Project members

Name Function / Institution E-Mail / Phone
Vincent RANWEZ Professor /  Montpellier SupAgro   UMR AGAP
+33 (0) 499 612 875
Yan HOLTZ Montpellier SupAgro   UMR AGAP
Gautier SARAH INRA - Montpellier   UMR AGAP
Morgane ARDISSON INRA - Montpellier   UMR AGAP
+33 (0) 499 612 252
Sylvain SANTONI INRA - Montpellier   UMR AGAP
+33 (0) 499 612 745
Sylvain GLEMIN CNRS Researcher /  ECOBIO
Muriel TAVAUD-PIRRA Lecturer /  Montpellier SupAgro   UMR AGAP
+33 (0) 499 612 515
Jacques DAVID Professor /  Montpellier SupAgro   UMR AGAP
+33 (0) 499 612 296


We would like to thank François Lechevallier for developing and maintaining this Website. Olivier Guillaume and Aziz Moussa also contributed, through short student projects, to this work.


This work was partially funded by the French Agence Nationale de la Recherche Investissements d'avenir / Bioinformatique: ANR-10-BINF-01-02, Ancestrome. YH was granted by the flagship project Agropolis Resource Center for Crop Conservation, Adaptation and Diversity (ARCAD) funded by the Agropolis Fondation. INRA funded the data production through its Actions Incitatives program (EPO project). Sequencing used to validate this tool was kindly performed on the HiSeq2000 sequencer at the Montpellier Genomix ( sequencing facility.