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Year Report for: 1980

Abbasov_1980_Veterinariia_1_62[Embryotoxic action of phthalophos]
Abdul-Ghani_1980_Biochem.Pharmacol_29_2179In vivo release of acetylcholine evoked by brachial plexus stimulation and tityustoxin
Abou-Donia_1980_Toxicol.Appl.Pharmacol_53_150Delayed neurotoxicity of leptophos and related compounds: differential effects of subchronic oral administration of pure, technical grade and degradation products on the hen
Abou-Donia_1980_Toxicol.Appl.Pharmacol_53_439Late acute, delayed neurotoxic and cholinergic effects of S,S,S- tributyl phosphorotrithioite (Merphos) in hens
Adam-Vizi_1980_Pharmacology_20_268Acetylcholine-releasing effect of primycin, a highly active antibiotic
Adlkofer_1980_N.Engl.J.Med_303_392Small-airways dysfunction in passive smokers
Aguilar_1980_Eur.J.Pharmacol_63_251Protection by atropine of the inhibition caused by Triton X-100 on central muscarinic receptors
Aguilar_1980_Eur.J.Pharmacol_68_317Inhibition by local anesthetics, phentolamine and propranolol of [3H]quinuclydinyl benzylate binding to central muscarinic receptors
Akasu_1980_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Ther_213_586Effects of 1-methyl-3-isobutyl xanthine (MIX) on amphibian neuromyal transmission
Akasu_1980_Neuropharmacol_19_393Effects of anticholinesterases and of sodium fluoride on neuromyal desensitization
Aktories_1980_FEBS.Lett_115_11Nicotinic acid inhibits adipocyte adenylate cyclase in a hormone--like manner
Albanese_1980_Brain.Res.Bull_5_127Acetylcholinesterase and catecholamine distribution in the locus ceruleus of the rat
Albuquerque_1980_Ann.N.Y.Acad.Sci_358_204Mechanism of nicotinic channel activation and blockade
Albuquerque_1980_Mol.Pharmacol_18_167Sites of action of phencyclidine. II. Interaction with the ionic channel of the nicotinic receptor
Albuquerque_1980_Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.U.S.A_77_1224Phencyclidine interactions with the ionic channel of the acetylcholine receptor and electrogenic membrane
Albuquerque_1980_Prog.Clin.Biol.Res_39_41Spinal cord regeneration and paraplegia
Allahyari_1980_J.Agric.Food.Chem_28_594Resolution, absolute configuration, and acute and delayed neurotoxicity of the chiral isomers of O-aryl O-methyl phenylphosphonothioate analogues related to leptophos
Amitai_1980_Biochem.Pharmacol_29_483The interaction of bis-pyridinium oximes with mouse brain muscarinic receptor
Amitai_1980_Monogr.Neural.Sci_7_70Fluorescent organophosphates: novel probes for studying aging-induced conformational changes in inhibited acetylcholinesterase and for localization of cholinesterase in nervous tissue
Amitai_1980_Neurochem.Int_2C_199New fluorescent organophosphates as probes for studying aging-induced conformational changes in inhibited acetylcholinesterase
Aoshima_1980_Biochem.Biophys.Res.Commun_92_896Acetylcholine receptor-controlled ion flux in electroplax membrane vesicles: a minimal mechanism based on rate measurements in the millisecond to minute time region
Aquilonius_1980_Eur.J.Clin.Pharmacol_18_423Pharmacokinetics and oral bioavailability of pyridostigmine in man
Aronstam_1980_Biochem.Pharmacol_29_1311Similarities in the binding sites of the muscarinic receptor and the ionic channel of the nicotinic receptor
Aronstam_1980_Mol.Pharmacol_18_179Sites of action of phencyclidine. III. Interactions with muscarinic receptors
Asking_1980_Acta.Physiol.Scand_109_407Amylase secretion in response to activation of different autonomic receptors in the rabbit parotid gland
Asking_1980_Acta.Physiol.Scand_109_415Effects of carbachol on isoprenaline evoked amylase release from the rabbit parotid gland in vitro
Attwood_1980_J.Stud.Alcohol_41_623Effects of moderate blood alcohol concentrations on closed-course driving performance
