Family: Bacillus_lip

Block: X

Parent Family: No family


This family has been recognized as alpha/beta hydrolase by Siew et al. PIRSF021323 Bacillus subtilis hypothetical protein YjaU


Interpro : No interpro

PIRSF : PIRSF021323 Bacillus subtilis hypothetical protein YjaU

Pdoc : No Pdoc

Pfam : PB049898

Prints : No Print

EC Number : No EC Number


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Gene_locus Name Species
bacan-q81tt2 Bacillus anthracis. hypothetical protein Bacillus anthracis
bacc1-q73bx8 Bacillus cereus (strain ATCC 10987). hypothetical protein Bacillus cereus
baccr-q81gm3 Bacillus cereus (strain ATCC 14579 \/ DSM 31). putative hydrolase Bacillus cereus
baccz-q63ej3 Bacillus cereus (strain ZK). hypothetical protein Bacillus cereus
bachd-q9k8w0 Bacillus halodurans. bh2892 protein Bacillus halodurans
bachk-q6hm10 Bacillus thuringiensis (subsp. konkukian). hypothetical protein Bacillus thuringiensis
bacld-q65le0 Bacillus licheniformis (strain DSM 13 \/ ATCC 14580). yjau (hypothetical protein) Bacillus licheniformis
bacsk-q5wex4 Bacillus clausii (strain KSM-K16). hypothetical protein Bacillus clausii
bacsu-yjau Bacillus subtilis. hypothetical protein yjau Bacillus subtilis
geoka-q5l1u3 Geobacillus kaustophilus. hypothetical conserved protein Geobacillus kaustophilus

References (1)

Title : A putative novel alpha\/beta hydrolase ORFan family in Bacillus - Siew_2005_FEBS.Lett_579_3175
Author(s) : Siew N , Saini HK , Fischer D
Ref : FEBS Letters , 579 :3175 , 2005
Abstract :
PubMedSearch : Siew_2005_FEBS.Lett_579_3175
PubMedID: 15922334