Brain.Res_7_286An electron-microscopic study of zinc iodide-osmium impregnation of neurons. I. Staining of synaptic vesicles at cholinergic junctions
Albanus_1968_Acta.Pharmacol.Toxicol.(Copenh)_26_571The fate of atropine in the dog
Albuquerque_1968_Acta.Physiol.Scand_72_248Effects of phospholipase A and lysolecithin on some electrical properties of the muscle membrane
Albuquerque_1968_Acta.Physiol.Scand_72_310The effect of calcium on the skeletal muscle membrane after treatment with phospholipase C
Albuquerque_1968_Acta.Physiol.Scand_73_471A comparative study of membrane properties of innervated and chronically denervated fast and slow skeletal muscles of the rat
Albuquerque_1968_Eur.J.Pharmacol_4_40Studies on the nature of the cholinergic receptor
Albuquerque_1968_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Ther_164_191Patterns of muscle spindle afferent stimulation by alkylammonium compounds
Albuquerque_1968_J.Physiol_195_141Effects of tetrodotoxin on the slowly adapting stretch receptor neurone of lobster
Ambrus_1968_Life.Sci_7_279Role of the pituitary and sex hormones in the synthesis of cholinesterases
Andrews_1968_Science_159_1367Tetraethylammonium chloride as an antidote for certain insecticides in mice
Aquilonius_1968_Acta.Physiol.Scand_73_220Relationship between drug-induced changes in blood pressure and cerebral oxygen availability
Ascher_1968_Adv.Pharmacol_6_365Discussion of stimulation-induced release of serotonin
Ashani_1968_J.Med.Chem_11_967A kinetic study of the reaction between 1,1'-trimethylenebis (4-hydroximinomethylpyridinium) dibromide and diisopropyl phosphorofluoridate
Augustinsson_1968_Biochim.Biophys.Acta_159_197The use of naphthyl esters as substrates in esterase determinations
Bakry_1968_J.Econ.Entomol_61_1303Organothiocyanates as insecticides and carbamate synergists
Ballantyne_1968_Arch.Int.Pharmacodyn_173_343Histochemical and biochemical aspects of cholinesterase activity of adipose tissue
Ballantyne_1968_Experientia_24_329Potentiometric pH stat titration: importance of an inert atmosphere in reaction vessels when using alkali titrant
Barrass_1968_Br.J.Pharmacol_34_345The cholinergic properties of some amino-acid esters and amides
Barron_1968_J.Neurochem_15_273Esterases of developing human brain
Barrowman_1968_Gastroenterology_55_601Specificity of certain methods for the determination of pancreatic lipase
Bartels_1968_Biochem.Pharmacol_17_945Reactions of acetylcholine receptor and esterase studied on the electroplax
Beckett_1968_Biochem.Pharmacol_17_1591The synthesis of some analogues of butyrylcholine and their hydrolyses by a purified horse serum cholinesterase
Beckett_1968_Biochem.Pharmacol_17_1595Inhibition of the pseudo-cholinesterase in horse serum by some choline analogues
Beckett_1968_Biochem.Pharmacol_17_1601The importance of steric and stereochemical features in serum cholinesterase substrates
Belleau_1968_Can.J.Biochem_46_1397A biophysical basis of ligand-induced activation of excitable membranes and associated enzymes. A thermodynamic study using acetylcholinesterase as a model receptor
Belleau_1968_J.Am.Chem.Soc_90_6864The absolute conformation of chymotrypsin-bound substrates. Specific recognition by the enzyme of biphenyl asymmetry in a constrained substrate
Belleau_1968_J.Am.Chem.Soc_90_823N-carboxylic acid esters of 1,2- and 1,4-dihydroquinolines. A new class of irreversible inactivators of the catecholamine alpha receptors and potent central nervous system depressants
Bertels-Meeuws_1968_Br.J.Pharmacol.Chemother_33_368Influence of antimuscarinic substances on in vitro synthesis of acetylcholine by rat cerebral cortex
Birks_1968_Arch.Ophthalmol_79_283Echothiophate iodide treatment of glaucoma in pregnancy
