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Title : Profile of drug metabolizing enzymes in rats treated with parathion, malathion, and phosalone under various conditions of protein energy malnutrition -
Author(s) : Bulusu S , Chakravarty I
Ref : Bulletin of Environmental Contamination & Toxicology , 40 :110 , 1988
PubMedID: 3125871

Title : Effect of subacute administration of three organophosphorus pesticides on the hepatic phosphatases under various nutritional conditions - Bulusu_1987_Environ.Res_44_126
Author(s) : Bulusu S , Chakravarty I
Ref : Environ Research , 44 :126 , 1987
Abstract : In developing countries, extensive use of pesticides to meet with increased agricultural needs is inevitable and the indiscriminate use has led to several toxicological implications in humans. The toxic effects, however, to a large extent depend on the nutritional status of the individuals. In the present work, the hepatic susceptibility to pesticide toxicity has been studied in experimental animals maintained on diets containing different levels of protein for a period of 3 weeks. Along with protein deprivation, the rats were also exposed to three organophosphorus pesticides, viz., parathion, malathion, and phosalone, individually at various doses for the same time period. Phosphatases, the functionally important enzymes of the liver, were estimated and the results obtained indicated that protein deprivation further aggravated the pesticide-induced effects on the hepatic phosphatases.
ESTHER : Bulusu_1987_Environ.Res_44_126
PubMedSearch : Bulusu_1987_Environ.Res_44_126
PubMedID: 2820707

Title : Subacute administration of organophosphorus pesticides and hepatic drug metabolizing enzyme activity in normal and malnourished rats -
Author(s) : Bulusu S , Chakravarty I
Ref : Bulletin of Environmental Contamination & Toxicology , 36 :73 , 1986
PubMedID: 3940570