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Year Report for: 1976

Abou-Donia_1976_Biophys.Chem_6_15Kinetics of inhibition of acetylcholinesterase by spin labeled acetylcholine analogs
Ackermann_1976_Arch.Toxicol_36_127Metabolic and toxic behavior of phthalimide derivates. I. Fate of imidan in the fetus
Adams_1976_Pflugers.Arch_361_145Voltage dependence of agonist responses at voltage-clamped frog endplates
Adler_1976_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Ther_196_360An analysis of the action of atropine and scopolamine on the end-plate current of frog sartorius muscle
Agarwal_1976_Hum.Genet_32_85A note on suxamethonium sensitivity and serum cholinesterase variants
Ahlman_1976_Acta.Physiol.Scand_98_366A possible vagal adrenergic release of serotonin from enterochromaffin cells in the cat
Ahmad_1976_Ann.Clin.Biochem_13_141Nonoxidative enzymes in the metabolism of insecticides
Alabaster_1976_Eur.J.Pharmacol_35_349Release of smooth muscle-contracting substances from isolated perfused lungs
Alberts_1976_J.Biol.Chem_251_1543Muscarinic acetylcholine receptor from rat brain. Partial purification and characterization
Albuquerque_1976_Ann.N.Y.Acad.Sci_274_475Effects of normal and myasthenic serum factors on innervated and chronically denervated mammalian muscles
Albuquerque_1976_Exp.Neurol_51_536An electrophysiological and morphological study of the neuromuscular junction in patients with myasthenia gravis
Albuquerque_1976_Mol.Pharmacol_12_82Kinetics of interaction of batrachotoxin and tetrodotoxin on rat diaphragm muscle
Amaducci_1976_Br.J.Pharmacol_56_379PProceedings: Effect of some phospholipids on acetyl-choline output from the cerebral cortex in the rat
Ambrosi_1976_J.Agric.Food.Chem_25_215Leaching of oxadiazon and phosalone in soils
Anand_1976_Anal.Biochem_70_463An automated method for acetylcholinesterase kinetics
Anglister_1976_FEBS.Lett_69_129Detection of hydroxyproline in preparations of acetylcholinesterase from the electric organ of the electric eel
Aquilonius_1976_Acta.Pharmacol.Toxicol.(Copenh)_39_129Cortical and striatal in vivo uptake and metabolism of plasma choline in the rat: effects of haloperidol and apomorphine
Aquilonius_1976_J.Neurochem_27_317Choline acetyltransferase in human cerebrospinal fluid: non-enzymatically and enzymatically catalysed acetylcholine synthesis
Back_1976_Histochem_46_121Observations on the functional cytochemistry of pars intermedia of the rat hypophysis
Bajgar_1976_Acta.Biol.Med.Ger_35_479Anticholinesterase action of 3-diethylaminophenyl-N-methyl-carbamate methiodide in vitro and in vivo
Baker_1976_Biochem.J_154_65The incorporation of radioactive fatty acids and of radioactive derivatives of glucose into the phospholipids of subsynaptosomal fractions of cerebral cortex
Barker_1976_Life.Sci_18_725Modulation of synaptosomal high affinity choline transport
Bartels-Bernal_1976_Mol.Pharmacol_12_813A membrane activation cycle induced by sulfhydryl reagents after affinity labeling of the acetylcholine receptor of electroplax
Bartfai_1976_Biochim.Biophys.Acta_426_186Isolation of a synaptic membrane fraction enriched in cholinergic receptors by controlled phospholipase A2 hydrolysis of synaptic membranes
Bartholini_1976_Neuropharmacol_15_515The use of the push-pull cannula to estimate the dynamics of acetylcholine and catecholamines within various brain areas
Batra_1976_Biochem.Pharmacol_25_2631Mitochondrial calcium release as a mechanism for quinidine contracture in skeletal muscle