Baba_1980_J.Neurochem_34_1369The action of black widow spider venom on cholinergic mechanisms in synaptosomes
Balashova_1980_Zh.Evol.Biokhim.Fiziol_16_244[Effect of organophosphorus inhibitors, lupinine and epilupinine derivatives, on mammalian and arthropod cholinesterases]
Belasco_1980_J.Agric.Food.Chem_28_689In vitro rumen metabolism of 14C-labeled oxamyl and selected metabolites of oxamyl
Beld_1980_Biochem.Biophys.Res.Commun_97_430Inhibition of [3H]dexetimide binding by a homologous series of methylfurthrethonium analogues at the peripheral muscarinic receptor
Ben-Ari_1980_J.Physiol_298_36PLability of synaptic inhibition of hippocampal pyramidal cells [proceedings]
Ben-Barak_1980_Brain.Res_185_323Early septal lesion: effect on the development of the cholinergic system in rat hippocampus
Ben-Barak_1980_Brain.Res_193_309Scopolamine induces an increase in muscarinic receptor level in rat hippocampus
Ben-Barak_1980_Brain.Res_194_240Fornix lesion prevents an organophosphate-induced decrease in muscarinic receptor level in rat hippocampus
Benfey_1980_Can.J.Physiol.Pharmacol_58_984Potentiation and inhibition of nicotinic effects on striated muscle by the tetramine disulfide benextramine
Benschop_1980_Arch.Toxicol.Suppl_4_475Antidotes or organophosphate poisoning. 2. Thiadiazole-5-carboxaldoximes
Benzi_1980_Neurochem.Res_5_905Acetylcholine esterase sensitivity to chronic administration of diphenylhydantoin and effects on cerebral enzymatic activities related to energy metabolism
Berger_1980_Schizophr.Bull_6_102Tardive dyskinesia: clinical, biological, and pharmacological perspectives
Berger_1980_Somatic.Cell.Genet_6_631Acetylcholinesterase induction by beta-ecdysone in Drosophila cell lines and their hybrids
Berman_1980_Biochemistry_19_2226Fluorescence energy transfer on acetylcholinesterase: spatial relationship between peripheral site and active center
Berman_1980_J.Exp.Med_151_204Experimental myasthenia gravis. A murine system
Berman_1980_J.Exp.Med_152_507Linkage between the frequency of muscular weakness and loci that regulate immune responsiveness in murine experimental myasthenia gravis
Berti_1980_Br.J.Pharmacol_68_467Atropine inhibits thromboxane A2 generation in isolated lungs of the guinea-pig
Best-Belpomme_1980_Eur.J.Biochem_112_185A critical period of ecdysterone action on sensitive clones of Drosophila cultured in vitro: the maturation of the cells
Bhatnagar_1980_Cell.Mol.Biol_26_373Histochemical mapping of butyrylcholinesterase in the brain stem of bat (Microchiroptera)
Biegon_1980_Biochem.Pharmacol_29_1755Characterization and ontogenesis of [3H]-desipramine binding sites in developing fetal rat cerebral cells in culture
Biegon_1980_Circ.Res_46_353Dual mechanism for inhibition of calcium-dependent action potentials by acetylcholine in avian ventricular muscle. Relationship to cyclic AMP
Biegon_1980_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Ther_215_348Muscarinic antagonism of the effects of phosphodiesterase inhibitor (methylisobutylxanthine) in embryonic chick ventricle
Bierkamper_1980_Brain.Res_202_234Release of acetylcholine from the vascular perfused rat phrenic nerve-hemidiaphragm
Birdsall_1980_Adv.Biochem.Psychopharmacol_21_107Modulation of the binding properties of muscarinic receptors: evidence for receptor-effector coupling
Birdsall_1980_Br.J.Pharmacol_68_142PEffects of p-chloromercuribenzoate on muscarinic receptor binding in rat brain [proceedings]
Birdsall_1980_Brain.Res_184_385The binding properties of muscarinic receptors in the brain of the frog (R. temporaria)
Birdsall_1980_Proc.R.Soc.Lond.B.Biol.Sci_207_1The character of the muscarinic receptors in different regions of the rat brain
