Name : The glucuronoyl esterase OtCE15A R268A variant from Opitutus terrae in complex with, and covalently linked to, D-glucuronate

Revelation date : 12-Jan-2022

Family : Glucuronoyl_esterase

Gene_locus : opitp-b1zmf4

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"Zong, Z., Mazurkewich, S., Larsbrink, J., Lo Leggio, L."

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Title : Mechanism and biomass association of glucuronoyl esterase: an alpha\/beta hydrolase with potential in biomass conversion - Zong_2022_Nat.Commun_13_1449
Author(s) : Zong Z , Mazurkewich S , Pereira CS , Fu H , Cai W , Shao X , Skaf MS , Larsbrink J , Lo Leggio L
Ref : Nat Commun , 13 :1449 , 2022
Abstract : Zong_2022_Nat.Commun_13_1449
ESTHER : Zong_2022_Nat.Commun_13_1449
PubMedSearch : Zong_2022_Nat.Commun_13_1449
PubMedID: 35304453
Gene_locus related to this paper: opitp-b1zmf4

Representative scheme of Prolylcarboxypeptidase structure and an image from PDBsum server