Bockendahl_1968_Hoppe.Seylers.Z.Physiol.Chem_349_21[Studies on acetylcholinesterase. IX. On the kinetics of product inhibition]
Bogusz_1968_Clin.Chim.Acta_19_367Influence of insecticides on the activity of some enzymes contained in human serum
Bolton_1968_J.Physiol_196_273Studies on the longitudinal muscle of the anterior mesentric artery of the domestic fowl
Bolton_1968_J.Physiol_196_283Electrical and mechanical activity of the longitudinal muscle of the anterior mesenteric artery of the domestic fowl
Booth_1968_J.Pharm.Sci_57_172Miotic activity produced by inhibitors of acetylcholinesterase
Boskovic_1968_Biochem.Pharmacol_17_1738Ageing and reactivation of acetylcholinesterase inhibited with soman and its thiocholine-like analog
Bovet_1968_Brain.Res_10_168Memory and consolidation mechanisms in avoidance learning of inbred mice
Bracha_1968_Biochemistry_7_1545Trialkyl phosphate and phosphorothiolate anti-cholinesterases. 1. Amiton analogs
Bracha_1968_Biochemistry_7_1555Trialkyl phosphate and phosphothiolate anti-cholinesterases. II. Effects of chain length on potency
Brestkin_1968_Biokhimiia_33_1059[Kinetics of hydrolysis of the phenyl analog of acetylcholine under the action of cholinesterase from horse serum and acetylcholinesterase from bovine erythrocytes]
Brimblecombe_1968_Int.J.Neuropharmacol_7_15The peripheral and central actions of some anticholinergic substances
Brimblecombe_1968_J.Physiol_194_16PFurther evidence for cholinergic synapses in the mesodiencephalic activating system
Buckley_1968_Br.J.Pharmacol_34_203PDrug-induced neonatal myasthenia
Bull_1968_Comp.Biochem.Physiol_25_639Cholinesterase in boll weevils, Anthonomusgrandis Boheman. 1. Distribution and some properties of the crude enzyme
Butcher_1968_Eur.J.Pharmacol_3_163Effects of apomorphine on free-operant avoidance behavior in the rat
Buznikov_1968_Dokl.Akad.Nauk.SSSR_181_497[The effect of cholinesterase on fertilized eggs of Echinodermata]
Buznikov_1968_J.Embryol.Exp.Morphol_20_119The role of neurohumors in early embryogenesis. II. Acetylcholine and catecholamine content in developing embryos of sea urchin
Cammarata_1968_J.Med.Chem_11_829Molecular orbital methods in the study of cholinesterase inhibitors
Castro_1968_Biochem.Pharmacol_17_295Effects of alkylating agents on human plasma cholinesterase. The role of sulfhydryl groups in its active center
Cavallito_1968_Annu.Rev.Pharmacol_8_39Some relationships between chemical structure and pharmacological activities
Cecconello_1968_Acta.Anaesthesiol.Scand_12_31Hexafluorenium-succinylcholine in general anaesthesia
Chance_1968_Fed.Proc_27_902Interaction of ion movements and local anesthetics in mitochondrial membranes
Changeux_1968_FEBS.Lett_2_77Specific binding of acetylcholine to acetylcholinesterase in the presence of eserine
Cheymol_1968_Arch.Int.Pharmacodyn.Ther_174_393[Neuromuscular paralyzing action of saxitoxin]
Cheymol_1968_Bull.Soc.Pathol.Exot.Filiales_61_673[On various pharmacodynamic and biologic properties of venom of serpents of the genus Bothrops (B. jararaca, B. atrox, B. lanceolatus and B. carribeaus)]
Cheymol_1968_C.R.Acad.Hebd.Seances.Acad.Sci.D_267_373[New quaternary bis-ammonium combinations derived from orthophosphoric acid having curarizing properties]
Cheymol_1968_C.R.Acad.Hebd.Seances.Acad.Sci.D_267_448[New quaternary bis-ammonium combinations derived from orthophosphoris acid, with curarizing properties]
Chiou_1968_Biochem.Pharmacol_17_805Acetylcholinesterase hydrolysIs of halogen substituted acetylcholines
Christenson_1968_Acta.Pharm.Suec_5_23Hydrolysis of bis(4-hydroxyimino-methyl-1-pyriniomethyl) ether dichloride (toxogonin). 1. Decomposition products
Christenson_1968_Acta.Pharm.Suec_5_249Hydrolysis of bis(4-hydroxyiminomethyl-1-pyridiniomethyl)ether dichloride (Toxogonin). II. Kinetics and equilibrium in acidic solution
