Project members

The Genetic Map Comparator has been developped by 3 researchers from Montpellier Supagro:

Name Function / Institution E-Mail / Phone
Yan HOLTZ Montpellier SupAgro   UMR AGAP
Jacques DAVID Professor /  Montpellier SupAgro   UMR AGAP
+33 (0) 499 612 296
Vincent RANWEZ Professor /  Montpellier SupAgro   UMR AGAP
+33 (0) 499 612 875


We would like to thank Cédric Goby for his help during the shiny server deployment and François Lechevallier for developing and maintaining this website hosting this tool.


This work was partially funded by the French Agence Nationale de la Recherche Investissements d'avenir / Bioinformatique: ANR-10-BINF-01-02, Ancestrome.