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Title : Evaluation of four Narcissus cultivars as potential sources for galanthamine production [letter] - Moraes-Cerdeira_1997_Planta.Med_63_472
Author(s) : Moraes-Cerdeira RM , Burandt CL, Jr. , Bastos JK , Nanayakkara D , Mikell J , Thurn J , McChesney JD
Ref : Planta Med , 63 :472 , 1997
Abstract : Galanthamine, an alkaloid present in the Amaryllidaceae is currently undergoing clinical trials for the treatment of Alzheimer's. Common daffodils, Narcissus spp., contain galanthamine and other alkaloids. Four commercial Narcissus cultivars were evaluated as potential sources of galanthamine. Planting depths, planting densities, bulb size or flower bud removal did not affect galanthamine content
ESTHER : Moraes-Cerdeira_1997_Planta.Med_63_472
PubMedSearch : Moraes-Cerdeira_1997_Planta.Med_63_472
PubMedID: 9342954