Christian_1968_J.Pharm.Sci_57_1025Michaelis constants for isolated cholinesterase systems
Clark_1968_Ann.N.Y.Acad.Sci_151_710Properties of plasma cholinesterase variants
Cole_1968_J.Pharm.Pharmacol_20_48Estimation of the stability of dry horse serum cholinesterase by means of an accelerated storage test
Coleman_1968_Can.J.Physiol.Pharmacol_46_109Cholinolytics in the treatment of anticholinesterase poisoning. V. The effectiveness of parpanit with oximes in the treatment of organophosphorus poisoning
Colinese_1968_Chem.Ind_44_1507Phosalone--a wide spectrum organo-phosphorus insecticide
Colomo_1968_Eur.J.Pharmacol_3_272An action of 5-hydroxytryptamine on the frog motor end-plate
Colquhoun_1968_Proc.R.Soc.Lond.B.Biol.Sci_170_135The rate of equilibration in a competitive n drug system and the auto-inhibitory equations of enzyme kinetics: some properties of simple models for passive sensitization
Colvin_1968_Bull.Environ.Contam.Toxicol_3_106Inhibition of electron transport enzymes and cholinesterases by Endrin
Consolo_1968_Acta.Physiol.Scand_74_513Monoamine oxidase in sympathetic ganglia of the cat
Cook_1968_Pflugers.Arch.Gesamte.Physiol.Menschen.Tiere_299_334Vestibular influences on primary afferents in the spinal cord
Cottle_1968_J.Physiol_198_63passimThe histochemical demonstration of acetylcholinesterase in the hypothalamus of the female guinea-pig
Couteaux_1968_C.R.Acad.Sci.III_266_8[Structural characteristics of the sub-neural sarcoplasm]
Darby_1968_Appl.Microbiol_16_900Fungal susceptibility of polyurethanes
Darin_1968_J.Ultrastruct.Res_24_367Fine structure and organization of nerve fibers and giant axons in Homarus americanus
De Groat_1968_J.Physiol_196_563The identification and characteristics of sacral parasympathetic preganglionic neurones
De Groat_1968_J.Physiol_196_579Recurrent inhibition in sacral parasympathetic pathways to the bladder
De Robertis_1968_J.Pharm.Pharmacol_20_146Distribution of acetylcholinesterase, proteolipids and cholinergie receptor in cat brain
Domino_1968_Arch.Int.Pharmacodyn.Ther_176_42Inhibition of acetylcholinesterase in vitro by hemicholinium-3
Domino_1968_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Ther_164_202Cholinergic inhibition of self-stimulation behavior
Domino_1968_Prog.Brain.Res_28_113Role of cholinergic mechanisms in states of wakefulness and sleep
Dorough_1968_Science_159_732Carbon-14 milk constituants from cows fed carbamate labeled with carbon-14 on the carbonyle
Dren_1968_Arch.Int.Pharmacodyn.Ther_175_63Cholinergic and adrenergic activating agents as antagonists of the EEG effects of hemicholinium-3
Dren_1968_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Ther_161_141Effects of hemicholinium (HC-3) on EEG activation and brain acetylcholine in the dog
Dross_1968_Naunyn.Schmiedebergs.Arch.Exp.Pathol.Pharmakol_259_206Effect of cholinesterase inhibitors on the metabolism of acetylcholine in brain
Dross_1968_Naunyn.Schmiedebergs.Arch.Exp.Pathol.Pharmakol_260_107[Concentration of acetylcholine, choline and glycerylphosphorylcholine in the brain during anesthesia and in DFP poisoning]
Dudar_1968_J.Physiol_198_110passimThe effect of topically applied atropine on resting and evoked cortical acetylcholine release
Efron_1968_Agressologie_9_103A new method for measuring minute amounts of chlorpromazine and some of its metabolites in plasma
Eilderton_1968_Can.Anaest.Soc.J_15_291Reduction in plasma cholinesterase levels after prolongea administration of echothiophate iodide eyedrops
Engberg_1968_Acta.Physiol.Scand_72_115The effect of reserpine on transmission in the spinal cord
Engberg_1968_Acta.Physiol.Scand_72_123Is the tonic decerebrate inhibition of reflex paths mediated by monoaminergic pathways?
