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Title : A straightforward and highly diastereoselective access to functionalized monofluorinated cyclopropanes via a Michael initiated ring closure reaction - Ferrary_2013_Org.Lett_15_5598
Author(s) : Ferrary T , David E , Milanole G , Besset T , Jubault P , Pannecoucke X
Ref : Org Lett , 15 :5598 , 2013
Abstract : The synthesis of highly functionalized monofluorinated cyclopropanes based on a Michael Initiated Ring Closure (MIRC) reaction has been developed. The addition of quaternary ammonium salts derived from ethyl bromofluoroacetate on a panel of electron deficient alkenes followed by cyclization gave rise to an efficient access to monofluorinated cyclopropanes with good yields and remarkable diastereoselectivity.
ESTHER : Ferrary_2013_Org.Lett_15_5598
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PubMedID: 24138105