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"The bottromycin epimerase BotH defines a group of atypical alpha/beta-hydrolase-fold enzymes. BotH is a peptide epimerase responsible for the post-translational epimerization of L-Asp to D-Asp during bottromycin biosynthesis. D-amino acids endow peptides with diverse, desirable properties, but the post-translational and site-specific epimerization of L-amino acids into their D-counterparts is rare and chemically challenging. The activity does not rely on a catalytic triad. No conservation of Ser (replaced by Phe) nor His or Asp. The residues Phe110 and Val41 seem important in hydrogen bonding to substrate"


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Title : The bottromycin epimerase BotH defines a group of atypical alpha\/beta-hydrolase-fold enzymes - Sikandar_2020_Nat.Chem.Biol_16_1013
Author(s) : Sikandar A , Franz L , Adam S , Santos-Aberturas J , Horbal L , Luzhetskyy A , Truman AW , Kalinina OV , Koehnke J
Ref : Nat Chemical Biology , 16 :1013 , 2020
Abstract : Sikandar_2020_Nat.Chem.Biol_16_1013
ESTHER : Sikandar_2020_Nat.Chem.Biol_16_1013
PubMedSearch : Sikandar_2020_Nat.Chem.Biol_16_1013
PubMedID: 32601484
Gene_locus related to this paper: 9actn-k4mhv9

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