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Year Report for: 1990

Aas_1990_J.Comp.Neurol_300_183Projections to the pontine nuclei from choline acetyltransferase-like immunoreactive neurons in the brainstem of the cat
Aas_1990_Prog.Brain.Res_84_219Prejunctional control of cholinergic nerves in airway smooth muscle exerted by muscarinic, purinergic and glutamergic receptors
Abdallah_1990_Brain.Res.Mol.Brain.Res_8_1Relationship between the partial inhibition of muscarinic receptor-mediated phosphoinositide hydrolysis by phorbol esters and tetrodotoxin in rat cerebral cortex
Abergel_1990_J.Mol.Biol_215_215Crystallization and preliminary X-ray study of a recombinant cutinase from Fusarium solani pisi
Acheson_1990_Biochim.Biophys.Acta_1040_199Anatomy of acetylcholinesterase catalysis: reaction dynamics analogy for human erythrocyte and electric eel enzymes
Adem_1990_J.Neural.Transm.Park.Dis.Dement.Sect_2_113Multiple effects of tetrahydroaminoacridine on the cholinergic system: biochemical and behavioural aspects
Adkison_1990_J.Endocrinol_126_51Mutant gene-induced disorders of structure, function and thyroglobulin synthesis in congenital goitre (cog/cog) in mice
Adler_1990_FEBS.Lett_267_107Role of butyrylcholinesterase in canine tracheal smooth muscle function
Agbenyega_1990_Muscle.Nerve_13_199Effect of clenbuterol on normal and denervated muscle growth and contractility
Agopyan_1990_Brain.Res_525_294Muscarinic actions in hippocampus are probably not mediated by cyclic GMP
Ahren_1990_Prog.Brain.Res_84_209Cholinergic regulation of the endocrine pancreas
Aizenman_1990_Brain.Res_517_209Blockade of nicotinic responses in rat retinal ganglion cells by neuronal bungarotoxin
Aizenman_1990_Neurosci.Lett_116_168A 3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine oxidation product is a non-N-methyl-D-aspartate glutamatergic agonist in rat cortical neurons
Akimov_1990_Zh.Nevropatol.Psikhiatr.Im.S.S.Korsakova_90_3[Relation between biochemical indicators of the cerebrospinal fluid and the extent of cerebral infarction]
Akins_1990_J.Neurochem_54_266M1 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor in cultured rat neostriatum regulates phosphoinositide hydrolysis
Akins_1990_Nature_344_240Muscarinic modulation of a transient K+ conductance in rat neostriatal neurons
Alberts_1990_Eur.J.Pharmacol_184_191A new H-oxime restores rat diaphragm contractility after esterase inhibition in vitro
Alcantara_1990_Hum.Hered_40_386Frequency of the CHE1*K allele of serum cholinesterase in a sample from southern Brazil
Alkondon_1990_Eur.J.Pharmacol_191_505alpha-Cobratoxin blocks the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor in rat hippocampal neurons
Alkondon_1990_FEBS.Lett_261_124Selective blockade of NMDA-activated channel currents may be implicated in learning deficits caused by lead
Alm_1990_Mol.Microbiol_4_413Characterization of the hlyB gene and its role in the production of the El Tor haemolysin of Vibrio cholerae O1
Alom_1990_Eur.Neurol_30_207Cerebrospinal fluid neuropeptide Y in Alzheimer's disease
Alonso_1990_Neurochem.Int_17_457Effects of repeated administration of tetrahydroaminoacridine (THA) on muscarinic receptor subtypes in the rat brain
Alonso_1990_Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.U.S.A_87_9280Postsynaptic Hebbian and non-Hebbian long-term potentiation of synaptic efficacy in the entorhinal cortex in slices and in the isolated adult guinea pig brain
Ameis_1990_J.Biol.Chem_265_6552Isolation and characterization of the human hepatic lipase gene
Ames_1990_Aust.N.Z.J.Med_20_193Heterogeneity of adverse hepatic reactions to tetrahydroaminoacridine
Anderson_1990_Microbiol.Rev_54_450Occurrence, metabolism, metabolic role, and industrial uses of bacterial polyhydroxyalkanoates