Birdsall_1980_Scand.J.Gastroenterol.Suppl_66_1Pirenzepine--a ligand with original binding properties to muscarinic receptors
Birnbaum_1980_Pflugers.Arch_385_37Role of calcium in the regulation of acetylcholine receptor synthese in cultured muscle cells*
Birsel_1980_Can.J.Physiol.Pharmacol_58_1158Factors influencing the release of labelled gamma-aminobutyric acid and acetylcholine evoked by electrical stimulation with alternating polarity from rat cortical slices
Bitar_1980_Gastroenterology_79_1288Neural release of vasoactive intestinal peptide from the gut
Blaker_1980_J.Neurobiol_11_243Cholesterol is a component of the rapid phase of axonal transport
Bleyl_1980_Arch.Exp.Veterinarmed_34_791[Embryotoxicity and teratogenicity of phosmet in mice]
Blight_1980_Proc.Clin.Dial.Transplant.Forum_290_219The non-impulsive stretch-receptor complex of the crab: a study of depolarization--release coupling at a tonic sensorimotor synapse
Blosser_1980_J.Biol.Chem_255_1235Regulation of acetylcholine receptor by cyclic AMP
Bluth_1980_Acta.Biol.Med.Ger_39_881A simplified enzymatic assay for the determination of acetylcholine and choline in discrete structures of rat brain
Bock_1980_J.Neurochem_35_1297Nervous system-specific proteins in developing rat cerebral cells in culture
Boegman_1980_Brain.Res_187_183Consequences of axonal transport blockade induced by batrachotoxin on mammalian neuromuscular junction I. Early pre- and postsynaptic changes
Boegman_1980_Exp.Neurol_68_521Axonal transport of cholinergic enzymes in the sciatic nerve of the hibernating and nonhibernating ground squirrel
Boegman_1980_J.Neurobiol_11_283Axonal transport in rats rendered paraplegic following a single subarachnoid injection of either batrachotoxin or 6-aminonicotinamide into the spinal cord
Boman_1980_Acta.Genet.Med.Gemellol.(Roma)_29_281Cholinesterase, arylesterase, and lipoprotein parameters in twins
Bon_1980_Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.U.S.A_77_4464Collagen-tailed and hydrophobic components of acetylcholinesterase in Torpedo marmorata electric organ
Booj_1980_Acta.Radiol.Oncol_19_387Effects of proton irradiation of the lumbar intumescence on intra-axonal transport of acetylcholine and cholinergic enzymes in rat sciatic nerve
Boschi_1980_Pest.Sci_11_305A novel series of O,O-diethyl O-(1,3-disubstituted-1,2,4-triazol-5-yl) phosphorothioates. Part I. Synthesis and laboratory evaluation
Boskovic_1980_Toxicol.Appl.Pharmacol_55_32Reactivating and protective effects of Pro-2PAM in mice poisoned with paraoxon
Brandt_1980_Biochem.Pharmacol_29_1927Selective inhibition of rat liver carboxylesterases by various organophosphorus diesters in vivo and in vitro
Brezenoff_1980_Life.Sci_26_1037Intracerebroventricular injection of hemicholinium-3 lowers blood pressure in conscious spontaneously hypertensive rats but not in normotensive rats
Brezenoff_1980_Pharmacol.Res.Commun_12_539The role of angiotensin in the pressor response to propranolol and the hypotensive response to phentolamine
Brookes_1980_Brain.Res_186_474The influence of muscle-conditioned medium on cholinergic maturation in spinal cord cell cultures
Brown_1980_Biochem.Pharmacol_29_465Effects of paraquat and related herbicides on the acetylcholinesterase of rat lung
Brown_1980_Nature_283_673Muscarinic suppression of a novel voltage-sensitive K+ current in a vertebrate neurone
Brunzell_1980_Metabolism_29_624Heterogeneity of primary lipoprotein lipase deficiency
Brzezinski_1980_Monogr.Neural.Sci_7_70Neurochemical alterations in rat brain as a test for studying the neurotoxicity of organophosphorus insecticides
Buccafusco_1980_Experientia_36_671Influence of clonidine on experimental hypertension induced by cholinergic stimulation