Baughman_1976_J.Agric.Food.Chem_24_1036Crystal and molecular structure of organophosphorus insecticides. 4. Bromophos
Belcher_1976_J.Physiol_254_28PProceedings: Strychnine-sensitive Renshaw cell inhibition of group 1A excited inhibitory interneurones
Belcher_1976_J.Physiol_256_651Glycine-mediated inhibitory transmission of group 1A-excited inhibitory interneurones by Renshaw cells
Bender_1976_Ann.N.Y.Acad.Sci_274_20Immunoperoxidase localization of alpha bungarotoxin: a new approach to myasthenia gravis
Benes_1976_Vet.Med_21_237[Antidotal effect of TMB-4(Trimedoxime) compos. Spofa in sheep intoxicated with O-ethyl S-(2-dimethylaminoethyl) methyl phosphonothioate]. [Czech]
Benes_1976_Vet.Med_21_343[Therapy of organophosphate poisoning in animals]
Benes_1976_Vet.Med_21_737[Treatment with antidotes in sheep perorally intoxicated]
Benesova_1976_Experientia_32_1446Cholinesterase reactivators - contribution to the study of their metabolic effects
Bennett_1976_J.Physiol_257_597The effect of calcium ions on the binomial statistic parameters that control acetylcholine release at preganglionic nerve terminals
Bevan_1976_Nature_260_438Reduced muscle acetylcholine sensitivity in rats immunised with acetylcholine receptor
Biczowa_1976_Neuropatol.Pol_14_381Effect of a thiophosphoric insecticide--fenchlorphos on the glycogen level, glycolysis and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity in rat brain
Birdsall_1976_Br.J.Pharmacol_58_460PInteractions of peptides derived from the C-fragment of beta-lipotropin with brain opiate receptors [proceedings]
Birdsall_1976_J.Neurochem_27_7Biochemical studies on muscarinic acetylcholine receptors
Birdsall_1976_J.Supramol.Struct_4_367Binding of agonists and antagonists to muscarinic receptors
Birdsall_1976_Nature_260_793C fragment of lipotropin has a high affinity for brain opiate receptors
Biswas_1976_Adv.Prostaglandin.Thromboxane.Res_1_381Effect ofprostaglandins E1 and E2 on hypothalamoneurohypophyseal-- Neurosecretory systems of rats: a histochemical study
Blair_1976_Arch.Toxicol_35_281Dichlorvos -- a 2-year inhalation carcinogenesis study in rats
Bleasdale_1976_Biochem.J_158_557Phospholipid turnover in Torpedo marmorata electric organ during discharge in vivo
Bolton_1976_Proc.R.Soc.Lond.B.Biol.Sci_194_99On the latency and form of the membrane responses of smooth muscle to the iontophoretic application of acetylcholine or carbachol
Bon_1976_Eur.J.Biochem_68_523Molecular forms of Electrophorus acetylcholinesterase. Molecular weight and composition
Bon_1976_FEBS.Lett_67_99An active monomeric form of Electrophorus electricus acetylcholinesterase
Bon_1976_FEBS.Lett_71_273Molecular forms of Electrophorus acetylcholinesterase the catalytic subunits: fragmentation, intra- and inter-subunit disulfide bonds
Borgstrom_1976_Biochim.Biophys.Acta_450_352On the binding of bile salt to pancreatic lipase
Borgstrom_1976_J.Lipid.Res_17_491Interactions of pancreatic lipase with bile salts and dodecyl sulfate
Boskovic_1976_Arh.Hig.Rada.Toksikol_27_289Effect of mono- and bis-quaternary pyridinium oximes on the acute toxicity and on the serumcholinesterase inhibitory activity of dioxacarb, carbaryl and carbofuran
Bowden_1976_Handb.Exp.Pharmacol_42_23The Anatomy and Pathology of the Neuromuscular Junction
Bradley_1976_Am.J.Vet.Res_37_1219Evaluation of the efficacy of fospirate-treated collars against the brown dog tick