Andersson_1990_Acta.Physiol.Scand_138_409Urinary bladder and urethral responses to pelvic and hypogastric nerve stimulation and their relation to vasoactive intestinal polypeptide in the anaesthetized dog
Andersson_1990_Prog.Brain.Res_84_201Basic and clinical aspects of cholinergic agents in bladder dysfunction
Andolsek_1990_Med.Pregl_43_448[The Young Researchers project--the effect on scientific research and educational potential in Slovenia]
Andriamampandry_1990_Biochem.Biophys.Res.Commun_171_758A rat brain cytosolic N-methyltransferase(s) activity converting phosphorylethanolamine into phosphorylcholine
Ansari_1990_Indian.J.Exp.Biol_28_241Clinico-biochemical use of serum acetylcholine esterase following treatment with synthetic pyrethroids, cypermethrin and fenvalerate, in cattle and buffalo experimentally infested with Boophilus microplus
Antal_1990_J.Chem.Neuroanat_3_1Simultaneous anterograde labelling of two afferent pathways to the same target area with Phaseolus vulgaris leucoagglutinin and Phaseolus vulgaris leucoagglutinin conjugated to biotin or dinitrophenol
Anthony_1990_Biochem.Pharmacol_40_376Influence of volatile anesthetics on muscarinic regulation of adenylate cyclase activity
Apicella_1990_Neurosci_38_655Motor impairments and neurochemical changes after unilateral 6-hydroxydopamine lesion of the nigrostriatal dopaminergic system in monkeys
Appel_1990_Prog.Brain.Res_84_381An animal model of motor neuron disease in guinea pigs
Araujo_1990_J.Neurochem_55_1546Evidence that somatostatin enhances endogenous acetylcholine release in the rat hippocampus
Araujo_1990_J.Neurosci_10_3069Effects of aging on nicotinic and muscarinic autoreceptor function in the rat brain: relationship to presynaptic cholinergic markers and binding sites
Araujo_1990_Prog.Clin.Biol.Res_328_355Interleukin-2 interacts with opioid neuroregulatory systems in the rat hippocampus
Ariel_1990_Arch.Virol_113_99Serologically defined linear epitopes in the E2 envelope glycoprotein of Semliki Forest virus
Armand_1990_J.Nutr_120_1148Adaptation of lingual lipase to dietary fat in rats
Arnal_1990_Neurochem.Res_15_587Studies on new, centrally active and reversible acetylcholinesterase inhibitors
Arpagaus_1990_Biochemistry_29_124Structure of the gene for human butyrylcholinesterase. Evidence for a single copy
Arroyo_1990_Biochem.Biophys.Res.Commun_170_1177Receptor-mediated generation of an EDRF-like intermediate in a neuronal cell line detected by spin trapping techniques
Ashani_1990_Biochemistry_29_2456Differences in conformational stability between native and phosphorylated acetylcholinesterase as evidenced by a monoclonal antibody
Asher_1990_FEBS.Lett_267_231Acetylcholine receptor gene expression in experimental autoimmune myasthenia gravis
Askmark_1990_Acta.Neurol.Scand_82_253Functional and pharmacokinetic studies of tetrahydroaminoacridine in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Askmark_1990_Prog.Brain.Res_84_371Neuropharmacology of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Atakhanova_1990_Probl.Endokrinol.(Mosk)_36_6[Changes in the chromatin structure of the thyroid cells related to the expression of the thyroglobulin gene]
Auwerx_1990_Am.J.Hum.Genet_46_470Coexistence of abnormalities of hepatic lipase and lipoprotein lipase in a large family
Balasundaram_1990_J.Biochem.Toxicol_5_65Inhibition of acetylcholinesterase in the central nervous system of Rana tigrina by an organophosphate
Bang_1990_Acta.Anaesthesiol.Scand_34_596The effect of bambuterol (carbamylated terbutaline) on plasma cholinesterase activity and suxamethonium-induced neuromuscular blockade in genotypically normal patients
Bang_1990_Acta.Anaesthesiol.Scand_34_600The effect of bambuterol on plasma cholinesterase activity and suxamethonium-induced neuromuscular blockade in subjects heterozygous for abnormal plasma cholinesterase