Engberg_1968_J.Physiol_194_201Reticulospinal inhibition of transmission in reflex pathways
Engberg_1968_J.Physiol_194_225Reticulospinal inhibition of interneurones
Erlanson_1968_Biochim.Biophys.Acta_167_629The identity of vitamin A esterase activity of rat pancreatic juice
Erulkar_1968_J.Histochem.Cytochem_16_128Renshaw elements: localisation and acetylcholinesterase content
Figueroa_1968_South.Med.J_61_808Succinylcholine-hexafluorenium combination for muscular relaxation: a reappraisal
Fishl_1968_Clin.Chem_14_371Rapid detection of organic phosphorus poisons
Flacke_1968_Br.J.Pharmacol.Chemother_33_154Differentiation of acetylcholine and succinylcholine receptors in leech muscle
Galindo_1968_Exp.Brain.Res_5_87Patterns of firing in cuneate neurones and some effects of Flaxedil
Geldmacher_1968_Zeit.klin.Chem.klin.Biochem_6_141Die Verwendung von o Nitrophenylbutyrat als Fehlerquelle bei der Messung der Reaktivierbarkeit alkylphos-phatvergifteter Serumcholinesterase durch 2-PAM.
Giacobini_1968_Ann.Ist.Super.Sanita_4_459Biochemistry and pharmacology of autonomic neurons
Giuditta_1968_Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.U.S.A_59_1284Protein synthesis in the isolated giant axon of the squid
Gjone_1968_Acta.Med.Scand_183_107Familial serum cholesterol ester deficiency. Clinical study of a patient with a new syndrome
Gjone_1968_Scand.J.Clin.Lab.Invest_21_327Familial plasma cholesterol ester deficiency. A study of the erythrocytes
Goedde_1968_Anaesthesist_17_332[Treatment of the genetically determined hypersensitivity to succinylcholine]
Goedde_1968_Ann.N.Y.Acad.Sci_151_540Evidence for different silent genes in the human serum pseudocholinesterase polymorphisme
Goedde_1968_Ann.N.Y.Acad.Sci_151_742Therapy of prolonged apnea after suxamthonium with purified pseudocholinesterase. New data on kinetics of the hydrolysis of succinyldicholine and succinylmonocholine and further data on N-acetyltransferase-polymorphism
Goedde_1968_Mol.Pharmacol_4_274Hydrolysis of succinyldicholine and succinylmonocholine in human serum
Goldman_1968_Biochemistry_7_486Papain-collodion membranes. I. Preparation and properties
Grafius_1968_Arch.Biochem.Biophys_126_707Analysis of the polydispersity of acetylcholinesterase by transport methods in the ultracentrifuge
Grahame_1968_Am.J.Physiol_215_2432-Deoxyglucose and histamine effects on gastric motility and secretion in the dog
Grainger_1968_Arch.Environ.Health_16_821Blood cholinesterase values. Correlation obtained by automated and manual techniques
Grzymala_1968_Rocz.Panstw.Zakl.Hig_19_587[Trial synthesis of 82Br labeled bromophos by means of neutron activation]
Guminska_1968_Pol.Med.J_7_335Activity of some serum enzymes in patients with Hodgkin's disease treated with x-rays
Hagberg_1968_Acta.Paediatr.Scand_57_495Late infantile progressive encephalopathy with disturbed poly-unsaturated fat metabolism
Hamilton_1968_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Ther_160_112Nicotinic and muscarinic activity of benzyltrimethyl-ammonium and its alpha-, beta- and gamma-substituted pyridylmethyltrimethylammonium analogs
Hammar_1968_Nature_220_915Identification of acetylcholine in fresh rat brain by combined gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
Hanin_1968_Proc.West.Pharmacol.Soc_11_144Choline esters in brain--estimation by a new gas chromatographic procedure
Hansens_1968_J.Econ.Entomol_61_833Tests of bromophos for house fly control in New Jersey
Harris_1968_Fed.Proc_27_472Reactivation and Aging of Cholinesterase in Rats Poisoned With Diazinon
Hassan_1968_Biochem.Pharmacol_17_1431Studies on the optically active isomers of 0,0-diethyl malathion and O,O-diethyl malaoxon
Hemsworth_1968_Br.J.Pharmacol_34_543The effect of central stimulant drugs on acetylcholine release from rat cerebral cortex
Herz_1968_Experientia_15_215Effects of fluorinated dinitrobenzenes on erythrocyte membrane acetylcholinesterase
Herz_1968_Nature_217_1258Effects of tannic acid on erythrocvte enzymes
Herz_1968_Proc.Soc.Exp.Biol.Med_127_1240On the effects of tannic acid on erythrocyte membrane acetylcholinesterase
Hogan_1968_J.Fish.Res.Bd.Canada_25_1571Degradation of organophosphates by fish liver phosphatages