Brankov_1976_Arh.Hig.Rada.Toksikol_27_123[Efficiency of reactivators and spasmolytics after Amitone poisoning in vitro]. [Serbo-Croatian (Roman)]
Brestkin_1976_Dokl.Akad.Nauk.SSSR_229_207[Specificity of cholinesterase thiosubstrates]
Brezenoff_1976_Eur.J.Pharmacol_37_125Prevention and reversal of tolerance to barbiturates by intraventricular injection of hemicholinium-3
Brockes_1976_Cold.Spring.Harb.Symp.Quant.Biol_40_253The biochemical properties and regulation of acetylcholine receptors in normal and denervated muscle
Bromilow_1976_Analyst_101_982Determination of residues of oxamyl in crops and soils by gas - liquid chromatography
Brown_1976_Am.J.Physiol_231_781Cat heart acetylcholine: structural proof and distribution
Brown_1976_Experientia_32_1540Synaptosomal adenosine triphosphatase (ATPase) inhibition by organophosphates
Brunelli_1976_Science_194_1178Synaptic facilitation and behavioral sensitization in Aplysia: possible role of serotonin and cyclic AMP
Brzin_1976_Anal.Biochem_70_526The magnetic diver differential microgasometer
Brzin_1976_Histochem_48_283Iodide, thiocyanate and cyanide ions as capturing reagents in one-step copper-thiocholine method for cytochemical localization of cholinesterase activity
Burton_1976_Adv.Exp.Med.Biol_71_123Gangliosides and proteins of brain synaptic components
Butcher_1976_Brain.Res_106_223Postnatal development of acetylcholinesterase in the caudate-putamen nucleus and substantia nigra of rats
Butcher_1976_J.Microw.Power_11_61Fast fixation of brain in situ by high intensity microwave irradiation: application to neurochemical studies
Butcher_1976_Life.Sci_18_733Modulation of neostriatal acetylcholine in the rat by dopamine and 5-hydroxytryptamine afferents
Butcher_1976_Life.Sci_19_1079Brain temperature and enzyme histochemistry after high intensity microwave irradiation
Butcher_1976_Proc.West.Pharmacol.Soc_19_102Do axons of nigro-neostriatal dopamine neurons contain acetylcholinesterase?
Buxton_1976_Psychopharmacology.(Berl)_47_97Brain acetylcholine concentration and acetylcholinesterase activity in selectively-bred strains of rats
Buznikov_1976_Zh.Evol.Biokhim.Fiziol_12_31[Supersensitivity of sea urchin embryos to acetylcholine and monoamine antagonists]
Canessa_1976_J.Neurochem_27_1575Muscarinic receptors and the ACh stimulated phosphatidylinositol effect in the CNS
Caratsch_1976_Naunyn.Schmiedebergs.Arch.Pharmacol_294_61Effect of p-nitrophenyl diazonium fluoroborate on cholinergic mechanisms
Carew_1976_Science_192_150Two functional effects of decreased conductance EPSP's: synaptic augmentation and increased electrotonic coupling
Carlen_1976_Brain.Res_117_257The thiol-oxidizing agent diamide increases transmitter release by decreasing calcium requirements for neuromuscular transmission in the frog
Carlen_1976_Brain.Res_117_277Diamide acts intracellularly to enhance transmitter release: the differential permeation of diamide, DIP, DIP+1 and DIP+2 across the nerve terminal membrane
Carpenter_1976_Mol.Pharmacol_12_999Effects of eserine and neostigmine on the interaction of alpha-bungarotoxin with Aplysia acetylcholine receptors
Carrier_1976_Arch.Int.Pharmacodyn.Ther_223_223The influence of extracellular calcium on muscarinic receptors in vascular smooth muscle
Castellucci_1976_Science_194_1176Presynaptic facilitation as a mechanism for behavioral sensitization in Aplysia
Cauna_1976_Prog.Brain.Res_43_35Morphological basis of sensation in hairy skin
Chang_1976_Eur.J.Pharmacol_36_199An analysis of the mode of action of carbachol on the chick biventer cervicis nerve--muscle preparation