Barnard_1990_Adv.Second.Messenger.Phosphoprotein.Res_24_20Cloned genes for ligand-operated ion channels and their expression in vitro
Barnes_1990_Agents.Actions.Suppl_31_175Neuropeptides as modulators of airway function
Barnes_1990_J.Appl.Physiol.(1985)_68_1777Muscarinic receptors in airways: recent developments
Barnes_1990_Lung_168 Suppl_57The role of neurotransmitters in bronchial asthma
Barnes_1990_Recenti.Prog.Med_81_184Airway smooth muscle receptors
Bartels_1990_Nucleic.Acids.Res_18_6171Two polymorphisms in the non-coding regions of the BCHE gene
Bartfai_1990_Prog.Brain.Res_84_227Future prospects in muscarinic cholinergic pharmacology. Outstanding problems and promises
Barthalay_1990_Embo.J_9_3603Drosophila neurotactin mediates heterophilic cell adhesion
Baskey_1990_Brain.Res_519_209Cholinergic but not GABAergic neuronal markers are decreased in primary neuronal cultures treated with choline mustard
Batra_1990_Cancer.Chemother.Pharmacol_26_310Interaction of antiestrogens with binding sites for muscarinic cholinergic drugs and calcium channel blockers in cell membranes
Batra_1990_J.Endocrinol_125_185Influence of chronic oestrogen treatment on the density of muscarinic cholinergic receptors and calcium channels in the rabbit uterus
Batra_1990_Prostate_17_261Characterization of muscarinic cholinergic receptors in membrane preparations from rat prostatic adenocarcinoma
Baumann_1990_Nucleic.Acids.Res_18_3640Sequence of D alpha 2, a novel alpha-like subunit of Drosophila nicotinic acetylcholine receptors
Baumert_1990_J.Cell.Biol_110_1285P29: a novel tyrosine-phosphorylated membrane protein present in small clear vesicles of neurons and endocrine cells
Baumgartner_1990_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Ther_255_165Serotonin induces constriction and relaxation of the guinea pig airway
Baux_1990_J.Physiol_429_147Histamine and FLRFamide regulate acetylcholine release at an identified synapse in Aplysia in opposite ways
Beg_1990_Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.U.S.A_87_3474Lipoprotein lipaseBethesda: a single amino acid substitution (Ala-176----Thr) leads to abnormal heparin binding and loss of enzymic activity
Beier_1990_Rev.Environ.Contam.Toxicol_113_47Natural pesticides and bioactive components in foods
Belvisi_1990_Br.J.Pharmacol_100_131Modulation of cholinergic neurotransmission in guinea-pig airways by opioids
Ben-Ari_1990_Neurosci_37_55Activators of ATP-sensitive K+ channels reduce anoxic depolarization in CA3 hippocampal neurons
Ben-Aziz_1990_Nucleic.Acids.Res_18_3418Improving poor in vitro transcription from G,C-rich genes
Benesova_1990_Act.Nerv.Super.(Praha)_32_53The evaluation of nootropic drug effects in aging rats
Bergold_1990_Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.U.S.A_87_3788Protein synthesis during acquisition of long-term facilitation is needed for the persistent loss of regulatory subunits of the Aplysia cAMP-dependent protein kinase
Berman_1990_Biochemistry_29_10640Ligand exclusion on acetylcholinesterase
Bernhardt_1990_J.Comp.Neurol_302_603Identification of spinal neurons in the embryonic and larval zebrafish
Bessereau_1990_New.Biol_2_375Denervation of mouse skeletal muscle differentially affects the expression of the jun and fos proto-oncogenes
Bessis_1990_FEBS.Lett_264_48Chromosomal localization of the mouse genes coding for alpha 2, alpha 3, alpha 4 and beta 2 subunits of neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor
Bianchi_1990_Br.J.Pharmacol_101_4485-HT1A agonists increase and 5-HT3 agonists decrease acetylcholine efflux from the cerebral cortex of freely-moving guinea-pigs
Birman_1990_FEBS.Lett_261_303A 15 kDa proteolipid found in mediatophore preparations from Torpedo electric organ presents high sequence homology with the bovine chromaffin granule protonophore
