Bhutani KK

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Title : Pancreatic lipase inhibitory alkaloids of Murraya koenigii leaves - Birari_2009_Nat.Prod.Commun_4_1089
Author(s) : Birari R , Roy SK , Singh A , Bhutani KK
Ref : Nat Prod Commun , 4 :1089 , 2009
Abstract : In the continuing search for newer pancreatic lipase inhibitors from plants, a total of 63 extracts from 21 different plants were screened to study their pancreatic lipase (PL) inhibitory activity in vitro. All three extracts (DCM, EtOAc and MeOH) of Murraya koenigii (L.) Spreng leaves (Rutaceae) exhibited antilipase activity greater than 80%. Further, bioactivity guided fractionation of the EtOAc extract led to the isolation of four alkaloids, namely mahanimbin, koenimbin, koenigicine and clausazoline-K, with IC50 values of 17.9 microM, 168.6 microM, 428.6 microM and <500 microM, respectively. This study reports for the first time the PL inhibitory potential of carbazole alkaloids from plants.
ESTHER : Birari_2009_Nat.Prod.Commun_4_1089
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PubMedID: 19768989

Title : Pancreatic lipase inhibitors from natural sources: unexplored potential - Birari_2007_Drug.Discov.Today_12_879
Author(s) : Birari RB , Bhutani KK
Ref : Drug Discov Today , 12 :879 , 2007
Abstract : The prevalence of obesity is increasing at an alarming rate, but, unfortunately, only a few medications are currently on the market. Obesity is primarily regarded as a disorder of lipid metabolism and the enzymes involved in this process could be selectively targeted to develop antiobesity drugs. Recently, newer approaches for the treatment of obesity have involved inhibition of dietary triglyceride absorption via inhibition of pancreatic lipase (PL) as this is the major source of excess calories. Natural products provide a vast pool of PL inhibitors that can possibly be developed into clinical products. This article reviews various extracts and secondary metabolites from plants and microbial origin with PL inhibitory activity that can be focused for drug development programs.
ESTHER : Birari_2007_Drug.Discov.Today_12_879
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PubMedID: 17933690