Patil VB

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Title : Zinc chloride-diphenylamine reagent for thin layer chromatographic detection of some organophosphorus and carbamate insecticides - Sevalkar_1991_J.Assoc.Off.Anal.Chem_74_545
Author(s) : Sevalkar MT , Patil VB , Katkar HN
Ref : J Assoc Off Analytical Chemistry , 74 :545 , 1991
Abstract : Zinc chloride-diphenylamine reagent, whose use has been reported for the detection of organochlorine insecticides by thin layer chromatography, was further studied for its ability to detect the organophosphorus insecticides phorate, phosphamidon, DDVP, and phosalone and the carbamate insecticide carbaryl and aldicarb. These insecticides give intense blue-green spots with this reagent. The procedure can be applied to the detection of the insecticides in biological materials and thus has a potential use in forensic toxicology.
ESTHER : Sevalkar_1991_J.Assoc.Off.Anal.Chem_74_545
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PubMedID: 1874701