Chang_1976_Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.U.S.A_73_3364Dynamic properties of isolated acetylcholine receptor proteins: release of calcium ions caused by acetylcholine binding
Cheney_1976_J.Pharm.Pharmacol_28_75Differences in the action of various drugs on striatal acetylcholine and choline content in rats killed by decapitation of microwave radiation
Chiappinelli_1976_J.Physiol_257_749Induction of cholinergic enzymes in chick ciliary ganglion and iris muscle cells during synapse formation
Chiba_1976_Arch.Int.Physiol.Biochim_84_81Chronotropic responses to experimental ischemia of the canine sino auricular node
Chiou_1976_Neuropharmacol_15_689Histamine mediation of nicotine effects on postganglionic sympathetic neuroeffector junctions
Chothia_1976_J.Mol.Biol_105_517Conformation of acetylcholine at muscarinic nerve receptors: crystal and molecular structure of 2-trimethylammoniummethyl-5-methyl furan iodide (5-methylfurmethide iodide)
Clark_1976_Br.J.Pharmacol_58_323The inhibitory effect of gallamine on muscarinic receptors
Coke_1976_J.Org.Chem_41_3516Synthesis of optically active delta-n-hexadecalactone, the proposed pheromone from Vespa orientalis
Collier_1976_Mol.Pharmacol_12_340The release of acetylated choline analogues by a sympathetic ganglion
Colquhoun_1976_Br.J.Pharmacol_58_428PAnalysis of end-plate current fluctuations produced by acetylcholine and acetylmonoethylcholine in rat muscle [proceedings]
Colquhoun_1976_Mol.Pharmacol_12_519Effects of inhibitors of the binding of iodinated alpha-bungarotoxin to acetylcholine receptors in rat muscle
Consolo_1976_Neuropharmacol_15_653Effect of carbamazepine on cholinergic parameters in rat brain areas
Contestabile_1976_Histochem.J_8_513Histochemical characterization of cholinesterase activity in the frog brain with special reference to its localization on the wall of blood vessels
Cortner_1976_Pediatr.Res_10_927Genetic variation of lysosomal acid lipase
Coult_1976_Biochem.J_155_717Inhibition of acetylcholinesterase by derivatives of 1,3,2-dioxaphosphorinane 2-oxide
Coyle_1976_Brain.Res_118_429Neurochemical aspects of the ontogenesis of cholinergic neurons in the rat brain
Cull-Candy_1976_J.Physiol_260_177Effects of botulinum toxin on neuromuscular transmission in the rat
Cull-Candy_1976_Neurosci_1_175The effects of taipoxin and notexin on the function and fine structure of the murine neuromuscular junction
Currier_1976_Biochem.Biophys.Res.Commun_69_431Evidence for a thiol reagent inhibiting choline acetyltransferase by reacting with the thiol group of coenzyme A forming a potent ingibitor
Dafforn_1976_Biochem.Biophys.Res.Commun_73_323A ketopentyl transition state analog for acetylcholinesterase
Das_1976_Biochem.Soc.Trans_4_723Apparent alterations of erythrocyte acetylcholinesterase and other membrane proteins in Duchenne muscular dystrophy: a further example of a generalized membrane defect associated with hereditary muscular dystrophy
Daughton_1976_J.Agric.Food.Chem_24_236Analysis of phosphorus-containing hydrolytic products of organophosphorus insecticides in water
Dawson_1976_Biochim.Biophys.Acta_452_413Inactivation of acetylcholinesterase by propanol and sodium dodecyl sulphate
De Robertis_1976_Nature_259_605Letter: Similarities between cholinergic proteolipid and detergent-extracted cholinergic proteins
De Robertis_1976_Zh.Evol.Biokhim.Fiziol_12_213[Isolation and reconstruction of cholinergic receptor proteins]