Birnbaum_1990_Differentiation_45_138Activation of the interferon system during myogenesis in vitro
Boddeke_1990_Br.J.Pharmacol_101_281Zacopride and BRL 24924 induce an increase in EEG-energy in rats
Bognar_1990_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Ther_254_702Alpha-adrenoceptor mediated facilitation of acetylcholine release in the rat perfused heart
Bognar_1990_Naunyn.Schmiedebergs.Arch.Pharmacol_341_22Muscarine receptor types mediating autoinhibition of acetylcholine release and sphincter contraction in the guinea-pig iris
Bognar_1990_Naunyn.Schmiedebergs.Arch.Pharmacol_341_279Different muscarinic receptors mediate autoinhibition of acetylcholine release and vagally-induced vasoconstriction in the rat isolated perfused heart
Bohm_1990_Circulation_82_1249Increase of Gi alpha in human hearts with dilated but not ischemic cardiomyopathy
Bollinger_1990_J.Enzyme.Inhib_3_211Acetylcholinesterase inhibition by two phosphoric 4-nitroanilides
Bomblies_1990_J.Cell.Biol_110_669Membrane-enclosed crystals in Dictyostelium discoideum cells, consisting of developmentally regulated proteins with sequence similarities to known esterases
Bon_1990_Eur.J.Biochem_190_221Subcellular distribution of acetylcholinesterase forms in chromaffin cells. Do chromaffin granules contain a specific secretory acetylcholinesterase?
Borneman_1990_Anal.Biochem_190_129Assay for trans-p-coumaroyl esterase using a specific substrate from plant cell walls
Boursnell_1990_Virology_178_297A recombinant fowlpox virus expressing the hemagglutinin-neuraminidase gene of Newcastle disease virus (NDV) protects chickens against challenge by NDV
Bowen_1990_Adv.Neurol_51_91Tacrine in relation to amino acid transmitters in Alzheimer's disease
Bowman_1990_Ann.N.Y.Acad.Sci_604_69Presynaptic receptors in the neuromuscular junction
Boyd_1990_J.Toxicol.Environ.Health_30_209Behavioral and neurochemical changes associated with chronic exposure to low-level concentration of pesticide mixtures
Brady_1990_Mol.Biol.Evol_7_525Cloning of the esterase-5 locus from Drosophila pseudoobscura and comparison with its homologue in D. melanogaster
Brady_1990_Nature_343_767A serine protease triad forms the catalytic centre of a triacylglycerol lipase
Brady_1990_Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.U.S.A_87_8217Molecular analysis of evolutionary changes in the expression of Drosophila esterases
Braha_1990_Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.U.S.A_87_2040Second messengers involved in the two processes of presynaptic facilitation that contribute to sensitization and dishabituation in Aplysia sensory neurons
Brann_1990_Soc.Gen.Physiol.Ser_45_105Molecular genetics of signal transduction by muscarinic acetylcholine receptors
Brenner_1990_Nature_344_544Imprinting of acetylcholine receptor messenger RNA accumulation in mammalian neuromuscular synapses
Brimijoin_1990_J.Neurochem_54_236Selective complexing of acetylcholinesterase in brain by intravenously administered monoclonal antibody
Brimijoin_1990_Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.U.S.A_87_9630Autoimmune preganglionic sympathectomy induced by acetylcholinesterase antibodies
Brock_1990_J.Clin.Chem.Clin.Biochem_28_851Immunoreactive plasma cholinesterase (EC substance concentration, compared with cholinesterase activity concentration and albumin: inter- and intra-individual variations in a healthy population group
Brocke_1990_Int.Immunol_2_735Inhibition of T cell proliferation specific for acetylcholine receptor epitopes related to myasthenia gravis with antibody to T cell receptor or with competitive synthetic polymers
Brodaty_1990_Med.J.Aust_152_614The use of THA for Alzheimer's disease
Brown_1990_J.Neurochem_55_31Both A1 and A2a purine receptors regulate striatal acetylcholine release