Buccafusco_1980_J.Cardiovasc.Pharmacol_2_347Role of central cholinergic neurons in experimental hypertension
Buccafusco_1980_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Ther_212_58Mechanism of the antihypertensive action of clonidine on the pressor response to physostigmine
Buccafusco_1980_Psychopharmacology.(Berl)_67_249Opposing influences on behavior mediated by muscarinic and nicotinic receptors in the rat posterior hypothalamic nucleus
Buck_1980_Bull.Environ.Contam.Toxicol_24_283Dislodgable insecticide residues on cotton foliage: fenvalarate, permethrin, sulprofos, chlorpyrifos, methyl parathion, EPN, oxamyl, and profenofos
Burns_1980_Pest.Sci_11_506Pesticide breakdown by soil enzymes
Burnstock_1980_Gen.Pharmacol_11_15Purinergic modulation of cholinergic transmission
Burton_1980_Clin.Chim.Acta_101_25Lysosomal acid lipase in cultivated fibroblasts: characterization of enzyme activity in normal and enzymatically deficient cell lines
Cangiano_1980_Acta.Physiol.Scand_108_205Normal EDL and diaphragm muscles differ in their sensitivity to tetrodotoxin
Cangiano_1980_Acta.Physiol.Scand_109_283Effects of chronic nerve conduction block on formation of neuromuscular junctions and junctional AChE in the rat
Cangiano_1980_Nature_285_233Partial denervation in inactive muscle effects innervated and denervated fibres equally
Caputi_1980_Eur.J.Pharmacol_66_103Age-related hypotensive effect of atropine in unanesthetized spontaneously hypertensive rats
Caputi_1980_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Ther_215_309Modulatory effect of brain acetylcholine on reflex-induced bradycardia and tachycardia in conscious rats
Caputi_1980_Life.Sci_26_1029Cardiovascular effects produced by choline injected into the lateral cerebral ventricle of the unanesthetized rat
Carlson_1980_J.Cell.Biol_87_98An antiserum specific for cholinergic synaptic vesicles from electric organ
Carpenter_1980_Biochemistry_19_4373Passive uptake of acetylcholine and other organic cations by synaptic vesicles from Torpedo electric organ
Carroll_1980_Science_210_641Subcellular origin of cholinergic transmitter release from mouse brain
Casamenti_1980_Eur.J.Pharmacol_65_279Effect of haloperidol and pimozide on acetylcholine output from the cerebral cortex in rats and guinea pigs
Casamenti_1980_Neuropharmacol_19_597Acetylcholine input from the cerebral cortex, choline uptake and muscarinic receptors in morphine-dependent, freely-moving rats
Cash_1980_Biochem.Biophys.Res.Commun_95_1010Acetylcholine-induced receptor-controlled ion flux investigated by flow quench techniques
Cash_1980_Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.U.S.A_77_842Molecular mechanism of acetylcholine receptor-controlled ion translocation across cell membranes
Casida_1980_Environ.Health.Perspect_34_189Pyrethrum flowers and pyrethroid insecticides
Ceccarelli_1980_J.Cell.Biol_87_297Ca2+-dependent recycling of synaptic vesicles at the frog neuromuscular junction
Ceccarelli_1980_Physiol.Rev_60_396Vesicle hypothesis of the release of quanta of acetylcholine
Chabrier_1980_Arch.Toxicol_45_15In vivo and in vitro inhibition of cholinesterase by methyl-1 (S methyl phosphoryl-3) imidazolium (MSPI), a model of an instantly aged phosphorylated enzyme
Chang_1980_Neurochem.Int_2C_269Factors influencing the stability of isolated acetylcholine receptor from Torpedo californica
Choo_1980_Can.J.Physiol.Pharmacol_58_1042The effect of indomethacin and adenosine 5'-triphosphate on the excitatory innervation of the rate urinary bladder
Choo_1980_Eur.J.Pharmacol_61_293The effect of troxypyrrolidinium, a choline uptake inhibitor, on the excitatory innervation of the rat urinary bladder
Claudio_1980_J.Immunol_124_1130Is experimental autoimmune myasthenia gravis induced only by acetylcholine receptors?