Deshpande_1976_Exp.Neurol_53_151Neurotrophic regulation of prejunctional and postjunctional membrane at the mammalian motor endplate
Dieterich_1976_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Ther_199_236The effects of physostigmine on cholinesterase activity, storage and release of acetylcholine in the isolated chicken heart
Dolling_1976_J.Endocrinol_71_179Congenital goitre in sheep: isolation of the iodoproteins which replace thyroglobulin
Domino_1976_Arch.Int.Pharmacodyn.Ther_224_248Effects of scopolamine and methscopolamine on acquisition and retention of rat one-way shuttle box behavior and total brain acetylcholine
Domino_1976_Life.Sci_18_361Mixed depressant and stimulant actions of morphine and their relationship to brain acetylcholine
Donner_1976_Anal.Biochem_75_454Equilibrium dialysis of the membrane-bound acetylcholine receptor: a simple method to avoid common errors
Dowdall_1976_Cold.Spring.Harb.Symp.Quant.Biol_40_65Recent studies on the comparative biochemistry of the cholinergic neuron
Dripps_1976_Handb.Exp.Pharmacol_42_583The Clinician Looks at Neuromuscular Blocking Drugs
Dudai_1976_Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.U.S.A_73_1684dunce, a mutant of Drosophila deficient in learning
Dun_1976_Neuropharmacol_15_211Alteration in nicotinic and muscarinic responses of rabbit superior cervical ganglion cells after chronic preganglionic denervation
Dun_1976_Neuropharmacol_15_219Electrical properties of the membrane of denervated mammalian sympathetic ganglion cells
Dunant_1976_J.Neurochem_27_975Loss of vesicular acetycholine in the Torpedo electric organ on discharge against high external resistance
Dziegielewska_1976_Acta.Physiol.Scand_96_486Effects of colchicine and vinblastine on axonal transport of choline acetyltransferase in rat sciatic nerve
Dziegielewska_1976_J.Physiol_263_200PEffect of axotomy on rapid axonal transport of phospholipids in peripheral nerve of the rat [proceedings]
Eckhert_1976_Brain.Res_101_372The effect of protein-energy undernutrition induced during the period of suckling on cholinergic enzyme activity in the rat brain stem
Enderby_1976_Handb.Exp.Pharmacol_42_661Twenty Years Experience with Decamethonium
Engel_1976_Ann.N.Y.Acad.Sci_274_60The motor end plate in myasthenia gravis and in experimental autoimmune myasthenia gravis. A quantitative ultrastructural study
Engel_1976_J.Neuropathol.Exp.Neurol_35_569Experimental autoimmune myasthenia gravis: a sequential and quantitative study of the neuromuscular junction ultrastructure and electrophysiologic correlations
Enna_1976_N.Engl.J.Med_294_1305Huntington's chorea. Changes in neurotransmitter receptors in the brain
Fairman_1976_Brain.Res_102_301Developmental variations of tyrosine hydroxylase and acetylcholinesterase in embryonic and post-hatching chicken sympathetic ganglia
Feldberg_1976_J.Physiol_263_89PThe chemical transmitter at synapses in a sympathetic ganglion [proceedings]
Ferdandez_1976_Nature_262_55Role of axoplasmic transport in neurotrophic regulation of muscle end plate acetylcholinesterase
Fidone_1976_J.Neurochem_26_1047Acetylcholine content of normal and denervated cat carotid bodies measured by pyrolysis gas chromatography/mass fragmentometry
File_1976_Dev.Psychobiol_9_97Acquisition and retention of habituation in the preweanling rat
File_1976_Pharmacol.Biochem.Behav_4_695Are central cholinergic paths involved in habituation of exploration and distraction?