Brown_1990_Prog.Brain.Res_84_21Multiple pathways for signal transduction through the muscarinic cholinergic receptor
Brudzynski_1990_Neurosci.Lett_109_222Ultrasonic vocalization in rats produced by cholinergic stimulation of the brain
Brudzynski_1990_Prog.Neuropsychopharmacol.Biol.Psychiatry_14_807Evidence for involvement of endogenous acetylcholine in emotional-aversive response in the cat
Buchmann_1990_Aquaculture_86_139Mebendazole treatment of pseudodactylogyrosis in an intensive eel-culture system
Buckley_1990_Biochim.Biophys.Acta_1055_43Use of clonal cell lines in the analysis of neurotransmitter receptor mechanisms and function
Buehler_1990_N.Engl.J.Med_322_1567Prenatal prediction of risk of the fetal hydantoin syndrome
Bull_1990_Pestic.Biochem.Physiol_37_101Characteristics of resistance in house flies subjected to long-term concurrent selection with malathion and permethrin
Burley_1990_Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.U.S.A_87_6878Molecular structure of leucine aminopeptidase at 2.7-A resolution
Burri_1990_Mol.Chem.Neuropathol_13_57Reduced myelinogenesis and recovery in hyperphenylalaninemic rats. Correlation between brain phenylalanine levels, characteristic brain enzymes for myelination, and brain development
Butikofer_1990_J.Biol.Chem_265_18983Molecular species analysis of the glycosylphosphatidylinositol anchor of Torpedo marmorata acetylcholinesterase
Butterfield_1990_Free.Radic.Res.Commun_9_361Spin-labelling studies of the interaction of 9-amino-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroacridine (THA), a proposed drug for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, with erythrocyte membranes
Buttice_1990_J.Mol.Evol_30_479Evolution of collagen IV genes from a 54-base pair exon: a role for introns in gene evolution
Cannella_1990_Brain.Res_513_286Derivatives of ganglioside GM1 as neuronotrophic agents: comparison of in vivo and in vitro effects
Canovas-Munoz_1990_Biochim.Biophys.Acta_1039_323Amphiphilic and hydrophilic molecular forms of acetylcholinesterase in membranes derived from sarcoplasmic reticulum of skeletal muscle
Canovas-Munoz_1990_Neurochem.Int_17_35Interactions between lectins and acetylcholinesterase from the sarcotubular system of skeletal muscle
Caratsch_1990_Neurosci.Lett_111_344Effect of calcitonin gene-related peptide on synaptic transmission at the neuromuscular junction of the frog
Carpentier_1990_Neurotoxicol_11_493Seizure-related opening of the blood-brain barrier induced by soman: possible correlation with the acute neuropathology observed in poisoned rats
Carrier_1990_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Ther_254_445Increased muscarinic responsiveness and decreased muscarinic receptor content in ileal smooth muscle in diabetes
Carrington_1990_Toxicol.Ind.Health_6_415Assessment of the delayed neurotoxicity of tributyl phosphate, tributoxyethyl phosphate, and dibutylphenyl phosphate
Catalan_1990_Neurosci.Lett_120_46Molecular forms of butyrylcholinesterase in rat brain microvessels
Cereda_1990_J.Med.Chem_33_2108Synthesis and biological evaluation of new antimuscarinic compounds with amidine basic centers. A useful bioisosteric replacement of classical cationic heads
Challiss_1990_J.Neurochem_54_2138Neurotransmitter and depolarization-stimulated accumulation of inositol 1,3,4,5-tetrakisphosphate mass in rat cerebral cortex slices
Chambers_1990_Pestic.Biochem.Physiol_36_308Noncatalytic detoxication of six organophosphorus compounds by rat liver homogenates
Chandler_1990_J.Neurochem_55_1022Calcium- versus G protein-mediated phosphoinositide. Hydrolysis in rat cerebral cortical synaptoneurosomes
Chang_1990_Toxicol.Appl.Pharmacol_102_233Neurophysiological concomitants of soman-induced respiratory depression in awake, behaving guinea pigs