Hogan_1968_J.Fish.Res.Bd.Canada_25_615Some enzymatic properties of brain acetylcholinesterase from bluegill and channel catfish
Holmes_1968_Biochim.Biophys.Acta_151_147A comparative study of the multiplicity of mammalian esterases
Holmes_1968_Biochim.Biophys.Acta_159_81The ontogeny of pig and duck esterases
Hopkin_1968_Nature_217_71Prostaglandin content of particulate and superntant fractions of rabbit brain homogenates
Hoskin_1968_J.Neurochem_15_427Metabolism of specifically labelled glucose by explants of newborn mouse cerebellum
Hughes_1968_J.Physiol_197_511A direct synaptic connexion between the left and right giant cells in Aplysia
Huxley_1968_J.Mol.Biol_37_507Structural difference between resting and rigor muscle; evidence from intensity changes in the lowangle equatorial x-ray diagram
Jenden_1968_Anal.Chem_40_125Gas chromatographie microestimation of acetylcholine and related compounds
Jenkinson_1968_J.Physiol_195_743The effect of noradrenaline on the end-plate potential in twitch fibres of the frog
Johansson_1968_Eur.J.Pharmacol_4_347A comparison of the effects of phospholipase C and tetrodotoxin on spike generation in muscle
Juul_1968_Clin.Chim.Acta_19_205Human plasma cholinesterase isoenzymes
Kahana_1968_Pediatrics_42_70Primary familial xanthomatosis with adrenal involvement (Wolman's disease). Report of a further case with nervous system involvement and pathogenetic considerations
Karczmar_1968_Fed.Proc_27_471Cholinesterases of mice strains and genera
Karczmar_1968_Int.J.Neuropharmacol_7_241Possible reactivating and sensitizing action of neuromyally acting agents
Karlin_1968_Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.U.S.A_60_668Reduction and specific alkylation of the receptor for acetylcholine
Karlin_1968_Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci_60_668Reduction and specific alkylation of the receptor for acetylcholine
Kasa_1968_Histochemie_12_175ACHE synthesis in cholinergic neurons, electron histochemistry of enzyme translocation
Kasa_1968_Histochemie_14_161Ultrastructural localization of acetylcholinesterase in the cerebellar cortex with special reference to the intersynaptic organelles
Kasa_1968_Nature_218_1265Acetylcholinesterase transport in the central and peripheral nervous tissue, the role of tubules in the enzyme transport
Kato_1968_Can.Anaesth.Soc.J_15_539Anaesthetic action of magnesium ions
Kato_1968_Mol.Pharmacol_4_640Studies on serum cholinesterase kinetics by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Kato_1968_Proc.Int.Union.Physiol.Sci_7_228Nuclear magnetic relaxation study of the interaction between acetylcholine and horse serum cholinesterase
Katz_1968_Anesthesiology_29_70The effects of hexafluorenium in preventing the increase in intraocular pressure produced by succinylcholine
Katz_1968_J.Physiol_195_481The role of calcium in neuromuscular facilitation
Katz_1968_J.Physiol_197_7PLocalized blockage of nerve impulses at the myoneural junction
Katz_1968_J.Physiol_199_729The effect of local blockage of motor nerve terminals
Kaufman_1968_Science_162_1487Photoregulation of an enzymic process by means of a light-sensitive ligand
Kelly_1968_J.Physiol_196_120PAnionic permeability of cortical neurones during inhibition
Kelly_1968_Nature_219_1380Effects of gamma-aminobutyric acid and glycine on cortical neurons
Kernan_1968_J.Gen.Physiol_51_204Membrane potentiel and chemical transmitter in active transport of ions by rat skeletal muscle
Kitz_1968_Biochem.Pharmacol_17_525The reaction of acetylcholinesterase (ACHE) with some quaternary hydroxy aminophenols
Kitz_1968_Fed.Proc_27_407Effect of flaxedil on inhibition and reactivation of acetylcholinesterase
Kitz_1968_Mol.Pharmacol_4_104Conformational changes of acetylcholinesterase
Klingman_1968_J.Neurochem_15_1121Acetyl- and pseudocholinesterase activities in sympathetie ganglia of rats
Klodos_1968_Acta.Biochim.Pol_15_31Influence of temperature on accumulation of acetylcholinesterase activity at the ends of transected nerves of the frog
Knowles_1968_J.Fish.Res.Bd.Canada_25_1517Electrophoretic separation of fish brain esterases
Koelle_1968_Anesthesiology_29_643Functional anatomy of synaptic transmission.