Fischbach_1976_Cold.Spring.Harb.Symp.Quant.Biol_40_347Enrichment of nerve--muscle synapses in spinal cord--muscle cultures and identification of relative peaks of ACh sensitivity at sites of transmitter release
Fisher_1976_Eur.J.Pharmacol_38_131A study of muscarinic receptor heterogeneity with weak antagonists
Flanagan_1976_J.Biol.Chem_251_858Affinity partitioning of membranes. Cholinergic receptor-containing membranes from Torpedo californica
Fohlman_1976_Eur.J.Biochem_68_457Taipoxin, an extremely potent presynaptic neurotoxin from the venom of the australian snake taipan (Oxyuranus s. scutellatus). Isolation, characterization, quaternary structure and pharmacological properties
Fotherby_1976_Brain.Res_113_210Is Lioresal (Baclofen) an antagonist of substance P?
Friedman_1976_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Ther_196_339Effect of tetrahydrocannabinols on 3H-acetylcholine biosynthesis in various rat brain slices
Frontali_1976_J.Cell.Biol_68_462Purification from black widow spider venom of a protein factor causing the depletion of synaptic vesicles at neuromuscular junctions
Fuder_1976_Naunyn.Schmiedebergs.Arch.Pharmacol_293_225The effects of methacholine and calcium deprivation on the release of the false transmitter, alpha-methyladrenaline, from the isolated rabbit heart
Fuenmayor_1976_Neurosci_1_197Presence of serotonin in the rat vas deferens: its influence on contractile responses
Fumagalli_1976_J.Neurochem_27_47Acetylcholine receptors: number and distribution in intact and deafferented superior cervical ganglion of the rat
Fusek_1976_Acta.Biol.Med.Ger_35_657The effects of some cholinesterase reactivators on contractility of the isolated guinea-pig heart atria
Gabriel_1976_Nervenarzt_47_46[The extrapyramidal symptoms in the combination of lithium long-term lithium therapy with nortriptyline. A case report on the formation of a pathogenesis hypothesis]
Gak_1976_Lab.Anim.Sci_26_274Use of the golden hamster in toxicology
Gallo_1976_Toxicol.Appl.Pharmacol_36_561Chronic toxicologic investigations of phosalone in the dog and rat
Ganendran_1976_Southeast.Asian.J.Trop.Med.Public.Health_7_417Reactivation studies on organophosphate inhibited human cholinesterases by pralidoxime (P-2-AM)
Ganendran_1976_Southeast.Asian.J.Trop.Med.Public.Health_7_543Pralidoxime as an insignificant reactivator in severe anticholinesterase (organophosphate insecticide) poisoning
Garattini_1976_Eur.J.Pharmacol_35_199Effect of nomifensine on acetylcholine and choline in the rat striatum and brainstem
Garg_1976_Proc.Soc.Exp.Biol.Med_153_247Binding sites of bromoacetylcholine in the rat diaphragm
Garry_1976_J.Med.Genet_13_38New allele at cholinesterase locus 1
Gassel_1976_J.Clin.Pharmacol_16_34Controlled clinical trial of oral and parenteral nefopam hydrochloride. A novel and potent analgesic drug
Gautron_1976_C.R.Seances.Acad.Sci.D_283_1505[Effect of section of the preganglionic nerve on localization of acetylcholinesterase in the superior cervical ganglia]. [French]
Gentinetta_1976_Biochim.Biophys.Acta_438_437Differences in subunit activities in acetylcholinesterase as possible cause for apparent deviation from normal Michaelis-Menten kinetics
Gerolt_1976_Pest.Sci_7_604The mode of action of insecticides: Accelerated water loss and reduced respiration in insecticide-treated Musca domestica L.