Changeux_1990_Adv.Second.Messenger.Phosphoprotein.Res_24_15The acetylcholine receptor: functional architecture and regulation
Changeux_1990_Biochem.Soc.Symp_56_9Regulation of acetylcholine receptor gene expression by neural factors and electrical activity during motor endplate formation
Changeux_1990_Cold.Spring.Harb.Symp.Quant.Biol_55_381Compartmentalization of acetylcholine receptor gene expression during development of the neuromuscular junction
Chapin_1990_Toxicol.Appl.Pharmacol_104_483The interaction of Sertoli and Leydig cells in the testicular toxicity of tri-o-cresyl phosphate
Chapman_1990_Muscle.Nerve_13_726Rats immunized with cholinergic synaptosomes: a model for Lambert-Eaton syndrome
Charnet_1990_Neuron_4_87An open-channel blocker interacts with adjacent turns of alpha-helices in the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor
Chatellier_1990_BMJ_300_495Tacrine (tetrahydroaminoacridine; THA) and lecithin in senile dementia of the Alzheimer type: a multicentre trial. Groupe Francais d'Etude de la Tetrahydroaminoacridine
Checler_1990_J.Neurochem_55_750Monoclonal antibodies allow precipitation of esterasic but not peptidasic activities associated with butyrylcholinesterase
Chelly_1990_Eur.J.Biochem_187_691Quantitative estimation of minor mRNAs by cDNA-polymerase chain reaction. Application to dystrophin mRNA in cultured myogenic and brain cells
Chelly_1990_Nature_344_64Dystrophin gene transcribed from different promoters in neuronal and glial cells
Chen_1990_Biochim.Biophys.Acta_1044_111Effects of human pancreatic lipase-colipase and carboxyl ester lipase on eicosapentaenoic and arachidonic acid ester bonds of triacylglycerols rich in fish oil fatty acids
Chen_1990_J.Cell.Biol_110_2061A protein homologous to the Torpedo postsynaptic 58K protein is present at the myotendinous junction
Chen_1990_Pest.Sci_28_249Genetic analysis and effect of synergists on diazinon resistance in the bulb mite, rhizoglyphus rohini claparide (acari:Acaridae)
Cheng_1990_Biochem.J_269_403C-terminal domain of apolipoprotein CII as both activator and competitive inhibitor of lipoprotein lipase
Cherubini_1990_Adv.Exp.Med.Biol_268_147Periodic inward currents triggered by NMDA in immature CA3 hippocampal neurones
Chilvers_1990_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Ther_252_786Formation of inositol polyphosphates in airway smooth muscle after muscarinic receptor stimulation
Chitnis_1990_J.Neurosci_10_1892Axonogenesis in the brain of zebrafish embryos
Choi_1990_Agric.Biol.Chem_54_2039Cloning and nucleotide sequence of an esterase gene from Pseudomonas fluorescens and expression of the gene in Escherichia coli
Choo_1990_Clin.Exp.Pharmacol.Physiol_17_601Selective inhibition of responses to carbachol and McN-A-343 in the rabbit vas deferens
Cingolani_1990_Ann.Ist.Super.Sanita_26 Suppl 1_83[From the Laboratorio di Chimica Terapeutica to the Progetto Farmaci: development of the pharmaceutical sector of the Istituto Superiore di Sanita]
Cioffi_1990_J.Neurochem_54_1725Reduction of muscarinic receptor density and of guanine nucleotide-stimulated phosphoinositide hydrolysis in human SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells following long-term treatment with 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol 13-acetate or mezerein
Civinini_1990_Cell.Mol.Biol_36_497Fine localization of the acetylcholinesterase activity in somatic and germ cells during the morphogenesis of chick ovarian cortex
Clarke_1990_Behav.Brain.Res_36_203Reinforced alternation performance is impaired by muscarinic but not by nicotinic receptor blockade in rats
Clarke_1990_Biochem.Pharmacol_40_1427Dopaminergic mechanisms in the locomotor stimulant effects of nicotine
Clarke_1990_Ciba.Found.Symp_152_153Mesolimbic dopamine activation--the key to nicotine reinforcement?