Kondritzer_1968_J.Pharm.Sci_57_1142Blood plasma levels and elimination of salts of 2-PAM in man after oral administration
Kosersky_1968_Fed.Proc_27_600Preliminary evaluation of a series of nine choline esters
Kramer_1968_Nature_217_184Regional distribution of tritiated acetylcholine in rat brain
Krisch_1968_Zeit.klin.Chem.klin.Biochem_6_41Enzymatische Hydrolyse von Diethyl-p-Nitropiienylphosphat (E 600) durch menschliches Serum
Krnjevic_1968_Electroencephalogr.Clin.Neurophysiol_24_291Possible cortical neurotransmitters as defined by micro-iontophoresis
Kutt_1968_Neurology_18_706Inhibition of diphenylhydantoin metabolism in rats and in rat liver microsomes by antitubercular drugs
La Bella_1968_Can.J.Physiol.Pharmacol_46_335Storage and secretion of neurohypophyseal hormones
La Bella_1968_J.Neurochem_15_335Estimation of cholinesterase and choline acetyl-transferase in bovine anterior pituitary, posterior pituitary, and pineal body
La Motta_1968_Arch.Biochem.Biophys_124_299Multiple forms of serum cholinesterase
Lentz_1968_Comp.Biochem.Physiol_27_715Histochemical localization of acetylcholinesterase activity in a planarian
Leuzinger_1968_Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.U.S.A_59_620Acetylcholinesterase, II. Crystallization, absorption spectra, isoionic point
Liddell_1968_Proc.R.Soc.Med_61_168Pharmacogenetics. Cholinesterase variants and suxamethonium apnoea
Lindsley_1968_Electroencephalogr.Clin.Neurophysiol_24_497EEG correlates of behavior in the cat. I. Pattern discrimination and its alteration by atropine and LSD-25
Liu_1968_Acta.Anat.(Basel)_71_249The development of motor end-plates in the embryonic and regenerative tail of Hemidactylus bowringi (Gray)
Livett_1968_Biochem.Pharmacol_17_385The esterases of guinea pig liver hydrolysing local anaesthetic esters
Llinas_1968_Science_160_1132Dendritic spikes and their inhibition in alligator Purkinje cells
Loiselet_1968_Ann.Biol.Clin.(Paris)_26_659Cholinesterase serique et acetylcholinesterase globulaire dans 89 cas de cancer
Loiselet_1968_Bull.Soc.Chim.Biol.(Paris)_50_219Realisation d'un ph-stat coulometrique a enregistrement numerique
Lundin_1968_FOA.Report_23_1Studies on cholinesterases in fish muscle with special regard to a cholinesterase from plaice (Pleuronectes platessa)
Lundin_1968_Z.Zellforsch.Mikrosk.Anat_85_264The ultrastructural localisation of a cholinesterase in the body muscle of plaice (Pleuronectes platessa)
Luppa_1968_Z.Zellforsch.Mikrosk.Anat_89_499Histochemische Untersuchungen zur Lokalisation von Acetylcholinesterase, Monoaminooxydase and Monoaminen im Kaudalen neurosekretorischen System von Cyprinus carpio
Madill_1968_Can.J.Physiol.Pharmacol_46_559Central and peripheral anticholinergic potency of some drugs antagonistic to anticholinesterase poisoning
Maickel_1968_Intern.J.Neuropharmacol_7_23Diverse central effects of chlorpromazine
Main_1968_Fed.Proc_27_590Kinetic evidence of reversible iso-cholinesterases based on inhibition by organophosphates
Makhlouf_1968_Fed.Proc_27_1322Effects of gastrin and its derivatives in man
Makhlouf_1968_Gastroenterology_54_532Quantitative aspects of synergism and inhibition of gastric acid secretion
Malatesta_1968_Farmaco.Sci_23_757[New re-activators of acetylcholinesterase. I. Quinoliniumphenacylchloride oxime]
Maletta_1968_J.Neurochem_15_787Choline acetyltransferase activity and total protein content in selected optic areas of the rat after complete light-deprivation during CNS development
