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Title : Electroconvulsive therapy and the chronic use of pseudocholinesterase- inhibitor (echothiophate iodide) eye drops for glaucoma. A case report - Messer_1992_Gen.Hosp.Psychiatry_14_56
Author(s) : Messer GJ , Stoudemire A , Knos G , Johnson GC
Ref : General Hospital Psychiatry , 14 :56 , 1992
Abstract : A case is presented in which a patient who required treatment with electroconvulsive therapy had a history of being treated with pseudocholinesterase-inhibitor eye drops (echothiophate iodide) for glaucoma. As treatment with this antiglaucoma agent contraindicated the use of succinylcholine for a minimum of 10-14 days, the short-acting nondepolarizing agent atracurium was employed instead. The anesthetic management of this patient is described as a guide for clinicians facing similar clinical situations.
ESTHER : Messer_1992_Gen.Hosp.Psychiatry_14_56
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PubMedID: 1730402