Claudio_1980_J.Supramol.Struct_14_267Inhibition of alpha-bungarotoxin binding to acetylcholine receptors by antisera from animals with experimental autoimmune myasthenia gravis
Cochrane_1980_Genetics_96_491The effects of lethal selection on the EST-6 to PGM region of chromosome 3 in Drosophila melanogaster
Cohen_1980_Life.Sci_26_811Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide: increased tone, enhancement of acetylcholine release, and stimulation of adenylate cyclase in intestinal smooth muscle
Collingridge_1980_J.Neurochem_34_540Effect of tetanus toxin on transmitter release from substantia nigra and striatum in vitro
Colquhoun_1980_Adv.Biochem.Psychopharmacol_21_67Competitive block and ion channel block as mechanisms of antagonist action on the skeletal muscle end-plate
Colquhoun_1980_Br.J.Pharmacol_68_143PKinetic effects of tubocurarine on skeletal muscle at high agonist concentrations [proceedings]
Consolo_1980_J.Pharm.Pharmacol_32_201Comparison of the effects of the stereoisomers of fenfluramine on the acetylcholine content of rat striatum, hippocampus and nucleus accumbens
Constanti_1980_Can.J.Physiol.Pharmacol_58_193Intraneuronal effects of inhibitory amino acids
Couraud_1980_J.Neurochem_34_1209Acetylcholinesterase molecular forms in chick ciliary ganglion: pre- and postsynaptic distribution derived from denervation, axotomy, and double section
Couraud_1980_J.Neurochem_35_1053Axonal transport of the molecular forms of acetylcholinesterase in chick sciatic nerve
Coutinho-Netto_1980_Biochem.Pharmacol_29_2777Suppression of evoked and spontaneous release of neurotransmitters in vivo by morphine
Criado_1980_J.Recept.Res_1_169Cholinergic binding to the receptor proteolipid from Torpedo electroplax separated by ion exchange chromatography
Daly_1980_Science_208_1383Levels of batrachotoxin and lack of sensitivity to its action in poison-dart frogs (Phyllobates)
Damle_1980_Biochemistry_19_3924Effects of agonists and antagonists on the reactivity of the binding site disulfide in acetylcholine receptor from Torpedo californica
Daniels_1980_Brain.Res_201_45Localization of alpha-bungarotoxin binding sites in synapses of the developing chick retina
Davis_1980_Biol.Psychiatry_15_303CKholinergic mechanisms and anterior pituitary hormone secretion
De Jong_1980_Biochem.Pharmacol_29_2379Reactivation of acetylcholinesterase inhibited by 1,2,2'-trimethylpropyl methylphosphonofluoridate (soman) with HI-6 and related oximes
De Renzis_1980_Boll.Soc.Ital.Biol.Sper_56_1498[Development of some cholinergic components in rat sympathetic ganglion]
De Robertis_1980_Neurochem.Res_5_217Absence of triphosphoinositide in the chloroform-methanol extract of cerebral cortex containing the cholinergic proteolipid
DeVaney_1980_Poult.Sci_59_1208Systemic activity of coumaphos, famphur, crufomate, ronnel, and phosmet given orally to hens for control of the northern fowl mite, Ornitbonyssus sulviarum (Canestrini and Fanzago)
Dennis_1980_J.Environ.Sci.Health.B_15_47Acid hydrolysis of military standard formulations of diazinon
Deshpande_1980_Exp.Neurol_70_122Quantal release of acetylcholine does not regulate the resting membrane potential of mammalian skeletal muscle: evidence from in vivo experiments
Dietz_1980_J.Biol.Chem_255_10612Purification and peptide mapping of rat brain choline acetyltransferase
Dish_1980_Nauchnye.Doki.Vyss.Shkoly.Biol.Nauki__67[Relationship between indices of conditioned reflex activity and rat brain acetylcholinesterase activity]
Dobronravov_1980_Vopr.Okhr.Materin.Det_25_30[Comparative characteristics and the prognostic significance of the blood plasma enzymatic profile in hemolytic disease of the newborn]
