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Title : A complex homozygous mutation in ABHD12 responsible for PHARC syndrome discovered with NGS and review of the literature - Lerat_2017_J.Peripher.Nerv.Syst_22_77
Author(s) : Lerat J , Cintas P , Beauvais-Dzugan H , Magdelaine C , Sturtz F , Lia AS
Ref : J Peripher Nerv Syst , 22 :77 , 2017
Abstract : PHARC syndrome (MIM612674) is an autosomal recessive neurodegenerative pathology that leads to demyelinating Polyneuropathy, Hearing loss, cerebellar Ataxia, Retinitis pigmentosa, and early-onset Cataracts (PHARC). These various symptoms can appear at different ages. PHARC syndrome is caused by mutations in ABHD12 (alpha-beta hydrolase domain 12), of which several have been described. We report here a new complex homozygous mutation c.379_385delAACTACTinsGATTCCTTATATACCATTGTAGTCTTACTGCTTTTGGTGAACACA (p.Asn127Aspfs*23). This mutation was detected in a 36-year-old man, who presented neuropathic symptoms from the age of 15, using a next-generation sequencing panel. This result suggests that the involvement of ABHD12 in polyneuropathies is possibly underestimated. We then performed a comparative study of other patients presenting ABHD12 mutations and searched for genotype-phenotype correlations and functional explanations in this heterogeneous population.
ESTHER : Lerat_2017_J.Peripher.Nerv.Syst_22_77
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PubMedID: 28448692
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