Gibson_1976_J.Biol.Chem_251_4127A relation between (NAD+)/(NADH) potentials and glucose utilization in rat brain slices
Gibson_1976_J.Neurochem_26_1073Inhibition of acetylcholine synthesis and of carbohydrate utilization by maple-syrup-urine disease metabolites
Gibson_1976_J.Neurochem_27_37Impaired synthesis of acetylcholine in brain accompanying mild hypoxia and hypoglycemia
Gifkins_1976_J.Agric.Food.Chem_24_232Crystal and molecular structure of organophosphorus insecticides. II. Coroxon
Ginsborg_1976_Handb.Exp.Pharmacol_42_229Transmission of Impulses from Nerve to Muscle
Gispen_1976_Nature_264_794Induction of excessive grooming in the rat by fragments of lipotropin
Glick_1976_Brain.Res_118_500Haloperidol-induced decrease in striatal acetylcholine content in rats killed by either decapitation or microwave radiation
Goedde_1976_Prakt.Anaesth_11_339[Succinyldicholin sensitivity resulting from genetically determined serumcholinesterase variants]
Goitein_1976_Anal.Biochem_75_660A rapid assay for ribokinase
Goodson_1976_Methods.Enzymol_44_647Monitoring of air and water for enzyme inhibitors
Gopal_1976_Am.J.Vet.Res_37_1143Influence of dietary protein on the effect of coumaphos and triflupromazine interaction in sheep
Gordon_1976_Biochem.J_157_69Active-site determinations on forms of mammalian brain and eel acetylcholinesterase
Gothe_1976_Zentralbl.Veterinarmed.[B]_23_243[The ixodicidal activity of clenpyrin, chlordimeform and chlormethiuron against OP-resistant Boophilus microplus strains]
Gray_1976_Br.J.Pharmacol_56_485Stereoselective binding in cardiac tissue of the enatiomers of benzetimide, and antimuscarinic drug
Green_1976_Eur.J.Pharmacol_39_91Acute effects of morphine on regional brain levels of acetylcholine in mice and rats
Grubic_1976_Anal.Biochem_74_354A radiometric method for the determination of choline acetylase activity based on thin-layer chromatography
Gruener_1976_J.Neurobiol_7_513Muscle insensitivity to tetrodotoxin: induction by alpha-bungarotoxin and removal by submechanical threshold stimulation
Gurd_1976_J.Neurochem_27_1257Fractionation of rat brain acetylcholinesterase by lectin affinity chromatography
Gusel_1976_Zh.Nevropatol.Psikhiatr_76_604[Function of cholinergic systems and epilepsy]
Haarstad_1976_J.Med.Chem_19_760Synthesis and structure-toxicity relationships of three new stable analogues of acetyl-seco-hemicholinium-3
Hagedorn_1976_Arzneimittelforschung_26_1273[Synthesis and Quaternation of Pyridine-aldoxim Alkylethers (author's transl)]
Hagedorn_1976_Arzneimittelforschung_26_1515[Reactivation of phosphorylated acetylcholinesterase (AChE): quaternary salts of vinylogous pyridinaldoxims (author's transl)]. [German]
Hagedorn_1976_Arzneimittelforschung_26_753[Betaines of quaternary salts of pyridine-2-and -4-aldoxim (author's transl)]
Hall_1976_Genetics_83_517Genetics of acetylcholinesterase in Drosophila melanogaster
Hamilton_1976_Pest.Sci_7_175Poisoning of wild geese by carbophenothion-treated winter wheat
Hanson_1976_J.Pediatr_89_662Risks to the offspring of women treated with hydantoin anticonvulsants, with emphasis on the fetal hydantoin syndrome
Harned_1976_J.Agric.Food.Chem_24_689Dioxathion metabolites, photoproducts, and oxidative degradation products
Hartzell_1976_Cold.Spring.Harb.Symp.Quant.Biol_40_175The number of acetylcholine molecules in a quantum and the interaction between quanta at the subsynaptic membrane of the skeletal neuromuscular synapse
Harvey_1976_J.Pharm.Pharmacol_28_617Actions of the muscle relaxant chandonium iodide on guinea-pig ileum and vas deferens preparations