Dorogi_1980_Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.U.S.A_77_6582Kinetic models suggest bimolecular reaction steps in axonal Na+-channel gating
Dowe_1980_J.Neurochem_35_993Isolation of cholinergic synaptic vesicles from the myenteric plexus of guinea-pig small intestine
Down_1980_Br.J.Pharmacol_68_47Kinetics of morphine-sensitive [3H]-acetylcholine release from the guinea-pig myenteric plexus
Dressel_1980_Ann.Surg_192_614A study of the cholinesterases of the canine pancreatic sphincters and the relationship between reduced butyrylcholinesterase activity and pancreatic ductal hypertension
Dudai_1980_Comp.Biochem.Physiol.C_65_135Cholinergic pharmacology of Drosophila melanogaster: comparison of in vivo to in vitro studies
Dudai_1980_Prog.Biochem.Pharmacol_16_95Studies on the properties of benzodiazepine-binding sites from calf cortex
Dudel_1980_Pflugers.Arch_387_143Inhibitory synaptic channels activated by gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in crayfish muscle
Dun_1980_Brain.Res_196_536Blockade of ACh potentials by alpha-bungarotoxin in rat superior cervical ganglion cells
Dun_1980_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Ther_215_455A comparative study of the pharmacological properties of the positive potential recorded from the superior cervical ganglia of several species
Dunn_1980_Biochemistry_19_5645Kinetics of carbamylcholine binding to membrane-bound acetylcholine receptor monitored by fluorescence changes of a covalently bound probe
Dureja_1980_Pest.Sci_11_685Preparation and biocidal activity of alkyl phenyl (dichloromethyl)phosphonates
Dziegielewska_1980_J.Physiol_304_83Rapid effect of nerve injury upon axonal transport of phospholipids
Eckernas_1980_Life.Sci_27_641Effects of atropine treatment on cortical, striatal and hippocampal high-affinity uptake of choline in the mouse
Ecknauer_1980_Am.J.Physiol_239_G204Isolated parietal cells: [3H]QNB binding to putative cholinergic receptors
Edwards_1980_Transplant.Proc_12_398Monoclonal antibodies to teratomas and breast
Eggo_1980_J.Clin.Endocrinol.Metab_51_7Iodination and the structure of human thyroglobulin
Ehlert_1980_Biochem.Pharmacol_29_1391Muscarinic receptor subsensitivity in the longitudinal muscle of the rat ileum following chronic anticholinesterase treatment with diisopropylfluorophosphate
Ehlert_1980_J.Supramol.Struct_14_149Regulation of muscarinic receptor binding by guanine nucleotides and N-ethylmaleimide
Ehlert_1980_Life.Sci_26_245The influence of guanyl-5'-yl imidodiphosphate and sodium on muscarinic receptor binding in the rat brain and longitudinal muscle of the rat ileum
Ehlert_1980_Life.Sci_26_961Muscarinic receptor binding in rat brain using the agonist, [3H]cis methyldioxolane
El-Fakahany_1980_J.Neurochem_34_1288Temperature dependence of muscarinic acetylcholine receptor activation, desensitization, and resensitization
El-Fakahany_1980_J.Neurochem_35_941Regulation of muscarinic receptor-mediated cyclic GMP synthesis by cultured mouse neuroblastoma cells
El-Fakahany_1980_Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.U.S.A_77_6897Involvement of calcium channels in short-term desensitization of muscarinic receptor-mediated cyclic GMP formation in mouse neuroblastoma cells
El-Hawary_1980_Middle.East.J.Anaesthesiol_5_523Tacrine-suxamethonium apnea in patients with hepatosplenic schistosomiasis
El-Sebae_1980_J.Environ.Sci.Health.B_15_267Delayed neurotoxicity of Cyanofenphos in chickens