Marchisio_1968_J.Neurochem_15_759Developmental changes of choline acetyltransferase (ChAc) activity in chick embryo spinal and sympathetic ganglia
Mario_1968_J.Pharm.Sci_57_418Inhibition of acetylcholinesterase by chelates. 3
Markert_1968_Ann.N.Y.Acad.Sci_151_14The molecular basis for isozymes
Mathison_1968_J.Med.Chem_11_181Isoquinolines as cholinesterase inhibitors. I
Mattila_1968_Ann.Med.Exp.Biol.Fenn_46_85Modification by anticholinesterases of the uptake and release of 14C-choline in electrically stimulated guinea-pig ileum
Mayhew_1968_Diabetes_17_308The influence of cholinomimetics upon insulin secretion
McCaman_1968_Life.Sci_7_233Radiometric assay of acetylcholinesterase activity in submicrogram amounts of tissue
McCance_1968_Brit.J.Pharmacol_32_635Acetylcholine-sensitivity of thalamic neurones, its relationship to synaptic transmission
McCance_1968_Exp.Neurol_21_257Physiological and pharmacological studies on the cerebellar projections to the feline thalamus
McCance_1968_Intern.J.Neuropharmacol_7_447Cholinergic mechanisms in the cerebellar cortex
McCollister_1968_Food.Cosmet.Toxicol_6_185Toxicology of 4-tert-butyl-2-chlorophenyl methyl methylphosphoramidate (Ruelene) in laboratory animals
McEwen_1968_J.Cell.Biol_38_494Fast and slow components in axonal transport of protein
Meeter_1968_Eur.J.Pharmacol_2_377The spontaneous recovery of respiration and neuro- muscular transmission in the rat after anticholinesterase poisoning
Mellanby_1968_J.Neurochem_15_205The fixation of tetanus toxin by synaptic membranes
Mendoza_1968_Analyst_93_34Enzymatic detection of ten organophosphorus pesticides and carbaryl on thin-layer chromatograms: an evaluation of indoxyl, substituted indoxyl and 1-naphthyl acetates as substrates of esterases
Menn_1968_Ann.Entomol.Soc.Am_61_1578Possible occurrence of natural cholinesterase inhibitors in the German cockroach, Blattella germanica
Metcalf_1968_Ann.Entomol.Soc.Am_61_618Electrophysiological action of carbamate insecticides in the central nervous system of the American cockroach
Miledi_1968_J.Cell.Sci_3_49Some mitochondrial changes in denervated muscle
Miledi_1968_Proc.R.Soc.Lond.B.Biol.Sci_169_289Electrophysiology and electron-microscopy of rat neuromuscular junctions after nerve degeneration
Miller_1968_J.Insect.Physiol_14_383Site of action of pharmacologically actve compounds on the heart of Periplaneta americana L
Mittag_1968_Fed.Proc_27_472Hydrolytic properties of guinea pig ileum cholinesterase (ChE) in situ in the nanomolar concentration range of acetylcholine (AcCh)
Morello_1968_Can.J.Biochem_46_885Mechanism of detoxication of some organophosphorus compounds: the role of glutathione-dependent demethylation
Morgan_1968_Biochim.Biophys.Acta_167_355The lipolytic enzymes of rat pancreatic juice
Morgan_1968_J.Neurochem_15_41Synaptosomal protein synthesis in a cell-free system
Morrow_1968_J.Lab.Clin.Med_71_350Rapid screening method for the common atypical pseudocholinesterase variant
Motoyama_1968_Bochu-Kagaku_33_77Substrate specificity of cholinesterases in mites
Motulsky_1968_Science_159_202Atypical cholinesterase gene E1a: rarity in Negroes and most Orientals
Mounter_1968_Mol.Pharmacol_4_452The inhibition of acetylcholinesterase by 2-pyridinealdoxime methyl halide
Mrsulja_1968_J.Neurochem_15_1329The effect of physostigmine and neostigmine on the concentration of glycogen in various brain structures of the rat
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