Clemens_1990_Fundam.Appl.Toxicol_14_131Teratological, neurochemical, and postnatal neurobehavioral assessment of METASYSTOX-R, an organophosphate pesticide in the rat
Clement_1990_Arch.Toxicol_64_414Serum carboxylesterase activity in various strains of rats: sensitivity to inhibition by CBDP (2-/o-cresyl/4H:1:3:2-benzodioxaphosphorin-2-oxide)
Clift-O'Grady_1990_J.Cell.Biol_110_1693Biogenesis of synaptic vesicle-like structures in a pheochromocytoma cell line PC-12
Cluck_1990_J.Econ.Entomol_83_48Genetics of organophosphate resistance in field populations of the house fly (Diptera: Muscidae)
Cochrum_1990_Nucleic.Acids.Res_18_5570The nucleotide sequence of the luxD gene of Xenorhabdus luminescens Hm
Cohen-Haguenauer_1990_Genomics_6_374Localization of the choline acetyltransferase (CHAT) gene to human chromosome 10
Collet_1990_Mol.Biol.Evol_7_9Molecular analysis of duplicated esterase genes in Drosophila melanogaster
Colquhoun_1990_Proc.R.Soc.Lond.B.Biol.Sci_240_453Stochastic properties of ion channel openings and bursts in a membrane patch that contains two channels: evidence concerning the number of channels present when a record containing only single openings is observed
Colquhoun_1990_Prog.Brain.Res_84_43Function of nicotinic synapses
Condon_1990_Dev.Biol_138_256Development of muscle fiber types in the prenatal rat hindlimb
Condon_1990_Dev.Biol_138_275Differentiation of fiber types in aneural musculature of the prenatal rat hindlimb
Connelly_1990_Arteriosclerosis_10_40Plasma lipoproteins in familial hepatic lipase deficiency
Consolo_1990_Neurosci_37_717Cholinergic neurons of the pontomesencephalic tegmentum release acetylcholine in the basal nuclear complex of freely moving rats
Consolo_1990_Prog.Brain.Res_84_279Functional aspects of acetylcholine-galanin coexistence in the brain
Cook_1990_Pharmacol.Toxicol_67_151Pathophysiologic effects of anatoxin-a(s) in anaesthetized rats: the influence of atropine and artificial respiration
Corfas_1990_J.Comp.Physiol.A_167_437Pharmacological evidence for the involvement of the cAMP cascade in sensory fatigue in Drosophila
Corfas_1990_J.Neurosci_10_491Adaptation and fatigue of a mechanosensory neuron in wild-type Drosophila and in memory mutants
Cortes_1990_Nature_348_176An unusually large multifunctional polypeptide in the erythromycin-producing polyketide synthase of Saccharopolyspora erythraea
Costa_1990_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Ther_252_507Molecular effects of dimethylanatoxin on the peripheral nicotinic acetylcholine receptor
Costa_1990_Toxicol.Appl.Pharmacol_103_66Serum paraoxonase and its influence on paraoxon and chlorpyrifos-oxon toxicity in rats
Cotecchia_1990_J.Biol.Chem_265_63Multiple second messenger pathways of alpha-adrenergic receptor subtypes expressed in eukaryotic cells
Cotman_1990_Prog.Brain.Res_86_55Plasticity of excitatory amino acid receptors: implications for aging and Alzheimer's disease
Cox_1990_Biochemistry_29_3842Pancreatic cholesterol esterases. 1. Pancreatic cholesterol esterase induction during maturation