Eldefrawi_1980_Mol.Pharmacol_17_172Nereistoxin interaction with the acetylcholine receptor-ionic channel complex
Eldefrawi_1980_Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.U.S.A_77_2309Activation, inactivation, and desensitization of acetylcholine receptor channel complex detected by binding of perhydrohistrionicotoxin
Eldefrawi_1980_Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.U.S.A_77_7458[3H]Phencyclidine: a probe for the ionic channel of the nicotinic receptor
Elliott_1980_Biochem.J_185_667Purification of Torpedo californica post-synaptic membranes and fractionation of their constituent proteins
Endoh_1980_Eur.J.Pharmacol_65_445Adenosine antagonizes the positive inotropic action mediated via beta-, but not alpha-adrenoceptors in the rabbit papillary muscle
Endoh_1980_Naunyn.Schmiedebergs.Arch.Pharmacol_312_175The time course of changes in cyclic nucleotide levels during cholinergic inhibition of positive inotropic actions of isoprenaline and theophylline in the isolated canine ventricular myocardium
Epstein_1980_J.Membr.Biol_56_133Inactivation (desensitization) of the acetylcholine receptor in Electrophorus electricus membrane vesicles by carbamylcholine: comparison between ion flux and alpha-bungarotoxin binding
Eriksson_1980_Clin.Chim.Acta_100_165A reliable way of estimating cholinesterases from whole blood in the presence of anti-cholinesterases
Ernst_1980_Plant.Physiol_65_447Biochemical Characterization of an Acetylcholine-hydrolyzing Enzyme from Bean Seedlings
Eto_1980_Toxicol.Appl.Pharmacol_54_20Organophosphorus and methylcarbamate teratogens: structural requirements for inducing embryonic abnormalities in chickens and kynurenine formamidase inhibition in mouse liver
Evans_1980_J.Med.Genet_17_464A family segregating for E1j and E1k at cholinesterase locus 1
Fairhurst_1980_Biochem.Pharmacol_29_155Interactions of D600 (methoxyverapamil) and local anesthetics with rat brain alpha-adrenergic and muscarinic receptors
Farquharson_1980_Bull.Environ.Contam.Toxicol_24_719Penetration of VX into nerve cells, and effects on electrical function
Fernandez_1980_J.Neurobiol_11_31Bidirectional axonal transport of 16S acetylcholinesterase in rat sciatic nerve
Fernandez_1980_J.Neurobiol_11_557Neurotrophic control of 16S acetylcholinesterase from mammalian skeletal muscle in organ culture
Fernandez_1980_J.Neurochem_35_1166Protease inhibitors reduce effects of denervation on muscle end-plate acetylcholinesterase
Ferreira_1980_J.Assoc.Off.Anal.Chem_63_517Gas-liquid chromatographic determination of organophosphorus insecticide residues in fruits and vegetables
Fesce_1980_J.Cell.Biol_85_337Freeze-fracture studies of frog neuromuscular junctions during intense release of neurotransmitter. III. A morphometric analysis of the number and diameter of intramembrane particles
Figarella_1980_J.Pediatr_96_412Congenital pancreatic lipase deficiency
Fischbach_1980_J.Physiol_303_125A post-natal decrease in acetylcholine channel open time at rat end-plates
Fischer_1980_Biochim.Biophys.Acta_615_187Interaction of proteinases and their inhibitors from yeast. Activation of carboxypeptidase Y
Fisher_1980_Brain.Res_189_284The muscarinic stimulation of phospholipid labeling in hippocampus is independent of its cholinergic input
Fisher_1980_J.Neurochem_34_1231Calcium and the muscarinic synaptosomal phospholipid labeling effect
Fisher_1980_Life.Sci_27_1615Choline analogs as potential tools in developing selective animal models of central cholinergic hypofunction
Fisher_1980_Monogr.Neural.Sci_7_41Does rigidity in structure of muscarinic agonists and antagonists reflect drug specificity?