Haselgrove_1976_Nature_261_606Cross-bridge movement during muscle contraction
Hatt_1976_J.Physiol_259_367Synaptic depression related to presynaptic axon conduction block
Hatt_1976_J.Physiol_259_395Non-uniform probabilities of quantal release at the crayfish neuromuscular junction
Haubrich_1976_Biochem.Pharmacol_25_669Inhibition of acetylcholine synthesis by juglone and 4-(1-naphthylvinyl) pyridine
Haubrich_1976_J.Neurochem_27_1305Choline and acetylcholine in rats: effect of dietary choline
Hecker_1976_J.Pharm.Pharmacol_28_441The effect of cholinesterase inhibitors on the antimuscarinic effect of hemicholinium-3 (HC-3) in the rat
Hedqvist_1976_Eur.J.Pharmacol_40_153Inhibition by alpha- and beta-adrenoceptors of the twitch response to transmural stimulation in the guinea-pig vas deferens
Heilbronn_1976_Ann.N.Y.Acad.Sci_274_337Experimental myasthenia in rabbits: biochemical, immunological, electrophysiological, and morphological aspects
Heilbronn_1976_Nature_262_509Bacteria necessary to produce experimental autoimmune myasthenia gravis in acetylcholine receptor-immunised rabbits?
Heiwall_1976_Acta.Physiol.Scand_96_478The effect of local application of vinblastine or cholchinine on acetylcholine accumulation in rat sciatic nerve
Heiwall_1976_Acta.Physiol.Scand_97_304The effect of nicotine on intra-axonal transport in cholinergic motor neurons of the rat; influence of acutely administered, non-toxic doses
Hess_1976_Biochem.Biophys.Res.Commun_69_830Apparent cooperative effects in acetylcholine receptor-mediated ion flux electroplax membrane preparations
Hingtgen_1976_Science_193_332Cholinergic changes during conditioned suppression in rats
Hinman_1976_Neuropharmacol_15_427Effects of (+)-tubocurarine on neuromuscular facilitation and depression in rat diaphragm
Hirschowitz_1976_Am.J.Physiol_230_105Changed cholinergic receptor characteristics after vagotomy in gastric fistula dogs
Hobbiger_1976_Handb.Exp.Pharmacol_42_487Pharmacology of Anticholinesterase Drugs
Hochner_1976_Brain.Res_107_85Penicillin decreases chloride conductance in crustacean muscle: a model for the epileptic neuron
Holt_1976_J.Agric.Food.Chem_24_263Determination of oxamyl residues using flame photometric gas chromatography
Hoskin_1976_J.Neurochem_26_1043Distribution of diisopropylphosphorofluoridate-hydrolyzing enzyme between sheath and axoplasm of squid giant axon
Huet_1976_J.Embryol.Exp.Morphol_35_303[Adult leg development of Tenebrio molitor: I. Experimental analysis of the restoration process during morphogenesis (author's transl)]
Israel_1976_Biochem.J_160_113Isolation of pure cholinergic nerve endings from the electric organ of Torpedo marmorata
Ito_1976_Proc.R.Soc.Lond.B.Biol.Sci_192_475Acetylcholine in human muscle
Iverius_1976_J.Biol.Chem_251_7791Lipoprotein lipase from bovine milk. Isolation procedure, chemical characterization, and molecular weight analysis
Iverson_1976_Can.J.Biochem_54_918Binding constants for tetramethylammonium ion determined with irreversible inhibitors of acetylcholinesterase
Ivonin_1976_Zh.Vyssh.Nerv.Deiat_26_1214[Effect of conditioned reflex defense training on the level of cholinesterase activity and weight of the rat brain]
Izquierdo_1976_Psychopharmacology.(Berl)_49_145Three main factors in rat shuttle behavior: their pharmacology and sequential entry in operation during a two-way avoidance session
Jafferji_1976_Biochem.J_154_653Muscarinic cholinergic stimulation of phosphatidylinositol turnover in the longitudinal smooth muscle of guinea-pig ileum
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