Craig_1990_Naunyn.Schmiedebergs.Arch.Pharmacol_342_95-Methoxytryptamine and 2-methyl-5-hydroxytryptamine-induced desensitization as a discriminative tool for the 5-HT3 and putative 5-HT4 receptors in guinea pig ileum
Crawley_1990_Br.J.Pharmacol_101_166Inhibitory role of endothelium-derived relaxing factor in rat and human pulmonary arteries
Criado_1990_FEBS.Lett_270_95Assembly of an adult type acetylcholine receptor in a mouse cell line transfected with rat muscle epsilon-subunit DNA
Crosthwaite_1990_Gastroenterology_98_59Jejunal circular muscle motility is decreased in nematode-infected rat
Cuello_1990_Acta.Neurobiol.Exp.(Wars)_50_451Evidence for nerve growth factor-ganglioside interaction in forebrain cholinergic neurons
Cuello_1990_Prog.Brain.Res_84_301Injury and repair of central cholinergic neurons
Cumming_1990_Biochem.Pharmacol_40_1345Inhibition of rat brain histamine-N-methyltransferase by 9-amino-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroacridine (THA)
Cutler_1990_J.Clin.Pharmacol_30_556Clinical safety, tolerance, and plasma levels of the oral anticholinesterase 1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-9-aminoacridin-1-oL-maleate (HP 029) in Alzheimer's disease: preliminary findings
Cutler_1990_Psychopharmacol.Bull_26_231Steady-state pharmacokinetics of tacrine in patients with Alzheimer's disease
D'Agostino_1990_Naunyn.Schmiedebergs.Arch.Pharmacol_342_141Muscarinic inhibition of acetylcholine release from a novel in vitro preparation of the guinea-pig trachea
Dagaev_1990_Sud.Med.Ekspert_33_28[Expert criteria of the degree of severity of the chemical trauma in acute poisonings by organophosphate insecticides]
Dahlstrom_1990_J.Neural.Transm.Suppl_29_195Investigations on auto-antibodies in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, using defined neuronal cultures
Dale_1990_J.Physiol_421_203Facilitatory and inhibitory transmitters modulate spontaneous transmitter release at cultured Aplysia sensorimotor synapses
Dan-Goor_1990_J.Muscle.Res.Cell.Motil_11_216Localization of epitopes and functional effects of two novel monoclonal antibodies against skeletal muscle myosin
Darmoul_1990_Ann.Hum.Genet_54_191Isolation of a cDNA probe for the human intestinal dipeptidylpeptidase IV and assignment of the gene locus DPP4 to chromosome 2
Darroch_1990_Eur.J.Pharmacol_182_131Structure-activity relationships of some Galbulimima alkaloids related to himbacine
Dary_1990_Biochim.Biophys.Acta_1039_103Absence of substrate inhibition and freezing-inactivation of the mosquito acetylcholinesterase are caused by alterations of hydrophobic interactions
Dash_1990_Nature_345_718Injection of the cAMP-responsive element into the nucleus of Aplysia sensory neurons blocks long-term facilitation
Daubas_1990_Neuron_5_49Differential expression of the neuronal acetylcholine receptor alpha 2 subunit gene during chick brain development
Dauphin_1990_Eur.J.Pharmacol_178_203Muscarinic receptor subtype mediating vasodilation feline middle cerebral artery exhibits M3 pharmacology
Davis_1990_J.Biol.Chem_265_17960Combined lipase deficiency in the mouse. Evidence of impaired lipase processing and secretion
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