Francis_1980_Bull.Environ.Contam.Toxicol_25_537Response of Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix) to organophosphorus ester-induced delayed neurotoxicity relative to domestic hens (Gallus gallus domesticus)
Francis_1980_Environ.Health.Perspect_36_187Ecotoxicology of phenylphosphonothioates
Francis_1980_J.Environ.Sci.Health.B_15_313Neurotoxicity of halogenated O-phenyl O-alkyl alkylphosphonothioates
Frenkel_1980_Eur.J.Biochem_109_377Lipid-protein interactions in human erythrocyte-membrane acetylcholinesterase. Modulation of enzyme activity by lipids
Fulde_1980_Pest.Sci_11_20Structure activity relationship for some substituted dialkyl vinyl phosphates
Fulpius_1980_Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.U.S.A_77_4326Antibodies from myasthenic patients that compete with cholinergic agents for binding to nicotinic receptors
Fumagalli_1980_Boll.Soc.Ital.Biol.Sper_56_1504[Effect of preganglionic activation on nicotinic cholinergic receptors linked to alpha-bungarotoxin in the rat superior cervical ganglion]
Fumagalli_1980_Neurosci_5_611alpha-Bungarotoxin binding sites in the rat superior cervical ganglion are influenced by postganglionic axotomy
Gajewski_1980_Acta.Physiol.Pol_31_575Acetylcholinesterase activity in several rat liver cell fractions after repeated poisoning with some organophosphates
Gajewski_1980_Acta.Physiol.Pol_31_93Protective effect of some pyridinium salts on acetylcholinesterase against organophosphate inhibition
Gallo_1980_J.Lipid.Res_21_537Localization and origin at rat intestinal cholesterol esterase determined by immunocytochemistry
Gangitano_1980_Boll.Soc.Ital.Biol.Sper_56_1507[Acetylcholine receptors and acetylcholinesterase activity in cultured chick ciliary ganglia]
Garber_1980_J.Biol.Chem_255_8325Skeletal muscle protein and amino acid metabolism in hereditary mouse muscular dystrophy. The role of disordered cyclic nucleotide metabolism in the accelerated alanine and glutamine formation and release
Garrett_1980_J.Pharm.Sci_69_1116Pharmacokinetics of morphine and its surrogates IV: Pharmacokinetics of heroin and its derived metabolites in dogs
George_1980_Eur.J.Biochem_111_511The identity of the serotonin-sensitive aryl acylamidase with acetylcholinesterase from human erythrocytes, sheep basal ganglia and electric eel
Geyer_1980_Acta.Histochem_67_76Erythrocyte hypotonic lesion stimulates plasmalemmal acetylcholine esterase
Giacobini_1980_Bull.Assoc.Anat.(Nancy)_64_387[Sites of synthesis of acetylcholine receptors in denervated muscles]
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